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    Hi Bingo Players! Have you considered registering at Queen Bee Bingo? In May 2022, our tester played, deposited and cashed out within 48 hours. For the details on this bingo site and whether or not you should play there, read our full report 👉 here. From the Players for the Players Test Details LBB Tester: BusyLilBee Sign-up: 3rd May 2022 KYC Verification: Not required on this occasion Deposit Details A deposit of £150 was made via Visa Debit on Tuesday May 3rd Cashout Date: Request to withdraw £75.35p was made via Visa Debit on Tuesday 3rd of May Cashout Received: The withdrawal of £75.35p was processed and received via Visa Debit on Thursday 5th of May LBB also has an exclusive Welcome Offer for new sign-ups upon first deposit. Let us know your thoughts on this Dragonfish-powered bingo site.
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    Hi bingo lovers! Bingo Ballroom was put to the From the Players for the Players test. We found 24/7 online bingo games, jackpots and 3-day withdrawal processing using Visa Debit. Follow our tester's experience and read the full report 👉 here. Test Details LBB Reviewer: smilenbehappy Sign-up Date: Thursday 12th of May KYC Verification: Not required on this occasion Deposit details: Deposited £150 via Visa Debit on Thursday 12th May Cashout requested: On Thursday 12th of May, a withdrawal request was made for £75.11p via Visa Debit Cashout received: On Tuesday 17th of May, the withdrawal of £75.11p was processed via Visa Debit Have you played at Bingo Ballroom? Let us know what you think!
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    Thought I'd give the "The Great Stick Up" slot a try at Play OJO and I was mighty glad I did. With just a tenner in my account I managed to win £135.96p from a 40p spin, and it only took four spins to trigger the bonus round (£1.60p total stake). I didn't really know what was happening with reels locking and shutters revealling the same symbols, but it was super fun! The theme is sort of a cross between mystery (Sherlock Holmes) and the Great Train Robbery.
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    Which Zodiac Sign has the Highest Chance to Win the Lottery? Are you playing the games of chance, but never seem to win anything? Maybe the fault lies in your Zodiac sign. Namely, some star signs are naturally luckier than others, and this goes for gambling too! Pisces is by far the luckiest one with the most lottery and bingo wins out of all the Horoscope signs – those born between February 19 and March 20 won 11,6% all lottery winnings in 2020. Gemini is closely behind in the second place with 9,9% of all winnings, while Virgo is just below at 8,9% followed by Aquarius at 8,5%. This is the exact percentage of Scorpio and Taurus signs’ success in playing for real cash. The least lucky of all is, surprisingly, Sagittarius, as only 6% of all representatives of this feisty group has won any money or a worthy jackpot prize in a game of luck and chance.
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    Hey everyone, there's a new bingo room added to our list: Treasure Bingo Check out their welcome offer: Deposit £10, Play with £40 + 30 Spins Key Terms: - 1st depositors only. - Min £10 deposit - You will receive 300% bonus up to a maximum of £200 plus 30 Spins on Fruit Blast slot. - Wagering requirements: 30xb for slot spins and 2x(d+b) for deposit match Good luck!
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    June 2022 will be especially lucky for 3 Zodiac signs! Are YOU among them? Nothing but good news awaits three lucky star signs this month, as the Gemini season is in full swing. Read on! Gemini June will be a well-deserved new start for you. Prepare to, for once, put yourself first and start taking care of your health. A wave of positive energy will swipe over you this month, bringing lots of new ideas and creative streaks. This means even finances will succumb to your inventive spirit, for the better! Use this fruitful time to start a new romance, or even a new philosophy on love from scratch, while leaving behind the burdens of the past. Aquarius Visionary Aquarius are headed towards great goals in love and career. You will feel so carefree and light and, most importantly, you will have no trouble expressing yourself emotionally. This newfound skill will strengthen your job standing, your authority as a parent and elder figure in the family. Libra June brings plenty of opportunities for shy Libras to step out of their comfort zones into the hopeful future. Expect a surge of ideas and new chances to recalibrate your inner being and adjust deepest desires. The Universe is on your side and will be fervently helping to bring forth your potential, material wealth and projects on stand-by.
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    3 New deposit offers at Bingo Spirit that you can choose from, available on first 3 deposits! 600% bonus or $100 play Bonus or 200 Slot Spins Offer start date: June 1st, 2022 Offer end date; August 31st, 2022 Wagering requirement: 35x (Wagering on bingo contributes 1000%, while slots, lottery and keno contribute 70%) Minimum deposit: $25 Maximum bonus is $1000. Good Luck!
