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  3. Wow kayleigh39, awesome win! Big congrats!
  4. I had a very nice win recently playing Cleopatra II, the sequel to IGT's ancient Egyptian release, where I managed to win £1,375.56p from just an 80p spin! I never play more than £1.50p a spin and have won some tremendous prizes - largest being £2.3K on slots and £15K on bingo. The big wins come from the bonus round on this one - the more spins you have, the larger the multiplier as it keeps on growing with each spin (no upper limit). Mine reached 18x (18 spins) and Cleopatra is a double paying wild so look out for that one!
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  6. Hi LBB'ers! There are many Dragonfish powered online bingo sites and decided to do a real money test on none other than Bingorella! Formerly known as Winneroo, the brand relaunched in 2016 and has recently undergone a complete makeover. Our tester made a deposit and received the withdrawal was processed and received within 48 hours via Visa Debit! All the details are available in the test report 👉 here. Test Details LBB Reviewer: bigmoneyrella Registration: Tuesday 5th October 2021 Date of Deposit: October 5th, £150 via Visa Debit Cashout Requested: October 5th, withdrawal request of £75.48p via Visa Debit. Payment Received: £75.48p on Thursday October 7th via Visa Debit. Have you tried out Bingorella? Tell us about it here.
  7. Hello LBB'ers! We've completed another real money online bingo test and this time Rosy Bingo was the subject. Our reviewer made a successful withdrawal and discovered the speed and efficiency of the support team. Check out the full report 👉 here. Details of the test: LBB Tester: trblmaker Registration: Friday 1st October 2021. KYC Verification: Not required for this withdrawal Deposit details: October 1st, £150 via Visa Debit. Cashout date: October 1st, £75.41p withdrawal request via Visa Debit. Payment received: 2nd October, £75.41p was received via Visa Debit.
  8. Weekly horoscope 18 October 2021. - 24 October 2021. What are your chances to win the lottery or bingo this week? How about finding love or a better job? Let's see what the stars say! Aries (21. 3 - 20. 4) Bingo You love playing games of chance even though you're a firm believer in the mysterious working of fate. As the first of the Zodiac signs, it's only natural to pick number 1 and various combinations containing this number. This week, pick your date of birth or maybe even the number of letters in your name. Advice of the week: This is an opportune time to ditch some bad habits and change your life for the better. Decide on a plan and stick to it - every little thing counts on a journey to self-improvement. Consistency is key. Taurus (21. 4 - 21. 5) Bingo You deeply desire to win, yet you refuse to believe that winning is possible. No wonder you are rarely victorious - you think yourself a loser even before you started. This week, you play to win, so why not pick a different set of numbers for a change? How about your house number? Whatever you do, do not pick 13! Advice of the week: This will be an exhausting week of multitasking. Stand firm in your opinions and values: if you're dissatisfied with a situation at work, express it freely. You've proven your worth many times over and should have a say in how things are being done. Gemini (22. 5 - 21. 6) Bingo Games of chance are sooo exciting, aren't they? You certainly love them and rarely miss out on the opportunity to nudge the wheel of fortune in your favor. When choosing numbers, you draw inspiration from daily life. Supermarket cash receipt? Why not! Still, you do have a certain favorite - number 2 in all its combinations. Advice of the week: This is definitely your time to shine! Even though we all have our faults and virtues, you are trying very hard to show the world only your best side and it's working! The stars will work in your favor, so use this time to finish important projects. Cancer (22. 6 - 22. 7) Bingo You don't believe in luck and all that mumbo jumbo. But you're still filling out that bingo card and thinking of all the ways to spend the winnings. It's ok, you're just doind it for fun - choose your partner's date of birth or the mileage of your commute to work. Advice of the day: This is the time for family and close friends. Talk about love, express it, give and take. Do things that inspire your soul and uplift relationships with your loved ones. Leo (23. 