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  1. jettinangel


    I think I will start saying that everynight.
  2. This is great. I was very surprised to see this low of deposits. Thank you
  3. Thank you Shelli, I don't think I have joined this one yet.
  4. I just wanted everyone to know that in my email was a free scratch card from 123Bingo and I got $5.
  5. Thanks Shelli, I got $10 free also.
  6. Thank you Shelli, this helps a lot
  7. I found the $20 in my account thanks you.
  8. Thanks for my horoscope today Shelli.
  9. I never heard of it before, thanks Shelli! I really liked playing it.
  10. Thanks Shelli, I really enjoyed playing here.
  11. thanks lipstick_xoxos I see it now. thanks everyone
  12. Thank you. What is PM? My 123bingo user name - jettinangel I can't believe I won, I never win anything. ;D
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