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    New Exclusive registration offer at Bingo Fest 40 free spins on Super Sweets Offer start date : 1st June 2022 Offer end date : 31st August 2022 Wagering requirement: 99x Max cashout: $100 Good luck!
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    New registration offer at Cyber Bingo $50 free bingo bonus upon registration Offer start date: June 1st 2022 Offer end date: August 31st 2022 Wagering requirement: 99x Max cashout: $100 Good Luck!!!
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    Hello everyone, Check out Bingo Village Exclusive no deposit package: $50 plus 100 Free Spins on Dolly's Diner Code: BVBONUS50 (With this code you get $25 Free on top of the standard Welcome Package) How to claim standard welcome offer: Register a new player account at BingoVillage Log in and your $25 free bingo will be automatically credited to your account Launch Dolly's Diner to receive 10 free spins Log back in daily and receive 10 free spins for 10 days on Dolly's Diner Money won from this bonus cannot be withdrawn. It is considered "play money" and is meant for new members to test out the site
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    Hi LBB'ers! Bingo Hearts has been around since 2004 but the customer service doesn't seem up to par after nearly 20 years. Our reviewer experienced some difficulty getting a response from support to access her established bingo account. After nearly one month, an email response was received allowing the reviewer to log in and continue with the test. After a slow start, the test revealed fast payouts using the Visa Debit payment method and no additional issues. Read the results of our From the Players for the Players test report 👉 here. Test Details LBB Tester: OnlyFoolsnBingo Registration: Previously registered Deposit details: Deposited £150 via Visa Debit on Wednesday 20th April Cashout requested: £75.13p via Visa Debit on Wednesday 20th April Cashout received: £75.13p was processed and received via Visa Debit on Friday 22nd April Share your thoughts and Bingo Hearts experiences with us. Good luck!
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    Friday the 13th and Mercury Retrograde – Should We Expect Chaos? The planet Mercury is the closest to Earth in the Zodiac, after the Moon. This is why it often travels in a retrograde manner, at least three to four times a year. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and symbolizes youth, children, communication, travel, writing. When the planet is in retrograde, all its positive symbolism turns negative and upside down. We fear this phenomenon because we know how badly it can influence events in our daily lives. However, it is important to know that this transition does not necessarily have to affect all of us negatively or even the same. Yet, we should definitely brace ourselves for problems in communication – this is almost a given, having in mind that today is the dreaded Friday the 13th. Astrologists warn that this potentially chaotic combo may cause some of us to feel out of sorts a bit, and the advice is to take things slow and think any and all decisions through. Still, there is one star sign that doesn’t really have to worry over this menacing alignment – Aries! As far as the month of May goes, the following days might be troublesome: May 16th – the first Moon eclipse in 2022, in Scorpio will affect all types of relationships. May 18th - Mars will make us greedy and unwilling to compromise. Mat 21st – Trouble awaits all those irresponsible and immature. May 23rd - The peak of retrograde Mercury will bring negative influences that will extend all the way through to June 12, making the planet lose almost all of its positive energy. Do not take any risks during this period. This also goes for new business projects or any deals or contracts. May 29th – Mars and Jupiter meet in Aries: extremely dangerous situation for any communications and work field. We will be too assertive and pushy, almost willing to make use of others. Conflicts are certain, so be careful with your words and actions.
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    lol kayleigh, I would certainly had a mild heart attack on those jackpot triggers. Congrats on the wins you've got 🙂
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    Ugh those WoW Pots are so exciting! But hey, a win is a win. Congrats Kay!
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    Not had much luck lately. I almost had a heart attack when the Mega Moolah jackpot was triggered though. Sadly I didn't land the multiple millions on offer, just the £100 pot, which is better than nothing. I triggered theprogressive jakcpot bonus on Sisters of Oz WoW Pot too, only mustered £15 on that one which was disappointing.
