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  3. Hey everyone, PlayJango has been added. It features a bingo product from Pragmatic Play as well as thousands of slots from major providers, table games, live games, slingo etc. Sign up bonus: 100% u to €/£ 100 plus 25 Spins Slot spins are available on Starburst slot by NetEnt Wagering requirements: 30xb&d. WR for slot spins is 60x Minimum deposit: €/£10
  4. Well done Kay! I love slots with full reel wilds. So exciting 🙂
  5. Nice win from a 60p stake playing Reel Keeper. I won it via free spins with shifting dragon wilds.
  6. Hi LBB'ers! Bingo Village, formerly unlicensed, accepts U.S. players and recently announced a new gaming license from Curacao. While a license from this jurisdiction doesn't do much to protect players from predatory T&Cs, we thought it might be possible to see some improvement. We put them to the test and deposited real money in August 2022. After reviewing the terms following the announcement of the Curacao license, it appears that nothing has changed. Check out our test report to see what you can expect from Bingo Village. Test Details LBB Tester: tfeketeyo Sign-up date: August 18, 2022 Deposit details: $200 Bitcoin deposit August 18, 2022 KYC or other identification methods (if any) date of submitting and date of approving docs: ID and a picture of the reviewer holding ID were submitted on August 18th. It took about 5 days to get verified. Cashout request: No withdrawal request as rollover was not met. Playthrough required on straight deposit. ($5,000 WR on $200 deposit with no bonuses) Cashout received: No withdrawal on this occasion Are you a depositor? Tell us your experiences with Bingo Village.
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  8. Hi LBB'ers! Brand-new From the Players for the Players test featuring Treasure Bingo. Our reviewer discovered daily perks for depositors and 48-hour Visa Debit withdrawals. Get all the details in our real money review 👉 here. Test Details LBB Tester: ayelovetreasure Registration: Existing player KYC Verification: Not required on this occasion Deposit details: Deposited £150 via Visa Debit on Monday 13th June Cashout request: Withdrawal request made for £75.71p via Visa Debit on Monday 13th June Cashout received: On Wednesday 15th June, the withdrawal for £75.71p was received via Visa Debit
  9. Hello everyone, there is new registration bonus at Chit Chat Bingo £5 Slots No Deposit Bonus Available for UK players only (+18) WR: 65x (wagering varies by game) To Activate the bonus, Valid Debit Card registration is required. There is also 400% up to £50 first deposit package available. Good Luck!
  10. The Magic of Numbers Let's see how numbers work their magic when it comes to good fortune, wealth and long-term happiness. You have 2 words: love and money. Calm yourself down and focus on just one, whichever is currently the most important goal for you. Then instinctively choose three numbers between 1 and 9, and if you wish, you can also choose 11 and/or 22. It is important that you do this without thinking, simply pick whichever numbers come to your mind first. Add the numbers and keep doing it until you're left with a single digit. Now that you've done this, see the meaning of your final figure below: Remember: You have to be in a state of deep relaxation before engaging in this method. LOVE 1 - It is crucial to be honest in your feelings and desires. The ideal love for you is the romantic kind, so look for the right person and don't be willing to compromise too much. 2 - You desire the security and safety of a loving home and family life with a partner and children. Your mistake is waiting for love to find you, when you could be out there taking control of your destiny and searching for your soulmate yourself. 3 - Being the rational, firm and loyal kind, you view love as the continuation of an honest, long lasting friendship. You may not need or even want a passionate love affair, instead look for an honest, homemaker kind of partner. 4 - Finding that ever after might be tough for your personality type. You want it all: passion, love, sex, honesty, loyalty, adventure and family life. 5 - You are very frugal, practical and a realist and this side of partnership and marriage is what suits you the most. Since understanding and maturity are ideal traits in a mate, any future marriage should be easy to maintain. 6 - Being picky and solitary is not easy, and the fact that you are a perfectionist makes finding that perfect partner even harder. Don't let small mistakes deter you from forming a lasting bond with a highly compatible person. 7 - Family and kids are a must for you and it is not something you are willing to compromise on. Stand firm in your beliefs and desires and the right person will recognize these values that they also share. 8 - Love is important to you, but not the romantic kind. Feelings are fleeting, but stability and security go a long way. Avoid sensitive idealists and look for someone who appreciates having a stable home and a career that brings good money. 