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    Hi LCB'ers, Here is a list of freebies that are not on the weekly code list. This list includes casinos to check your acct, call/email for free chip and casinos not listed here at our forum. I will update this list on a weekly basis too. Good Luck to all and happy spinning!!!! Lips ;) Weekly_freebie_List.xls
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    Hi Members, I am proud to announce a brand new addition to LCB. The weekly no deposit codes page. Please click hereto view. It is located on the left of the forum page under "Online Casino Bonuses" section. I will be be updating this page weekly and will be available every Monday morning. Disclaimer: Not all codes will work for every player due to multiaccounting, bonus whoring, redeeming several codes in a row. Thanks to our LCB team for making this great new addition!! Lips
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    Hi Members, There seems to be a lot of commotion lately about too much chatter in the threads in the ND section lately. I have really tried hard not to put restrictions on posting because i want members to feel relaxed and post freely. I have noticed that it has really gotten way off topic. I for one comb through pages of threads to post the ND codes weekly and have to go sometimes through 2 or 3 pages before i can find a code. A job that should literally only take about an hour to do is now 3 hours. I want to find a happy balance for members and the last thing i want is for someone to be afraid to post anything! Here is a guideline to follow when posting in the ND section: 1. USE the thank you button! If there is a post that simply says thanks i will delete it. Of course as i stated before there is exceptions to this rule, particularly when you want to say more than just a thank you to someone. 2. A smiley face alone will be deleted. 3. "I got it" "it didn't work" Will be deleted after one member from both sides have stated it. We don't need 10 members saying "i got it or i didn't get it". If you agree with the poster who did get it or didn't get it then use the thank you button to indicate you have received it or not to the poster! 4. Any posts that are off topic such as download issues or customer services issues or questions/comments about the casino in general will be moved to the casino section. If a member has a question other than related to the ND chip it will be moved! At times i understand someone will post that we have not seen for a long time and it's very tempting to say..." so nice to see you...or i missed you"! This is fine if ONE person posts this and should you feel the same way then thank the poster with the thank you button or the person you have missed! If you have legitimate questions regarding the code, don't hesitate to ask. There is sections all over the forum that members can post freely. Unfortunately do to the ND section having the heaviest volume this is the only section that will have these rules. Last but not least.......i want this section to be fun and not lose its charm...but please stay on topic. I love ya all!!! Lips
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    Hi Members, Since most of the tension lately seems to be in ND section this is where i would like to address this discussion......... It seem's we have a serious situation on our hands with posters bickering back and fourth. Some members are threatening to leave while other's are claiming they will no longer post or feel intimidated to post. This is not acceptable and has to stop. To the members who feel like they no longer want to post: I understand where your coming from. You come to the forum and bring with you codes only to feel like your being shot down. Please realize that your not being shot down and not to take it on a personal level. To Posters who correct members for posting in wrong thread/section: I understand that your trying to be helpful and maintain a clean board. You have good intentions and it is appreciated. In future if there is a problem please use the "Report to Moderator" button. Someone from the staff will handle it as quickly as we can. If a member posts a code in a wrong section a Moderator/Admin will move it to the appropriate thread/section. Any member who is deliberately disrespectful to another member will be either warned or temporarily/permanently banned. No one should feel intimidated or belittled for posting. Also know the difference between members lending a helpful hand and scolding you! Last but not least i am asking that everyone co-operate with each other. At the end of the day i hope no hard feelings are taken as a new day dawns. Lips
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    Hi Members, Below is a list of Bingo sites that do allow players to withdraw winnings from a no deposit bonus. Please read careful the terms for withdrawing on some of these bonuses. In some instances a deposit is required before a withdrawal can be made. If unsure please click here and read the review that will give the terms. 123 Bingo 888 Ladies Bingo A1 Bingo Bet365 Bingo *Bingo Cabin Bingo Card Bingo Charm Bingo Flash Bingo Knights *Bingo Room *Bingoville Bingon Chit Chat Bingo *El Cartonazo Fun Time Bingo *Gina Bingo *Golden Hat Bingo King Jackpot Littlewoods Bingo *Miami Bingo *New Bingo Billy Online Bingo *Red Bus Bingo Red Card Bingo Saturn Bingo South Beach Bingo Vic’s Bingo Yahoo Bingo * Must make a deposit to withdraw winnings.