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    Do you play bingo, lotto or bet on sports? Maybe scratch cards are your cup of tea? How about slots and card games? Some of us don’t hold much faith in knowledge and skill. Instead, we rely on Lady Luck and fervently believe that our star sign has something to do with our ability to win massive prizes playing games of luck. Renowned astrologists have been studying the link between the Zodiac and gambling games, yet none has ever discovered any irrefutable proof that the stars or date of birth have an effect on how fortunate we may be. However, there are certain patterns that cannot be denied and speak in favor of this greatly sought out link. According to these astrologists, there are 3 Zodiac signs that have a strong disposition towards gambling games and are often said to be by far the luckiest star signs: Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn Taurus is very patient, persistent and rational – they don’t give up easily and therefore always calculate their moves in advance. Although often considered a character flaw, their signature stubbornness is very useful in gambling, because it allows them to recognize or establish and follow patterns, which eventually leads to favorable outcomes. This is especially useful in sports betting or card games where even the most boring or monotonous events are no match for the lucky Taurus. Cancer is verifiably one of the luckiest signs of the Zodiac when it comes to gambling of any kind. Have you ever noticed their innate ability to sense or predict future events? It is precisely their strong intuition that lends them this prized ability. Coupled with sensible reasoning and planning, it is a powerful tool for scoring winning combos. Capricorn is a gifted gambler. More than any other Zodiac sign, they have a knack for figuring out hidden links and patterns and using it to their advantage. Most of all, they are very good at calculating risks and winning odds no matter the undertaking, which is why they rarely end up losers. Astrologists often claim that Capricorn has the best alignment of stars and planets for all practical intents and purposes.
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    Your Lucky Lotto & Bingo Numbers According to the Zodiac Each Zodiac sign has their own lucky bingo and lotto number. Which one is yours? Aries This star sign is quite lucky in all kinds of gambling games. To further boost the luck factor, they should pick their lottery and bingo numbers on Tuesdays. Aries does this quickly and impulsively with great intensity, as they simply choose number that first cross their mind without too much fuss. They usually pick number 1 in any combination (11, 21, 31) or the numbers of their date of birth. Taurus You want to win, but ironically, you never count on it. As soon as you fill in the ticket, you have no hopes left and consider it a loss. Still, that doesn’t stop you from trying! You prefer round numbers and avoid number 13 at all costs. 25 is also among your favorites, and so is your house number. Avoid the pitfall of using the same numbers every week! Gemini Games of luck are very exciting and wherever there’s excitement, you can count on Gemini to join in. Your favorite go-to numbers are those found on receipts at supermarkets and other stores. The options are limitless: add, subtract, multiply or divide. Still, you often stick to number 2 in any combination. Cancer You don’t have much faith in winning and often make fun of superstitious and naïve players. Yes, you protest out loud, yet buy and fill in tickets in secret. To offset your wariness, you will create a winning strategy, down to the way you’re going to spend the money! Your go-to numbers are your family members’ dates of birth: parents, spouse, children and friends. Leo Luck seems to favor you in everyday life, but when it comes to bingo and lottery – not so much! Your lucky numbers are 3, 33, 7, 35 (any combination of 3 except 13!). You can be predictable in this way and usually opt for numbers on your vehicle registration plate, clothes size, or height. Virgo Though not a big believer when it comes to games of luck, you will still shoot your shoot from time to time and buy a ticket with the hopes of winning. Except you won’t be relying on chance alone. Being logical and systematic in your thinking and daily life, you will try to improve your odds by choosing the numbers least likely to win. You’re not in a hurry and often take time filling in the ticket – for weeks even. Still, number 4 seems to be your favorite. Libra It’s all about the highlife for this sophisticated star sign. However, you are well aware that such lifestyle can be hard to maintain. That’s why you occasionally indulge in games of chance and luck to try and improve your finances. It is not surprising to catch Libras choosing bingo numbers according to their appearance – looks are, after all, important to you. If a number is visually pleasing written down, you’ll be sure to pick it! 22, 44 and 11 might be your cup of tea. Scorpio You believe that you are fully entitled to win playing bingo or lottery. Not just win once or win small occasionally – you want it all and you’re not afraid to pursue your dreams. Because of this, Scorpio often chooses numbers that most other people avoid, like 4 and 5, or 19 and 21. On the other hand, number 7 is a must and you don’t shy away from the ill-fated number 13. Sagittarius Sagittarius is one of the luckiest signs of the Zodiac, but that doesn’t mean that they are not sore losers. When it comes to bingo and lotto numbers, this sign needs each number to have meaning and purpose. Finding inspiration in history and the past is not unusual: great wars or date of birth of some important historical figure; or their own life: birthday, first kiss, starting college, getting married or having kids. They are also fond of number 9 and gladly use it. Capricorn You are very rational and unfortunately, sometimes you just know when circumstances are not favorable for gambling. For example, there have been disproportionally more losers than winners throughout the year and this is not a good omen at all! Still, you will fill in a ticket or two carefully studying patterns, numbers and coincidences. Once you come up with as many unlikely combinations as you can possibly conceive, you will rest assured that you’ve done everything you could to nudge the outcome of the game in your favor. Aquarius Who else to take the victory, but you! Or at least, this is what you’re secretly thinking. Fill in the ticket as you do all other things in life – eccentrically. Even with your eyes closed, you will choose whatever number seems most interesting. Look at the clock and pick whatever numbers show the time. A genuine Aquarius will never use the same numbers twice – it would be boring and predictable. Instead, count the steps of your staircase or ask your significant other for the first number that crosses their mind. Pisces You are very superstitious and that is how you choose numbers as well. You hope to win, but you’re not even sure what would you do with all that money. What numbers to pick? Well, that’s easy enough – those that have always been lucky for you: the date of your big raise, or the date when you barely escaped with your life in a car crash. If you dream certain number, make sure to use them.
