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  1. Thank you guys for that info. I have NOT been impressed with this game at all, so it's nice to hear I'm not the only one. ;)
  2. I've been gambling online for 17 yrs and have gotten those emails the entire time, from nearly every casino. LOL Yes, they still piss me off at times, but choose your battles. ;)
  3. A couple of months ago they sent out an email asking you to register for it, if you wanted it.
  4. I'm not impressed with this game at all, although I like the original version. I've played it at several casinos, with freebies, and through hundreds of spins now, it hasn't hit one really good one. I won't be putting any of my own money into this one.
  5. Thanks Melissa, but it worked for me just now. Figured I'd check it before we went futher... ;)
  6. I'm not seeing any images, Lips. It says the image is incorrectly linked?
  7. Isn't that a thumb drive?
  8. This is a new option being used by Casino Extreme. I haven't seen it anywhere else that I play at, yet. Has anyone here used it yet? CE is advertising it for Instant Withdrawals, for US players, so I'm wondering if it's working well.
  9. Maybe it's too early to complain, but I only got 10% cashback. slycin56k
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