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  1. Anyone wanna share their list. I can barely think of 1 good thing let alone 10 lmao
  2. Those are the terms for the $20 welcome freebie. Anyone know the t&c's for NETELLER25?
  3. I'm pretty sure NEW2011 is an exclusive code from another forum
  4. on another forum...I got a reply this morning that they couldn't find my email on their promo list so I had to forward the email I got to them. Wait and see now
  5. I've read people have starting getting their free spins awarded so keep your eyes open
  6. This bonus is available but you should read this from their terms so you don't get burned like i just did...expecting a bonus that won't exist for me to actually play without a miracle: Unqualified Bonuses can not be wagered or withdrawn but the cash deposited to generate the Unqualified Bonus can be withdrawn. Unqualified Bonuses become Qualified once a Player has wagered 25 times the deposit amount on all Bonuses barring the Welcome Bonus, where the wagering requirement is 20 times the desposit amount. This exclusive goes in as an Unqualified bonus and the playthrough is15X not 20X or 25X but unless you get lucky and can get through the playthrough to release the bonus, you basically get nothing for your deposit. Just a heads up for all
  7. I'm getting GPFGP150 is an invalid code at Roadhouse and Grand Bay...where did everyone claim it?
  8. so is anyone going to post the code?
  9. Hiya Marty. Thanks for your reply letting me know that Claudia is looking into my account and to contact her from now on but I have no idea how to contact her and she still has not gotten around to letting me know when I will receive my withdrawal. Any help would be appreciated...even her email so I can contact her directly if that's what I'm supposed to do. Thanks
  10. Hiya Marty. I've also sent this to you via PM and email. Can you please check on my withdrawal for me. I requested it on Oct 30 and it was approved on Nov 9. I was told by your support it would be paid to me last Friday Nov 26 but I'm still waiting and now I'm not getting a response from support. I would appreciate it if this could be taken care of before the weekend. Thanks for your help. Casino ID is Booo73
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