7 - 22.8) Bingo You're usually the lucky one among the Zodiac signs, so why not take a chance at bingo and lottery? As for the lucky numbers, pick something of your very own: your height, registration plates, clothes size. In any case, you can never go wrong with 3 and any combination of 3. Advice of the week: Mercury retrograde ends October 18 - what a relief! You can now rely on your intuition to get things done the right way. If in doubt, listen to your gut - it is never wrong! Virgo (23. 8 - 22. 9) Bingo You are logical and methodical even in the games of luck and chance. Yes, you're not much of a believer in luck, but it's still fun to play bingo and you're in good spirits even when losing. 4 is your number for this week, but knowing how Virgo is, you've probably filled out your bingo card the week before! Advice of the week: You've been feeling out of place at work for a long time now, but it will all change in the coming days. Be kind and patient, don't act on impulse and you'll see many doors that have previously been closed start to open. Libra (23. 9 - 22. 10) Bingo You dream of the highlife and secretly hope for a massive that will make it happen. As a great aesthete, you appreciate all thing beautiful and choose number combinations that look pretty and harmonious. When you exhaust all your secret ways of choosing lucky numbers, try 11, 22 or 44 - they sure look nice. Advice of the week: This is your time to shine! So may good things are lining up to happen hand in hand and this time you won't hold back. Scorpio (23. 10 - 22. 11) Bingo Should you be the one to win - always? You certainly think so. Every bingo card is a winning one in your eyes and you'll take great care to combine lucky numbers in a way no one has ever thought of before. Number 7 is a must, while numbers 4 and 5 are close behind. Advice of the week: It's time to face demons from the past - don't fret, it will be good for you to come to terms with some things that have happened and cleanse your spirit from residual negative energies. Sagittarius (23. 11 - 21. 12) Bingo You have always been a frequent winner, but you're not a sore loser. You like numbers with some profound meaning, numbers that have marked historical events or events dear to your heart: first kiss, graduation, wedding, birth of your kids, promotion. You seem especially fond of number 9. Advice of the week: Beware of envious people. Keep your secrets and plans to yourself, or if you must, share them with your most trusted friends. Capricorn (22. 12 - 20. 1) Bingo You are very rational and can tell when the odds are not in your favor. Still, you like a bingo game or two and the number you pick usually have something to do with science. Nature inspires you, and you'd do good to search for your lucky combinations in the leaving and breathing world around you. Advice of the week: Mercury and Jupiter are teaming up to help you become the best version of yourself. Embrace the favor of the stars - they are looking down upon you with an approving nod. Aquarius (21. 1 - 19. 2) Bingo You are convinced that a huge, life-changing lottery or bingo win is waiting to happen. You are eccentric and this quality of yours reflects in the way you fill out bingo cards. You never choose the same numbers too often - where's the fun in that? Stop a random passerby and ask them to tell you some numbers from the top of their head! Advice of the week: Stop being so negative! The past is in the past, and the future is looking bright. Just make sure not to make any significant decisions this week - take this time to rest and recharge batteries. Pisces (21. 1 - 19. 2) Bingo You always have such high hopes to win, but you don't even know what you'll do with the money. It's not even about money - you're superstitious and simply enjoy being lucky, that's all. Make sure to write down those numbers you've dreamt about the other day! Advice of the day: You had a falling out with a very good friend. Don't force reconciliation, all will come into place if you allow emotions to cool down.
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  10. Video report added to the original post. Please give us your feedback.