9 - You are a giver and enjoy making others happy. Maybe you are too much of an idealist for your own good and sometimes dangerously close to people-pleasing. Steer clear of selfish takers. 11 - You are attracted to unconventional types and choose to wait for the right person to find you. Don't be too passive, life can pass you by if all you do is sit and wait for your dream person. 22 - You have built up an ideal mate in your mind so much that any real person will never measure up to this impossible dream. We learn about love, sex and friendship along the way by experience, becoming better and better with each step. Having preconceived notions about how they're supposed to look and feel will only present difficult obstacles in achieving happiness. MONEY 1 - It's not so much about money for you, but more about the innovative ways you can obtain it. You are a very creative person and thrive in teams working with other like-minded individuals. 2 - Money equals safety, especially in terms of family life and the well-being of your children. Be diplomatic and you will gain money, be argumentative and you will lose it. 3 - For your personality type, happiness is impossible without financial security. You are not extravagant or lavish in your lifestyle, but travel and simple pleasures are a must. 4 - Try creative writing, sales, marketing or publishing - these are all fields where your unique talents should shine. It may not bring you lots of money, but you could gain passive income and be free to travel the world. 5 - You take money very seriously and are willing to work long and hard to secure a steady stream of income. As much as you are willing to earn money, spending comes hard and you are quite a pessimist when it comes to finding and taking on new opportunities. 6 - When you are without much money, your insecurities rise and you can't be at peace with yourself. You won't even consider marriage, travel and any projects without a solid backup stash. On the other hand, you like giving you family and friends and they can always count on you to help. 7 - You are very bad with money - earning, handling, saving or investing is a nightmare that never ends. However, it seems a higher power watches over you - you haven't been broke and probably won't ever be. 8 - Anything that has to do with money comes easy for you. The downside of this gift is looking at people through the lenses of wealth and that can be bad for any friendships you manage to make. 9 - Money equals confidence for you and there's always cash somewhere on your person. Aim big and you will achieve the financial goals you've been dreaming of your entire life. 11 - You care about what others think of you and consider being rich an easy way to gain approval and validation you desire. Try progressive niches or alternative medicine. 22 - Money is a means to an end for you, and no more than that. You are an excellent sales person with great social skills and a knack for negotiations.
  11. New exclusive welcome offer at Bingo Spirit. $30 free bingo bonus + 7FS on Blowfish Bomb slot Offer start date: 1st Sept 2022 Offer end date: 31st Oct 2022 Wagering requirement: 99x Max cashout: $100
  12. New registration offer at Cyber Bingo $31 free bingo bonus upon registration Offer start date: 1st Sept 2022 Offer end date: 31st Oct 2022 Wagering requirement: 99x Max cashout: $100
  13. Hey everyone, we have new exclusive no deposit at Bingo Fest 31 free spins on Vlad Dracula slot Offer start date : 1st Sept 2022 Offer end date : 31st Oct 2022 Wagering requirement: 99x Max cashout: $100
  14. Hi LBB'ers! We put Britain's biggest bingo site to the From the Players for the Players test! Tombola was reviewed with a real money deposit, gameplay and a 90-minute withdrawal process! The results are stellar and we wanted to share the full report with you 👉 here. Test Details LBB Tester: uluckybuddha Sign-up: existing player Deposit Details: Deposited £150 via Visa Debit on Monday 18th July Cashout Request Date: Withdrawal request made for £75.21p via Visa Debit on Monday 18th July Cashout Received Date: On Monday 18th July, the withdrawal for £75.21p was received via Visa Debit Tell us your favourite Tombola games!
  15. Video report added to the original post. 😃
  16. Hi LBB'ers! Check out our test featuring Cozino. Originally launched in 2018, the casino recently added online bingo to its product line. Email support isn't great, account verification is slow and the withdrawal processing time is average. Read the full report 👉 here before you play! Test Details LBB Tester: whikay_yy83 Sign-up Date: Monday 11th July Deposit details: £150 via PayPal on Tuesday 2nd August KYC or other identification methods (if any) date of submitting and date of approving docs: Added on Monday 11th July and approved on 23rd of July Cashout request: Tuesday 2nd August, withdrawal request for £75.39p via PayPal Cashout received: £75.39p received (via PayPal) on Thursday 4th August Let us know if you've tried Cozino and share your experiences here.