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    Easter is March 27th this year and whether you celebrate or not we’ve got a cracker of contest in store for you this month! I will ask one bingo related question for 10 consecutive days and the first member to answer correctly each day will win a prize. It’s that simple. As for the prizes, I’ll crack an Easter egg to randomly reveal each of your prizes. There’s $150 in LCB Chips for 10 winners so that’s 10 Easter Eggs to crack. 1st place winner: $50 in LCB Shop Chips 2nd place winner: $30 in LCB Shop Chips 3rd place winner: $20 in LCB Shop Chips 4th - 6th place winners: $10 in LCB Shop Chips 7th – 10th place winners: $5 in LCB Shop Chips (No eggs will be harmed during this contest. Prizes will actually be determined by random draw). Oh and by the way, we’ve added three US friendly bingo bonuses to the LCB Shop! How to enter: Be the first to correctly answer the daily question correctly. You may submit 2 answers per day but no double posts. Limited to one answer per post. Contest start date: Thursday, March 17, 2016 Contest end date: 11:59pm EST Saturday, March 26, 2016 Contest entries: Each member may win only once for the duration of the contest period. If you have already won, please do not answer any further questions. Eligibility: Participants must have been registered on the LBB forum for at least 1 month prior to the contest start date. So you must have joined on or before February 17, 2016 in order to take part in this month’s contest. LCB Shop Chips: May only be redeemed in the LCB Shop here Any member found to have more than one account to enter the contest will be disqualified. All replies that do not meet the requirements will not be considered. LBB has the right to makes changes to or end this contest at any time. Winners will be announced on Easter Sunday. Refer back to this post for the question of the day. Good luck everyone! First question: helena_kp If you were the Easter Bunny, which online bingo site would you be a bit fearful of? Day 2: tweeksta Which bingo site wants to know what you want what you really really want....even if it's scary? Day 2 Clue - A sunny Cassava Enterprises bingo brand. Day 3: jumboscampi Let it go, let it go. Day 4: cambaby2 The countdown to a blast of bingo fun begins at which online bingo site? Day 5: cica001 Which bingo site has something in common with a Brian Adams song? Day 6: shirlsplay Which bingo site is fit for the likes of Guns N Roses? Day 7: JennaROX Which site represents a group in The Wizard of Oz? Day 8: hobitgirli Which online bingo site can you have a cup of tea with the Mad Hatter on Easter Sunday? Day 9: jade Which site offers a friendly game of bingo? Final Question: Garland Greene When you're feeling wired, which cushy character has been there for the last 20 years? Name the bingo site.
  8. 22 points
    It is Halloween warm up bonuses from the other day. Please stay tuned for our exclusive Halloween bonuses.
  9. 21 points
    Hi Members, Once again we are up against the chitter chatter in the ND threads. I have previously tried to find a happy medium here. On hand its nice to hear a small commentary on the casino and have allowed it. On the other hand where do you draw the line. So let's try this..... First let me state that i know for the most part members are only trying to offer their knowledge or win or experiences. This is very helpful particularly to members that may not have much knowledge and i adore the concern and help that is offered. But this forum is full of sections to share that. If there is comments pertaining to a casino other than the ND please post it in the "Casino" section on the forum. If you have concerns members will not see it then post the link or if you do not know how to post a link then simply say "i have started a new thread about this in casinos". Some of you are long standing members and i have seen comments saying "the moderator will move it". Yes, this would be correct, but if you know this is going to happen why do it in the first place? It is YOUR community and lets take care of it and keep it as orderly as possible. All chatter not pertaining to ND will be moved. Again thank you for sharing as much info as you know. Your all truly an asset and it's greatly appreciated. Thank-you for your co-operation. Lips
  10. 20 points
    Red Stag Casino No Deposit Bonus - WGS games New players only - US OK !! Amount = $5 You can sign up HERE! Once registered go to cashier - click on 'Instant coupon' and type in the bonus code shown bellow Exclusive LCB Bonus code: FIVESTAGS WR: 40xb Max cashout: $150 $$ Restricted games: Roulette, Craps or Baccarat games Restricted countries from this bonus: The Netherlands, Greece, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden Please Note: The following countries and States are restricted at this casino: Canada, New Jersey, Louisiana, Missouri, New York, Kentucky, Washington State, Maryland, Israel and Moldova.