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    Wow, well done kayleigh! 🙂
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    I'm on a roll you guys! Last night, there I was playing it safe on Gorilla Gold Megaways with just a 20p spin when I won far more than I ever thought possible on just a twenty pence stake! Four diamonds landed in the base game to award bonus spins and during the feature, the free games kept re-triggering and as a result, the bonus resulted in all four reel engines activating for maximum win potential! That increasing mutiplier on every win kept on climbing up to 52x to land an impressive £496.74p - from just 20p! Meow!
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    Fabulous! Way to go on the jackpot win!! Kudos to Tombola for the lightning fast payout.
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    I was really busy yesterday so when it came to winding down, I decided to try a few games over on Tombola. I love "off-peak" times as it gives me more chance to win even if it is less. So, there I am playing HEX (at 1.20am), at 50p a stake to win a max of £7.50p when all of a sudden my numbers started to come out one after the other. It proved to be lucky 17 for me because not only did I mark all 10 numbers off in 14 calls to win £7.50p, but I won the £500 jackpot on top! Plus, the number 17 was purple - my chosen stake back colour so I got my 50p stake back too! I went on to win another £80 on top of the jackpot winnings. Withdrew and it was in my bank in 25-mins.
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    Your Lucky Charm According to Horoscope Aries Sphere figurine – it is best to carry this lucky charm everywhere you go and close to your body. It will serve well to boost your creative expression and potentially curb strong impulses (the weakest point of the Aries sign) that may jeopardize rational decision making. Taurus Horse figurine – this charm symbolizes strength and loyalty and encourages and promotes healthy stoicism. You may carry it with you or keep it on a table that you often use. Gemini Vintage key – You can store it anywhere in the house, but to bring out its greatest potential and positive effects, it is best to carry it around in your pocket. The vintage key is the symbol of extroversion, openness, light spirit and sharp intellect. Cancer Buddha figurine - The bedroom is the best place to keep this lucky charm. This is where its most beneficial effects will take place bringing wisdom and longevity. Leo Poker chip – To free your mind, help the thoughts flow more readily and promote mindfulness, place your poker chip charm on your working table. To make the charm’s influence even more potent, find one with a heart, horse or four-leaf clover painted or carved into in. Virgo Button – You are always in need of more creative energy and inspiration. Take this charm to help your inner artist and prevent rumination on the small and unimportant minutiae of life. Libra Heart-shaped charm or crystal – Libra needs a strong emotional core or a fulfilling romantic relationship to function optimally in other areas of life. This charm should help you do just that if you keep it under the pillow. Scorpio Metal coin – You appreciate travels and material goods and this charm will keep you safe and financially viable, so put it in your wallet and carry it around everywhere you go. Sagittarius Dog figurine – Financial stability and loyalty are your weak points and it’s always one or the other (or both) that causes issues in your life. Obtain a lucky charm in the shape of dog figurine and keep it on a frequently used table or even better – bedroom. Capricorn Postage stamp – Although most often used as a collector’s item, postage stamps are excellent lucky charms that should be kept in a night stand. They are very beneficial to Capricorns due to positive effects on their travel and social aspirations. Virtues such as punctuality, willfulness and patience are amplified with the help of this lucky charm. Aquarius Small glass ball or marble – Anything unusual or brightly colored works great for Aquarius. Something to make you think and to carry in your pocket or purse. Marbles will help you reach your goals. Pisces Fish figurine – This charm will help Pisces improve interpersonal relationships and develop healthy self-esteem in all walks of life.
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    I used to love that game (when I could access it). Medusa II is probably one of my all time faves! Congrats on the win Kay.
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