  11. Hi LBB'ers! Mirror Bingo was the focus of our latest real money test. Our reviewer made a deposit of 150 GBP via PayPal and experienced some difficulty when it came to the KYC verification of her account. A successful withdrawal was made in the end, but read all about the hiccups along the way in our full report 👉 here. Test Details LBB Tester: Dr00pydrawers Date of Registration: Tuesday 21st September 2021. KYC Uploaded and Accepted: Uploaded September 22nd & 23rd - accepted October 3rd. Like many Facebook relationship statuses – “it’s complicated” Deposit Info: Tuesday September 21st, £150 via PayPal. Cashout Info: Sunday 3rd October 2021, £75.41p via PayPal Payment Received: Sunday 3rd October 2021, £72.91p via PayPal (£2.50p fee)
  12. Hey guys! What’s your lucky day and number? Find out here! Let’s check out our weekly bingo horoscope and see what’s written in the stars for us this rainy October week. Aries (21. 3 - 20. 4) Bingo It is believed that Aries is impervious to pressure. That makes you well-suited for any gambling game, bingo included! You’d love to snatch that prize away, all to yourself! There’s no better day than Tuesday to show just how much you can thrive in high-pressure situations. Lucky Number: 9 Lucky Day: Tuesday Career You seem to be very outgoing and goal-driven at work all throughout this period. Your superiors fully support your efforts however, you are determined to demonstrate that work does not always have to feel like a chore – it’s sometimes good to take it slow and simply enjoy working, rather than rushing to meet all the obligations. If you can keep your focus, your hard work should pay off. Love Married people should relax and turn to their spouses – they want to communicate, so make sure not to sabotage your relationship. If you’re single, this is the time to be romantic and enjoy the feelings of love. But still, be grounded in reality at all times to avoid disappointments. Health Backpain. Taurus (21. 4 - 21. 5) Bingo Bingo is not about winning for you -it’s about strategizing to reach the goal. Devising clever techniques and outsmarting everyone else is your forte. Wait until the end of the week to unravel your winning plans. Lucky Number: 5 or 6 Lucky Day: Friday Career This week is all about finances and long-term career plans. You are very business-savvy and look to improve your positions and make more money. This is a good time to embrace incoming business opportunities, as long as you’re not afraid of the unknown and consider these a welcome challenge. Love Go out, have fun, make new friends. You deserve only the best and this period will certainly give you the power to choose. Health Stay hydrated. Gemini (22. 5 - 21. 6) Bingo You like to socialize and bingo is the perfect opportunity. If you can win some money along with lifelong friends, all the better! When to play – midweek, of course. It’s just the right time to unload all the accumulated stress and go back to work all freshened up. Lucky Number: 14 Lucky Day: Wednesday Career You are filled with creative energy which takes you galloping to the finish line. Your associates are drawn to you – some to seek advice and some to give it. Decide wisely which of the two to entertain. Love Be ready for conflict – your significant other may be stressed and unwilling to compromise. If you’re willing to reconsider your stance towards spending, things might improve gradually. Health Turn to sports and outdoor activities to unwind, recharge and prepare for incoming challenges. Cancer (22. 6 - 22. 7) Bingo Cancer is by far the best-suited star sign to play Bingo. It is exciting, socially stimulating and rewarding – just what your heart desires. The start of the week is perfect for you to engage in your favorite pastime. Lucky Number: 2 and 7 Lucky Day: Monday Career Things are going well at work. Interesting people bring new opportunities – don’t miss out on doing what you love. Love There’s a very good chance for single Cancers to meet their karmic partners. Let go of your doubts just this once and enjoy the charm of new relationship. Health Yes, you do need to exercise more! Leo (23. 7 - 22.8) Bingo You must be THE king even in bingo rooms. That’s ok, you’re LEO after all and everyone enjoy your antics anyway. Sunday is the time to strike – others are lazy, but you’ve got your numbered balls rollin’ ready to win some cash. Lucky Number: 1 and 5 Lucky Day: Sunday Career Excellent opportunities to improve your finances and get that promotion you’ve been waiting for so long. Listen to your gut! Love You are focused on your own needs, even though your partner does not seem to appreciate your sudden yearnings to socialize without them. It’s ok to be selfish sometimes, but be careful not to say things you can’t take back. Health Indigestion. Virgo (23. 