  17. Well, since my last post of the £700 bingo win, I won £1,000 at bingo and then more than £288 on Madame Destiny Megaways (from a 75p spin!), and it wasn't even during the bonus spins round with an increasing multiplier! I had win after win during the base game and a massive number of owl symbols falling across the entire reel engine - impressive!
  18. Hi LBB'ers! Glossy Bingo was next up on our list to test as part of From the Players for the Players project. Our reviewer made a real money deposit and found a wide array of online bingo and casino games. The cherry on top was cashing out and receiving payment within 24 hours! Read the full report 👉 here for all the details. Test Details LBB Tester: kleefergie Sign-up: Existing player KYC Verification: Not required for withdrawal amount Deposit details: Deposited £150 via PayPal on Wednesday 1st June 2022 Cashout request: Withdrawal request made for £220.45p via PayPal on Wednesday 1st June 2022 Cashout received: On Thursday 2nd June 2022, the withdrawal for £220.45p was received via PayPal
  19. Hi LBB'ers! Our latest From the Players for the Players test subject is Booty Bingo. Formerly running on Cozy Games software, the brand is back with a new platform from Dragonfish. We discover that PayPal was removed from the banking methods for deposits and withdrawals. Did our tester's cashout process run smoothly? Find out in our full report 👉 here. Test Details LBB Reviewer: WhereIsThatLoot Sign-up Date: Existing player KYC Verification: Not required on this occasion Deposit Details: Deposited £150 via Visa Debit on Wednesday 25th May Cashout Request: Withdrawal request made for £75.26p via Visa Debit on Wednesday 25th May Cashout Received: On Thursday 26th of May, the withdrawal for £75.26p was received via Visa Debit.
  20. Why is THIS Number so Special? According to numerology, every number carries with it a unique meaning in terms of life path, our decisions and their outcome. However, one of them is considered the most powerful of all – number 8. In China, number 8 is thought to be the luckiest and it is associated with wealth, prosperity and good fortune. No wonder then, that we often see “8” used in games of luck and chance – as part of design, features or winning odds. The more 8s the better, as your luck and fortune will only multiply! This belief is by no means unique to China – other cultures across Asia share similar traditions. Weather superstitious or not, the fondness of number 8 spans cultures and continents, social and economic classes and belief systems. If you’re lucky to have this number in your date of birth, it might be the source of certain character virtues! You are grounded, confident and responsible You are very clever, witty, street smart and excellent with money Any career that requires good social and managing skills is perfect for you Although not overly ambitious, you are driven by success, energetic and capable Romantic relationships must be built on the foundation of deep passionate love to be worth your while When it comes to gaming, bingo, lottery and casino, you are favored by the gods and will surely be a winner no matter the circumstance.
  21. Had a bit of luck over the weekend. The bonus was triggered when I was playing the new Reel Bingo from Tombola. There were more than 400 people playing. I beat the lot and my 50p stake netted me almost £110! I then went to my local bingo hall for evening bingo and won a £700 full house!
  22. Hi LBB'ers! Was life peachy for our tester when reviewing Peachy Games? Originally offering online casino games exclusively, the operator added bingo games to its selection in May 2022. Prompt customer service, fair bonus T&Cs and same-day PayPal withdrawal processing resulted in a successful real money test. Get the full report 👉 here. Test Details LBB Tester: aintitpeachy Registration: Existing player Funding: Saturday 7th of May, £150 via PayPal KYC Verification: Was not required for first withdrawal Cashout Requested: Saturday 7th May, withdrawal request made for £210 via PayPal Cashout Processed: Received the withdrawal of £210 via PayPal on Saturday 7th of May
  23. Hi LBB-ers, video report added to the original post. 😉
  24. $1,000 Weekly Video Bingo Tournament at Bingo Spirit From Thursday to Friday, every week this July, play the selected video bingo games and try to achieve the highest score. You can win $300 cash prize for the highest spot. Bonus prizes are awaiting top 20 players.
  25. Tropical Summer Bingo Tourney at Cyber Bingo $760 Cash Prize to be won every week! Top 40 Players also get part of the prize pool Enjoy summer-themed Top of the Hour and multi-part games every Monday and Tuesday. Also, don't forget the "buy 7 get 3 free" offer. First prize of $760 is awarded in cash, and other 40 prizes are awarded in Free Play Bingo Bonuses.
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