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  1. I mostly play bingo online and honestly, I stay away from the chat box. And even when a friendly, or perhaps overly-friendly, moderator attempts to start a conversation I feel uncomfortable and weird. I like bingo but I'm not a chatty or talkative person. Really good article I think, and I can see how bingo too can become addictive. Gambling for socializing can have equally dangerous effects as gambling just for money.
  2. Nice wins, sommi! Wasn't she happy about the flowers? :O
  3. Loony Bingo mascot(s). :)
  4. Some really great wins b4iluzee, and congrats on cashing out jensboy92 and antoniomx!
  5. Congrats Schnick and antoniomx! Great games, and wins too.
  6. Thanks. After €400 deposits today my joycasino account was banned and money was stolen. Yay those curracao license shits. That's ridiculous, and infuriating.
  7. it would be my favorite too with such wins. Congrats mikino.
  8. Congrats to the winners, it was a great contest and cause. :)
  9. Wow, congrats drogos, Jawsnorth and linastante. Such great wins.
  10. It looks much better now, looks fresh and new, the design was really outdated.
  11. Congrats everyone and well done on the cashout, Omak. :-bd
  12. Yes, it sounds so when you read their Terms: "Persons located in the United States of America, Israel, Turkey, Spain, France, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Gibraltar and Antigua are prohibited from opening an account with the Site, and therefore residents of these countries are restricted from making any deposits or use of the Games." But when I went to the registration page, Serbia was not on the list. I will need to check that again.
  13. Great news about Bingorella, though shame Serbia is one of the restricted countries.
  14. Nice wins *mike* and Garland Greene. I hope you both will get to withdraw some of your winnings.
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