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  1. wooohooo knowing the work you have done so far i am expecting the new site to be nothing but stellar !
  2. ive just ordered the other day my very first set of VR goggles from Oculus : https://www3.oculus.com/en-us/rift/ im super excited !
  3. got the bonus with no hassle. Froggy you rock! thanks bunch
  4. Jason is definitely not satisfied but he cant say much. they probably made him sign a NDA plus a document that he accepts the X amount and wont be claiming anything beyond that X amount after being paid. all in all it is a rip off
  5. seems nothing's really happening Eagle7, and you are being given the same runaround . It might be a lost cause im afraid, but none the less don't give up the fight. good luck
  6. thats bunch of BS. you cant make such generalisations about the whole nation
  7. not really , you are probably just to lazy too read the terms :P
  8. 2fast4u

    Withdrawal lock

    pretty cool new feature . some casinos have the ability to flush withdrawals , and i guess this is a new best thing. well done Rizk!!
  9. definitely a worthy cause ! big thumbs up to LCB and all members lending through Kiva
  10. and not a peep from Betsoft. they should be jailed and refund all players
  11. i still cant believe they threathened you with law suit Zuga :o No one is that stupid... or is it? LOL
  12. just saw the news. its getting more and more interesting :P
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