  11. 19 points
    Hellooooo Bingo Balls! Valentine’s Day is this month and Bingo Betty doesn’t have a date this year. In fact, she never has because she’s a picky chick so I told her that I would take this to the forum so you can help to find her perfect man. Who needs Tinder when we’ve got the best matchmakers right here on LBB! So here’s the deal, Bingo Betty is asking you to find her dream lover by describing her perfect man using your creativity to win a share of the $150 in LCB Chips up for grabs. Three times the charm in this contest. Bingo Betty will read all of your responses and select the best three potential love connections. 1st place winner: $75 in LCB Shop Chips 2nd place winner: $50 in LCB Shop Chips 3rd place winner: $25 in LCB Shop Chips It's the first LBB contest in quite some time so we wanted to reward you handsomely :) Here’s everything you need to know… How to enter: reply to this post describing your version of Bingo Betty’s perfect match by the stroke of midnight on Valentine’s Day. Contest start date: Monday, February 1, 2016 Contest end date: 11:59pm EST Saturday, February 13, 2016 Perfect Man descriptions: Must be a minimum of 100 words. Contest entries: Each member is limited to 1 entry and only that entry will be considered. Multiple entries could result in total disqualification from the contest. Eligibility: Participants must have been registered on the LBB forum for at least 1 month prior to the contest start date. So you must have joined on or before January 1, 2016 in order to take part in this month’s contest. LCB Shop Chips: May only be redeemed in the LCB Shop here. LBB has the right to makes changes to or end this contest at any time. Any member found to have more than one account to enter the contest will be disqualified. All replies that do not meet the requirements will not be considered. Winners will be announced on Valentine’s Day.
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    Hi Members, I thought it would be interesting to see how successful members have been on cashing out successfully on a free chip. Have you had any luck? If so, where at? Thanks, Lips
  14. 18 points
    Hi LBB'ers! Summer officially begins on June 21st for most of the world even though many of us are already moving ahead with warm weather activities. I thought it would be fun to send you all on a quest for summer across your favorite bingo sites since you did so well picking those beautiful flowers in May. Share a screen shot of anything with the word ‘summer’ found on any of the bingo sites we have listed on LBB. It can be a special bingo pattern or even a promotion. Our list of Bingo Rooms is available here. There’s $150 in LCB Chips up for grabs as usual. 1st place winner: $50 in LCB Shop Chips 2nd place winner: $30 in LCB Shop Chips 3rd place winner: $20 in LCB Shop Chips 4th - 6th place winners: $10 in LCB Shop Chips 7th – 10th place winners: $5 in LCB Shop Chips Rules How to enter: Share a screen shot of anything with the word ‘summer’ found on any page of a bingo site from LBB’s list. Screen shot requirements: Must include bingo logo and the word “summer”. Each Bingo site may be used only once. If you post an image from a site that has already been mentioned, your entry will not be considered in the random draw. Contest start date: Sunday, June 19, 2016 Contest end date: 11:59pm EST Friday, July 1, 2016 Contest entries: Each member may enter only once for the duration of the contest period. Multiple entries will not be counted and will disqualify you from the contest. Eligibility: Participants must have been registered on the LBB forum for at least 1 month prior to the contest start date. So you must have joined on or before May 19, 2016 in order to take part in this month’s contest. LCB Shop Chips: May only be redeemed in the LCB Shop here. Any member found to have more than one account to enter the contest will be disqualified. All replies that do not meet the requirements will not be considered. LBB has the right to makes changes to or end this contest at any time. Winners will be announced on Monday, July 4, 2016. Good luck!
  15. 18 points
    $75 ND bonus for new players. Must register via our link 123Bingo Upon registration players will get $25 and then redeem $50 using Coupon Code LBB75 or Contact Live Help. 123 Bingo Online Review GL Zuga
  16. 18 points
    Got this in the mail. hope it works for you at grand prives GPFGP150
  17. 18 points
  18. 18 points
    Hi everyone got this in the mail: GRAND BAY- 9CGB50BB BELLA VEGAS - 9BVC50BB LAKE PALACE - 9LPC50BB JUPITER CLUB - 9JCC50BB ROAD HOUSE REELS - 9RHR50BB Good for $50 at all 5 casino's I hope it's helpful and if it was already posted sorry. Good luck!!!
