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  1. Log in and give it a few minutes for $15 from Amigo Bingo this weekend.
  2. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10153697397431174&id=370191476173 Thanks and good luck!
  3. At Cyberbingo if you are extremely fortunate you will find the rare Pokemon named okinmon. Special powers include the ability to give you all your favorite numbers on your cards every time you play and the power to see which of your roomies are close to bingo. A great catch!
  4. Thanks for the contest, LBB! You ROCK my summer. Good Luck Everyone.
  5. This is only one entry, but I didn't know if the picture from New Bingo Billy would qualify as it is their promo link from the site but it is from their facebook page. So I included a Bingo Mania Screen shot as well, just in case... Thanks for the contest! This is great - good luck! Count the flowers at New Bingo Billy & Happy Mother's Day from Bingo Mania
  6. ? I don't think 'correcting' is the right thought here. More like just being helpful. It's a forum. Lighten up, it's all good info!
  7. bonusbingo.com seems to be new, they will give you a lucky $5 AND if you send an email to a friend about it, you will receive $100 in bonus money. They also will let you trade bonus for cash at 25%. Seem to have the bingo mania games...
  8. valid if you use the first coupon to deposit.
  9. I think it says they welcome US players *from Illinois*
  10. nice! but even with two recent deposits, not for me. Good luck!
  11. thanks, and btw, you have to ask for the bd bonus on your birthday. Should have asked instead sooner!
  12. Anybody get a birthday bonus from RB or GF?
  13. Haven't cashed out. But I haven't actually played much at all, I have a free $100 in my account and after I play that and make a deposit I can play the $500 I got for being fan of the month. I think if someone follows the rules, cashing out shouldn't be an issue. I haven't gotten to play much cuz I lost my internet and the phone play is missing most of my favorite Slots. But I am winning like hell on their Facebook page. Not a whole lot of participation, lots of prizes. A good time!!
  14. Their Facebook page gives away great prizes almost every day. Not just free chips... I won $500 in free chips, groceries, wine... I should be keeping this to myself...
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