8 - 22. 9) Bingo You cherish the mental challenges of Bingo. Even though you’re more of a solitary hunter, there’s nothing to stop you from dominating any room with your practical gaming skills. Pick any Wednesday and you’re good to go. Lucky Number: 5 Lucky Day: Wednesday Career There’s a good chance that acquaintances from abroad will suddenly appear and open up new job opportunities. This is your chance to improve skills and give your career a much - needed boost. Love Dealing with loved ones tires you out. Don’t despair – emotions will stabilize and you’ll be able to focus more on work. Health Headache. Libra (23. 9 - 22. 10) Bingo You’re sharp, determined and quick-witted. These qualities shine bright on Fridays and you have as many as THREE lucky numbers. How’s that for good fortune? Lucky Number: 5, 6 or 8 Lucky Day: Friday Career Why don’t you channel this week’s surge of creativity into creating wonderful works of art? You will be spending quite a bit of money, but don’t worry too much – sources of income are stable. Love You have a feeling that something is wrong in your relationship, but you can’t quite put your finger on the problem. Your gut never lies, but try to face your problems instead of running away into the embrace of incompatible partners. Health Don’t overeat. Scorpio (23. 10 - 22. 11) Bingo Release your primal cold-blooded nature to remain cool, calm and collected in your favorite bingo room. You are a water sign and your strength comes from Mars – Tuesday is the perfect day to win. Lucky Number: 1 and 7 Lucky Day: Tuesday Career Your business projects are a great cause of stress in this period. Success is not guaranteed, but at least your superiors will have your back. Love This is finally the time to fix all major issues. Your partner is flawed, but so are you. If you are single, keep up that positive vibe to attract quality relationship partners. Health Leg pain. Sagittarius (23. 11 - 21. 12) Bingo You cherish new-generation games with bright and shiny graphics. Your enjoyment infects others and the room lights up with good mood whenever you join. What’s more, your lucky numbers are many and you’re one of the few signs to thrive on Thursdays. Lucky Number: 3, 5 and 8 Lucky Day: Thursday Career Resist the urge to overeat and overwork yourself in this fragile period. Don’t be too surprised if a friend from distant past reappears in your life – they bring news you definitely want to hear. Love Beware of emotional vampires and unstable people. There’s a strong desire to make risky moves and rash decisions – breathe deeply and count to 10! Health You feel drained. Capricorn (22. 12 - 20. 1) Bingo You are very social, but you also thrive in the comfort of your home. What better than online bingo to meet both your requirements for joy? Of course, Saturday is your lucky day – you can stay at home all day and have just enough time to unwind in a crowded bingo room. Lucky Number: 6 and 8 Lucky Day: Saturday Career Tread carefully and steer clear from trouble. Possible work-related injuries. You can’t possibly maintain that many intense relationships in all areas of life – pick your battles and you’ll have time to focus on work. Love This is a great time to begin new relationships and improve existing ones. Make an effort and you are bound to see results. Health Watch your diet. Aquarius (21. 1 - 19. 2) Bingo Ah, Aquarius…still trying to outsmart other players? Well, you need time to develop and employ quick - thinking abilities, and you’re so fortunate to have Saturday as your lucky day. Lucky Numbers: 3, 7 or 9 Lucky Day: Saturday Career Yes, you’ve got more work, but also more opportunities to improve your finances and earn a promotion. Try to organize more efficiently and you’ll half your current workload. Love There’s a lot of pressure in your relationship. Use this time of conflict to encourage constructive discussions and get to the bottom of the problem. Single water-bearers should lay low and wait for more opportune times. Health Insomnia. Pisces (21. 1 - 19. 2) Bingo Don’t let emotions cloud your judgement. You like pretty, interactive games and bingo rooms are just perfect. You live, play your games and feel every moment to the fullest – when it’s good it’s wonderful, but when it’s bad it’s awful. Try Thursday to hit some good wins. Lucky Number: 3 and 7 Lucky Day: Thursday Career It’s understandable that you’re worried, however this is a good period to stabilize your position. You will need to communicate expertly and clearly, balancing between work and private life. Love That stars predict a brief, platonic adventure that you will look back on fondly. Health When was the last time you had a full dental check-up?