  19. 17 points
    i was just able to get the "BIG125" bonus and ive had it before
  20. 17 points
    Hi LCB'ers, A word of caution when a new casino arrives. Many times LCB is able to get exclusives for new casinos. Some members will download the casino before the exclusive comes out. Therefore missing out on our exclusives. In order for a exclusive to be valid, a member must use our exclusive link. In many cases depending on the exclusive the casino must be registered through LCB. As much as i would like to warn members that an exclusive is on its way, i am not always aware of it. As soon as i receive word from the LCB staff, i or admin will post it. It is up to the players discretion to wait and see if a exclusive is in the works. There is also a lot of confusion about posting user names in the ND section. Please do NOT post your user name unless a rep or a member from the staff asks you to. Thanks, Lips
  21. 17 points
    Good list, but please check Vegas Regal on there ???
  22. 16 points
    Hi LBB'ers, Here we will list any Free No Deposit Bonuses/Codes for the previous week that have been posted here in the bingo section. This is for a quick reference guide to members that may either missed a code or are not here on a daily basis and have a convenient check list to go through. Some codes may or may not work and LBB has no way of knowing if they are still live unless otherwise indicated by an expire date. This list will be updated every Monday for the previous week Monday - Sunday. Lips
  23. 16 points
    Hi everyone, grab an exclusive 5 free BBs at Bobs Bingo with code GBBBOB. Note: this only works at Bob's Bingo but you can use your player name and password for any Landmark Bingo site (Scrummy Bingo, Comfy Bingo, New Look, Bingo Bytes etc.) to log in at Bob's Bingo and claim this free code. No expiry date is given for this code, so I wouldn't hang around... Good luck, Callmyballs
  24. 16 points
    ok schmuck you are out . take your crap elsewhere!
  25. 16 points
    Jaunt25F try this one at Lake Palace , tell support you got the CD and Letter , If its no good today try it on March 1 ,but i got it today.Good Luck
  26. 16 points
    Hi slot, I do agree with you in regards to ND codes becoming less and less. But this is an issue that is no fault to LCB. Members come here everyday to bring what little codes are available. I think we have just about every code that is out there at any given time thanks to loyal members that post them. LCB is fully aware that the free chips are not what they use to be. This is why staff works hard to bring our members more exclusives then ever. As far as the weekly code list is concerned, unfortunately they may not work for all. The list is basically designed for members who may have missed a code/codes during the week. It is quick reference and convenience made available for members without having to scour through endless pages. As far as the countless chitter chatter between codes, LCB has tried to keep this down to a minimum with implementing the thank you button. Some members use it and some members don't. I can understand that in some cases a post to thank a member maybe necessary when there is more to be said then just a thank you to show their appreciation. Zuga and myself have asked members more than once to stick to topic in regards to the ND section. When i do my weekly code list and search through the previous weeks codes i do remove the " i got"....."nothing for me"....smiley faces and "ty". I can understand members frustrations when they are looking for codes and they have to flip through 2 or three pages of off topic conversations. Once again i am asking members to stick to the topic of ND codes and please use the thank you button. Having said all that, i would not trade a single member for the world. This IS home and nothing will change the great community and LCB family that we have here. Sometimes because of this, members get caught up in conversations because of the close ties and connections we have all made. I am glad i have not yet had to click my heels three times and say......"there is no place like home".....because i am home!! Lips
  27. 15 points
    We have introduced new warning sign . If you see this sign on the forum thread it means we have put a warning on that certain casino or casino group. The reason for this is simple. A lot of people are having issues with these casinos, getting paid, getting their winnings void, accounts closed etc, so its for the best to warn ppl, especially the newbies about certain operations. Please note that most of these casinos offer tons of no deposit codes, and therefore they are "under attack" from " bonus abusers ", scammers , multi-accounters etc..which is actually making things difficult for the rest of the players ( although thats not excuse for delayed payments, and all the other issues ). The majority of posts about these casinos and their no deposit codes comes from LCB members, who enjoy them and the free chips they constantly offer. But also we all have to be aware of all the problems that comes in a package with these casinos. thank you all Zuga LCB Team
  28. 15 points
    €11 €10 free to use on your next deposit at any online casino of your choice! [move]New Moneybooker/Skill accounts only !![/move] Amount = €11 €10 WR = 0x NO playthrough requirements How to claim: 1. Go to our exclusive sign up page and open a Skrill account. 2. Deposit directly into a casino, bookmaker or poker room of your choice via Skrill (Moneybookers) (choose Skrill (Moneybookers) from the available deposit options on the cashier page) OR Deposit (upload funds) to your new Skrill (Moneybookers) account. Min deposit needed = £/$/€10 3. Get the €11 €10 bonus within the next 24 working hrs after making a successful upload/or deposit. What is MoneyBookers? they are a safe and secure payment method (ewallet) which can be used to to deposit or withdraw from casinos. They have stringent setup procedures and account policies. LCB recommends them! Terms & Conditions: * The €11 €10 bonus is limited to 1 (one) per IP address or household. * The €11 €10 bonus will be paid out within 7 days from the date of a successful eligible upload transaction to Skrill (Moneybookers), or any deposit transaction via Skrill (Moneybookers) to an eligible merchant. * Deposit must be made within 30 days of registering an account * Eligible upload transactions include: upload via bank account, credit or debit card, or a local upload option. Receive money transactions do not count as eligible upload transactions. * Person to person transactions using the bonus €11 are prohibited. * Skrill (Moneybookers) reserves the right to exclude new accounts from this promotion in the event Skrill (Moneybookers) has reason to believe that there is a breach or attempt to breach these Terms and Conditions, the Terms of Use of the Skrill (Moneybookers) account, or an attempt to circumvent Skrill (Moneybookers) security or operational procedures , or in the event that any promotion abuse is suspected. * All decisions by Skrill (Moneybookers) are final and no further correspondence will be entered into. Participants agree that no legal action may be brought against Skrill (Moneybookers) by any participant. * General Skrill (Moneybookers) Terms & Conditions apply to opening your Skrill (Moneybookers) account.
