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  1. It's not true..the email specifically says that you can join the tourney before or after it starts. I believe the person I spoke with since in all their tourneys you have to be part of the loyalty club to play. I really wish they would all just know the facts and tell the truth. They aren't earning any customers or loyalty by all the different info that they pass out to customers/players.
  2. I got an email from Villa Fortuna for this freebie but when I went to claim it I found out you have to be a depositor. Code is FORTUNA Claim it in the cashier and then register for the free tourney. There are two going on..one has 4 hours left and the other ten hours left (if I saw it correctly). Good luck!
  3. I was able to claim at Grand Bay and I am a depositing player..a casino should be truthful or how do they expect to have loyal depositing players.
  4. I won one time and cashed out $150.00 after that I was bonus excluded until I deposit enough to cover the freebies they have given me. Really..no thanks.
  5. The thought that "you can use back to back chips and they don't care" might be wrong... Please wait for a site operator to respond. You are not currently in a chat session. You are now chatting with 'Monelle' Monelle: Welcome to our live chat service. How may I help you today? allgood2010: HI There..I am trying to redeem a free chips and they are not working Monelle: please provide the name of the casino allgood2010: gvbday1250 allgood2010: grande vegas allgood2010: or gvanniv1250 Monelle: unfortunately you will not be able to claim either bonuses as your account is in a bonus excluded class Monelle: meaning you are unable to claim any form of bonuses allgood2010: why am i a bonus excluded class? allgood2010: I have deposited and only won one time Monelle: due to your high bonus amount of $492 with a deposit balance of $24 you will not be able to claim any further bonuses until you deposit further allgood2010: well i will not deposit unless I am treated fairly..so in other words unless the casino is getting more money from me than I am from them I am considered excluded from bonuses? How does that make me want to deposit knowing that I can never win more than I deposit or I will be banned allgood2010: and the only ones I ever claimed were the ones sent to me in mail
  6. Non depositor and didn't work. Good luck to those who it does work for.
  7. Thanks for the codes..Non depositor and was able to claim both. Having the Instant Play option is so much nicer..don't have to install just to try codes now!
  8. Wow..both codes work and I am a non depositor
  9. I made play through and was able to cashout. Max cashout was $125 but since I am in the US and you need a minimum of $150 to withdraw via check by courier they raised the max cashout. It took me a week to get my docs in order and the withdrawal processed but that was partly my fault. I deposited once or twice about two years back and never since then. I have used multiple free offers received by them in snail mail. I was pleasantly surprised that they paid me and with no hassle.
  10. Yes I am a depositor..although I wouldn't be able to cash out because you have to deposit in between each freebie.
  11. Received a recorded message today $50 free at SlotMadness code is SLOTMADNESS50 They changed their games, I have not seen these before but I remember hearing something about them before (confusing I know)..what I'm trying to say is... They changed their software
  12. Taaa I'm jealous. Too bad this isn't like a 12 days of Xmas promo and we get to keep picking every day..ahh wishful thinking.
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