  13. Bingo Mania did close their affiliate program having owed commission payments to LBB. Not only is this an extremely poor business practice but it doesn't give us any hope for the supreme treatment of players. On another note, the terms and conditions are scary. Here are a few tidbits directly from the Bingo Mania T&Cs. 1. Accounts are considered dormant after just 45 days. Remaining winnings or cash balances will be charged a $1 monthly service fee taken from your balance. 2. Withdrawals are limited to one per week ($100 minimum) and cashouts are processed once a week (Mondays). 3. Players from Canada and the US may only be paid via check. If you are outside of these countries, Neteller and Skrill payments are available. There is a $30 withdrawal fee for any payout request. 4. In terms of wagering requirements, there are NO GAMES THAT CONTRIBUTE 100%. It will take you twice as long to meet the playthrough if you play bingo and it gets worse for slot play. Every $1 played in bingo will decrease your WR by $0.50 Every $1 played in slots will decrease your WR by $0.10 Every $1 played in all other games will decrease your WR by $0.05* ***** Also, and this is critical, you must request that bonuses are disabled from your account BEFORE you deposit. If you don't, the bonus will be applied. Customer Service can remove the bonus after the deposit but your cash balance is still subject to the wagering requirements associated with the deposit match offer. I reached out to Bingo Mania via Live Chat. I had an old account, which I never deposited to. Here is the information regarding the deposit and bonus situation. Players would know this and it's a dirty move if you ask me! We DO NOT RECCOMMEND Bingo Mania!
  14. Hey! I used to play there and what I remember of the site was fairly decent. But I haven't played there in ages and now I'm not sure what to do either. I heard mentioned something about their former affiliate program shutting down and I don't think they are licensed at all. I found the info in this article, that's all I know, hopefully someone will chime in with some more info.
  15. Mint Bingo Exclusive Welcome Offer - £35 Bingo Bonus, 50 Bingo Tickets & 25 Free Spins Promo details and terms: - First-time depositors only (18+ country restrictions apply). - Min deposit: £10. - Promo code: PLAY - Any Bingo Bonus & Bingo Ticket winnings (credited as bonus funds), if applicable, must be wagered 4x before withdrawal - Any Free Spins winnings, if applicable, will be credited as bonus funds and capped at 2.5. FS winnings must be wagered 40x before withdrawal. - Valid until 31.12.2021
  16. New Bounce Bingo Exclusive Welcome Offer - 1200 Free Bingo Tickets & 25 Free Spins Promo details and terms: - First-time depositors only (18+ country restrictions apply). - Min deposit: £10. - Max offer: 1,200 Free Bingo Tickets (200 on Street Party & 1,000 on Kaching) & 25 Pending Free Spins (on a game of our choice) - Promo code: GIGANTIC. - Street Party Bingo Tickets are valid for 17 days and Kaching Tickets are valid for 11 days. - Free Spins winnings are capped at £2.50 - Deposit balance is available for withdrawal at any time (UK only). - Valid until 31.12.2021
  17. Hey everyone, I used to play at Bingo Mania years ago. Back then, it was a fairly decent site that accepted US players and had some of the best promos out there. I've just reactivated my account in order to check it out, but I see it's blacklisted here on LBB... Has anyone had any experience with this site lately? Why is it blacklisted? Wouldn't want to deposit and waste my money if they don't pay.
  18. Hi LBB'ers, A familiar online bingo site went under the microscope as part of our ongoing 'From the Players for the Players' project. We've tested Wink Bingo and there are a few changes you should be aware of when it comes to bonus funds (you can't use them on bingo games). Our reviewer had an inactive account and was advised by customer support to re-register. Finally, a withdrawal via Visa Debit. Full report 👉 here. Wink Bingo Test Details: LBB Tester: UWinkIBlink Date Registered: Tuesday 14th September 2021. Deposit Information: Tuesday 14th September, £150 via Visa Debit. Cashout Request: Tuesday 14th September, £200.69p via Visa Debit. Payment Received: Friday 17th September, £200.69p via Visa Debit.