  29. 15 points
    I got this in my email this morning if you want to try it out. Another RTG casino. I think I'll wait for zuga to check it out first and see what he can do for us Lucky Spins Casino $20 No Deposit Bonus If you want to try our games before you make a deposit, then go ahead, and here's $20 to use on slots absolutely free! Yes, that's right – we're giving away free bonus money! Please be aware this is bonus money and you can't withdraw it, but any money you make from your winnings is yours to keep! Bonus Terms and Conditions :- No deposit signup bonus - $20 free bonus Bonus code : LS20NDB Play through : 60 X Bonus Max cash out : $100 Games allowed : Real-Series Video Slots, Slots, bingo, keno and Scratch Cards. UPDATE from Melcb: players need to select Currency and Country before downloading casino so that players will have client in right currency
  30. 15 points
    Box24 is a new Rival Casino with a $24 Free Chip bonus!
  31. 15 points
    Grand Parker EXCLUSIVE LCB freeroll tournament !! Tournament Name: LCB 100 Free Roll Prize Pool: $100 Password: GPLCB100 Slot Game: T-Rex Register: Tuesday 30 July 2013 Start Time: August 1, 2013 -- 8pm EST. (20:00 Marine). Duration: 4 days # of seats: 1000 Rebuy/Addon: $5 Re-buys, up to 3 times. Play time: 7 min Credits: 7000
  32. 15 points
    free five code AFC valid until the 27th jan gla x
  33. 15 points
    new code for 10bb's free NV10
  34. 15 points
    Code for free five. MAE valid until August 30th Go ev1 Landmark Bingo
  35. 15 points
    Dear Mad Operator, I am mad that your customer service sux and can't answer basic questions I am mad that you flood my email box with free chips then don't honor them when i go there. I am mad at your hidden BS terms that won't allow me to cash out I am mad how only after i win you determine i am a bonus abuser I am mad at your unrealistic WR that make it near impossible to cash out i am mad that a rogue casino like you is still in business I am mad you didn't have big enuff kahunas to say what casino you are i am mad you wouldn't dare tell us cuz you want to swindle our money But you gonna be real mad...... When countries like the US are legal to play and they tell you to GFO Lips
  36. 15 points
    ok guys, here are my findings. First off PiBossGaming and IlovemyCat ( the person who first posted about this s*ithole, pardon my french) are the same person! Its suffice to say they got banned. :o 2. Theres absolutely NO information on their so called site, concerning license and registration, nor any info about the software they use. All they have are some T&C and privacy policy that they probably copy pasted from another site. 3. WHO in the hell uses net.tc domain? NO legit company would use such. For your information TC is country code Top-Level-Domain (ccTLD) of the Turks and Caicos islands ??? more info about the country here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turks_and_Caicos_Islands 4. They seem to stole the name from pitbossgaming(dot)com STAY AWAY from these scammers! P.S. This thread is now opened for conversation. cheers Zuga
  37. 15 points
    Hi guys, we should have an exclusive very soon. Zuga
  38. 14 points
    Hi Bingo Balls! Sites like Heart Bingo and Sing Bingo combine two of my great loves, bingo and music. This month I thought it would be fun to inspire each other with songs from your gambling playlists. Is there a specific song that pumps you up? Which tunes help you celebrate a win? Is there a melody that captures the feeling of a loss? Share them all here in the Bingo on the Beat contest for a chance to win! $150 LBB Chip prize pool! 1st place winner: $50 2nd place winner: $30 3rd place winner: $20 4th - 6th place winners: $10 7th – 10th place winners: $5 How to enter: • Share a song that you listen to when gambling and tell us why (2 entries per member). • We will choose the winners randomly at the end of the contest period. Contest start date: Monday, March 20, 2017 Contest end date: 11:59pm EST Friday, March 31, 2017 Contest entries: Each member may enter and win twice during the contest period. Additional entries will not be counted and will disqualify you from the contest. Eligibility: Participants must have been registered on the LBB forum for at least 1 month prior to the contest start date. So, you must have joined on or before February 20, 2017 in order to take part in this month’s contest. LBB Chips: May only redeem in the LCB Shop. Any member found to have more than one account to enter the contest will be disqualified. All replies that do not meet the requirements will not be considered. LBB has the right to makes changes to or end this contest at any time. Winners will be announced on Saturday, April 1, 2017 Good luck!
