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  1. Probably between 50 to 100 dollars per year, including domain name. The size of a forum does indeed depend mainly on the number of active users.
  2. I haven't tried it yet but I might at some point, even though it sounds quite time-consuming.
  3. Nice win there Froggy, congrats!
  4. LOL Disappointed Wile E. Coyote was not among the chosen characters :)
  5. Our members' reviews look quite alright, no complaints so far.
  6. Seems you can't go to bingo unarmed these days, these pensioners are dangerous! :)
  7. Man, these old dudes have a really short fuse when it comes to bingo :D
  8. Nicely done Chilly, congrats!
  9. That's not bad at all Chilly, congrats!
  10. Really, "technical constraints" in 2015? Sounds like a cheap excuse to me.
  11. Nice one natlozogav, congrats!
  12. Nice one Chilly, thanks for sharing!
  13. Nicely done again natlozogav, great win!
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