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  1. Enjoy big bonuses from Friday, Dec 20th and until Wednesday, Dec 25th and also redeem $25 FREE on Christmas Day with promo code: CHRISTMAS25
  2. USE CODE: EVILZOMBIE Monday October 30th to receive a $3.00 Free Play Bonus! ***EVILZOMBIE can be claimed if a player has deposited at least once in the last 7 days GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN
  3. USE CODE : DEVILZOMBIE can be claimed if a player has deposited at least once in the last 30 days. GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN. :)
  4. Well i know you are allowed 1 account at each sister site for Vic's , Instant , South Beach,& Bingo Hall .
  5. How about Enchanted Gardens II , Very pretty . Thanks for contest. & Good luck everyone. :)
  6. I guess the best thing that happened in 2016 was my brother moving to my town. Even though he has been driving me crazy , i love him so much. as for 2017 i am going to quit smoking my boyfriend recently quit and if he can do it than i can to. Happy New Year everyone 2017 . I made it , what a relief... lol :)
  7. I don't have time today to enter but i will tomorrow , thanks froggy for contest. :)
  8. Am Thankful for all my family and friends.. with out them my life would be soooo empty. Thank you LBB / LCB for contest. Good luck to everyone. :)
  9. me again .. I can not enter just keeps taking me back to top of page to create a account. I don't know what am doing wrong.. any help please. :)
  10. Oh crap lol I just played over $100 and my score does not count as I did not enter thur link ... my bad for not reading everything the first time. good luck everyone. :)
  11. Am going to go enter now user name is Purified. thanks for tourney :)
  12. Here is my second entry... thank you for such a great contest. Bingo Mania mascot is pink .........
  13. Feel like a Queen 17 Thank you and good luck everyone !! :) This is my second entry.
  14. Today is World Gratitude Day and also International Day of Peace, so log in and enjoy FREE Bingo bucks.You’ll receive freebies based on your Loyalty Level. Also visit our Facebook page, let us know what you’re thankful for and participate in tomorrow’s raffle! There is always something to be grateful for! Have a great Bingo time today!
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