  39. 14 points
    GrandRio Bonus code: RIO 5 euro no deposit Wagering requirement: 10x
  40. 14 points
    NFN10 for 10 free Valid until Nov 10th Landmark Bingo
  41. 14 points
    Get £5 free today at Landmark Bingo Redeem Coupon : MAL Valid up to 8th November
  42. 14 points
    Get £5 free at Landmark Bingo Redeem Coupon : NWB Valid up to 5th November
  43. 14 points
    Free five code is LBO5 Valid until Oct. 18th Landmark Bingo Gl ev1
  44. 14 points
    Hope this is a new code got it in mail BDJCA50F good luck all that get it
  45. 14 points
    Hiya LCB'ers, With all the on going drama about posting in wrong threads for this group, i have made a poll. I am going to let you the members decide what would be best. Combine this group into one thread or keep the casinos in separate threads? I am hoping it will put to rest all the tension that this has caused and get back to the topic at hand........posting codes and enjoying your play time. Other groups have been combined and i would like to hear members feedback and if they find this to be easier. I would also like to say i am sorry for any member that felt uneasy or uncomfortable when posting. That is the last thing any member should feel. It saddens me to think any member would feel intimidated to post. I would also like to thank members who have put LCB's best interest at heart in keeping the threads clean. The bottom line is we all have one common goal, to post and receive codes. At the same time make them easy to find. Lets put to rest any blame on posters and simply come to a resolution. LCB takes pride in being a family community and i never want to lose the closeness members have shared. Thanks, Lips
  46. 14 points
    ;D ;D hey i found a new code for bigdollar casino BDUS50,for 50,00,it just worked for me,good luck all
  47. 14 points
    10 FREE SPINS AT VILLA FORTUNA TR10FS Good Luck www.betvillafortuna.com Legend of Greece Video Slot :-*
  48. 13 points
    Casino Fantasia - Powered by Novomatci New & existing players !! Amount: $10 How to claim the bonus: Register a real money account - send an email with username to affiliates [at] leadaffiliates.com WR = 40x Max cashout: N/A Restricted Countries from this bonus: Austria, Canada, Curaçao, Italy, Puerto Rico, Netherlands, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America. Restricted games: No jackpot/progressive games allowed Need to register credit card to claim no deposit?: NO Min deposit needed in order to cashout winnings?: NO Bonus can be claimed in conjunction with sister casinos no deposit? NO Is the ND available on download & instant play version? Instant play available only Is No deposit available on mobile? NO
  49. 13 points
    Hi LCB'ers, I would like to remind members that posting exclusive codes from other forums will not qualify a player to cashout should they win off a free chip. It is exclusive and unique to the particular forum and players must use their link to be eligible to collect. I know that many members come to post codes to be helpful and support our forum which is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately the chip is useless and is either invalid or void of any wins. This is a public forum and we don't censor any posts in regards to free chips. It is impossible to prevent anyone from posting a code from another forum whether it is privately given or publicly displayed. However i would like to encourage members to please make a note when posting that it is a exclusive code from another forum. This will give members the option to use it or not and give them the understanding that in most cases the code will be void if trying to cashout. Thank you for your co-operation. Lips
  50. 13 points
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