  19. New sign up no deposit at Bingo Fest Get an exclusive $20 and 50 free spins Offer start date: October 1st 2021 Slot: Halloween Night Wagering requirement: 99x Max cashout: $100
  20. New welcome no deposit at Bingo Spirit. Sign up and get an exclusive $20 plus 50 free spins. Offer start date: October the 1st 2021 Slot: Dark Hearts Wagering requirement: 99x Max cashout: $100
  21. Hey everyone, Cyber Bingo has a new Halloween no deposit bonus $10 NDB and 50 free spins! valid from 30th of October 2021 Slot: Monster Clone Wagering requirement: 99x Max cashout: $100 You can also take advantage of their generous 500% deposit bonus on your first five deposits (WR: 30x, no max cashout)
  22. Hi LBB'ers! Another 'From the Players for the Players' test is complete. This time we examine Coral Bingo. The selection of bingo rooms and slot games is stellar, but how quickly did they payout the withdrawal request? Find out in the full report 👉 here. Test Details: LBB Tester: BingoLoverInHouse KYC verification procedure: As an existing player, verification was completed previously. Deposit details: Thursday 9th September, £150 via PayPal. Cashout details: Thursday 9th September, £350.63p via PayPal. Payment received: Thursday 9th September, £350.63p via PayPal.
  23. Hi LBB'ers! Casino Castle recently launched a new online bingo room known as Castle Pub & Grill. Players from the USA are accepted and we wanted to test the experience with a real money deposit, gameplay and withdrawal. Was it a success or a hot mess? Check out our full report to find out. Details of the test: LBB Tester (USA): Juggaloroscoe Registration Date: Monday, August 16th 2021 1st Deposit: August 17 amounting $200 in Bitcoin KYC verification incomplete as wagering requirement was not met to initiate a cashout Maximum ending balance: $912.34 No withdrawal request
  24. Hiya LBB'ers! How does William Hill Bingo perform when tested by our reviewer? The variety of bingo games, slots and payment methods is huge, but do they payout quickly? Did our tester encounter any issues? Full report 👉 here. Testing details: LBB Tester: mum25dogs KYC Verification: Existing players and previously completed. Deposit date and banking method: Monday 6th September, £150 via PayPal. Cashout requested: Monday 6th September, £75.26p via PayPal. Player received payment: Monday 6th September, £75.26p via PayPal. Share your experiences with this online bingo site. Are you a loyal depositor or considering trying them for the first time?
  25. Hello LBB'ers! PlayOJO Bingo is quite popular among players, so we put them to the test! No wagering on offers, a variety of online bingo games and fast payouts. Read our UK tester's extensive review 👉 here. LBB Tester: kaylzwhite Deposit details and banking method: Monday 30th August, £150 via PayPal. Cashout request: Monday 30th August, £227.45p via PayPal. Player received payment: Monday 30th August, £227.45p via PayPal.
  26. Hey guys, Skrill is updating their fees, including fees for Cryptocurrency Service. So, starting from October the 21st, 2021 the following pricing list will apply: Skrill is also updating the following fees starting from October 21st, 2021: - Skrill money transfer: International transfer fee per transaction for any payment method other than credit card - Credit card: up to 1%. The fee for Skrill money transfer transactions using credit cards will remain up to 2.99% Lastly, fees for depositing with Paysafecard will also change and will be up to 5%
  27. Hi LBB'ers! Kitty Bingo was the focus of our latest online bingo test. The reviewer was paid quickly via PayPal. The withdrawal was received within 4 hours! Read the full report ? here. Test details: Tester of the day: Ere4TheLolly Test began on: Friday 6th August Deposit date, amount and payment method: Friday 6th August, £126 via PayPal. KYC verification: Uploaded previously as our reviewer is already a verified player. Withdrawal request date: Friday 6th August, £75 via PayPal. Withdrawal received date: Friday 6th August, £75 via PayPal.
  28. 800 Free Bingo Tickets & 25 Free Spins! Use our link - Quality Bingo Rules: First time depositors only (18+ country restrictions apply). Min deposit: £10. Max offer: 800 Free Bingo Tickets (200 on Street Party & 600 on Kaching) & 25 Pending Free Spins (on a game of our choice). Promo code: QUALITY25. Street Party Bingo Tickets are valid for 30 days and Kaching Tickets are valid for 7 days. Free Spins are valid for 7 days. Free Spins will be available once £5 of deposit funds have been wagered. Free Spins winnings are capped at £2.5. All winnings are credited to your real money balance. We reserve the right to deny promotional offers based on abusive bonus activity across sites operated by the Company. Deposit balance available for withdrawal at any time (UK only). General withdrawal restrictions & full T&Cs apply. Valid until 31.12.2021. Good luck!
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