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  1. I could not access to any game there. Click on the slot game, nothing happened. Click on tournament, nothing happened. I seeked for help several months ago and the associate told me to uninstall and reinstall the software which did not help. So, I already gave up on them, but today I give it a try and still facing the same issue. Contact support and was giving the same advice that uninstall and reinstall process which once again did not work. Anyone know any other way? like what else should I download in order for it to work. I was using laptop windows 7 by the way. thanks
  2. hello, I was placed in the restrictive bonus or limited bonus player and therefore I was not eligible to play any tournament there. Recently and prior to my last cash out at Slotocash, I made all deposits without the bonus to just play the tournaments. I hope a Slotocash Rep will help me on this issue. I'm ok with the restriction of the bonus, I don't want any of that, but I just want to be set so I am eligible to play tournaments there. Username is haudaica thanks
  3. hello everyone, I had a story I would like to share. My fiancee's aunt is a very special person. She is someone who never appreciate what you've done for her and will ready to blame you if something goes wrong on whatever you are trying to help her. She does not know much about technology nor know how to use it, but she's always on trend with new stuffs. For example, she bought a new window 8 laptop, but did not know how to use it. Even some basic functions like open up a browser or checking email,.... She bought an ipad air and upgraded her samsung phone to iphone 6, but again she didn't know how to use it and that caused us a headache because she kept calling us over and over again for help. Anyway, she wanted to watch live television and bought an Apple TV. I told her that she should return it because she already had an iphone and ipad which could do what the Apple TV does and Apple TV is not live TV, but rather they play recorded tv or videos like youtube. Well, she thought that I was suck and did not know how to make it work. She asked her friends for help and eventually she still couldn't watch live tv. Couple months went by and I just discovered a way to watch live TV for free using a TV Tuner and Window Media Center from Windows 7. I did some research and bought the"AVERMEDIA H837 AVerTV Volar Hybrid Q HDTV & FM Radio", it was a very good TV tuner that beat all its competitors in my opinion. It was easy to set up and I can watch live TV over the air or some unencrypted channels from Time Warner Cable. I told my fiancee that I found a perfect gift for your aunt. I ordered the same TV tuner one week after and sent it as an early christmas gift to my aunt in law. I have achieved 3 goals by sending this less than $50 gift. First, my aunty was extremely happy because she could watch live TV without paying a penny to a cable television company. Second, I proved my point about Apple TV. It was not live TV and it was a waste of money when she already had an iphone and ipad. Third, my fiancee was happy because we received many good complements about the live TV setup when we were at her aunty's house for the christmas party. The end. Thanks for reading. Taaadaaa.


    I received a canadian check a month ago. I went to the bank and made the deposit via the teller. I asked when the check will be clear. He took a look at the check and told me that it depends on the amount and because it's a canadian check, it should take longer, up to 4 weeks. The check was $900. $100 is available and $800 was clear in about 3 weeks. And I paid for ZERO dollar in fee. I am banking with citibank btw.
  5. There is another cash out option that USA players can use, that is Cardpay, the fee is only $9. It will refund the money back to card that you used to make the deposits. It takes the whole process about 5 business days, but I don't know what happen with Jackpot Capital group now that it takes too long for them this time. This withdrawal option is the fastest to receive money. For check withdrawal, you have to wait for check to be cleared from your bank also, that will take sometimes and the fee is crazy high, $60 compared to $9 for cardpay.
  6. not sure what's going on now with Jackpot Capital group. I made the cash out on 10/31 and the withdrawals were processed on 11/05 using cardpay as the withdrawal method. Usually, it takes 1-3 days to receive the money, but up till now, I still have not received them yet. Contacted livechat and was told that the earliest I will receive is on 11/17 and latest will be on 11/20. It takes too long this time, not sure about future payout. :(
  7. thanks Blue, yes please. not only I lost money and time on the buy in and those 36 add-ons, but also the right to continue on. I had high scoring on those 36 add-ons.
  8. I registered and played slot of the month tournament and bought 36 add-ons so far. This morning, I was about to buy another add-on, but for whatever reason, it was not the add-on, instead it was a rebuy. I did not know until I had several spins on this tournament and it was too late. So, I did not even attempt to play on this rebuy. I stopped completely after some spins and contact support and this is what I got, You are now chatting with 'Morgan' Morgan: Welcome to our live chat service. My name is Morgan how may I assist you today? haudaica: hello Morgan: Hello. haudaica: I mistakenly bought the rebuy for slot tournament id 909100 haudaica: now, I can not go back to the same tournament I played previously before the rebuy Morgan: Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Morgan: I can certainly check on that for you. Morgan: Please hold for 2 minutes while I look into your query. Morgan: We are still looking into your query, your patience is appreciated. I will be with you shortly. haudaica: I had 36 add-on so far in this tournament and was about to buy another add-on, but somehow I pressed the wrong button for the rebuy Morgan: Thank you for holding. Morgan: After review of the account, we do recommend playing the re-buy that was selected by you. haudaica: no, I did not even try to play the rebuy, after several spins and I stopped after realizing I chose the wrong one haudaica: and I would lose everything I have played so far haudaica: if i play the rebuy Morgan: Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do in regards to that. haudaica: and I think the system got an error or something. I chose add-on, but it let me play the rebuy somehow Morgan: After review, we do not seem to be experiencing technical difficulties at this time. We do recommend playing the re-buy. haudaica: and I lost everything I have played so far, this is not acceptable Morgan: Welcome to our live chat service. My name is Morgan how may I assist you today? haudaica: we need to sort this problem out Morgan: We are sorry you feel this way, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about the error that was made. haudaica: thanks Morgan: May I assist you with anything else today? Basically, I lost the buy in $2.50 + $36 add-ons just like that, and more importantly the time spend for playing those 36 add-ons. I am not happy with the way this issue handle by sloto cash, but what can I do? Just want to vent it out.
  9. Seriously, I do not like their 48 hours rule. If you want to make the deposit, you would have to wait 48 hrs for them to process your payout or you would have to cancel your pending payout and if you do cancel your payout and make the withdrawal again, then u have to wait for another 48 hrs.
  10. WON $500 from LCB slot tournament at Sloto Cash last month and I was surprised that their payment was really quick. It took only 3 days for Fedex delivery. Just made another cashout earlier today, $900 winning from $3.50 cash back. I might get the check longer this time because the withdraw was made over the weekend. I am wondering why they do not have the Cardpay withdrawal option like JC group has. This withdrawal option is faster than the check delivery and only $9 fee compared to $30 fee for the Check withdrawal.
  11. bongo, I've never done well on this slot when I spin at $1.25. However, I hit several big hits when I spin under $1 per spin. gl
  12. omg, I received $3.25 cash back from Sloto Cash casino plus $0.75 I had in the balance. I spin 25 cents per spin. I hit one of $40 spin with combination of mystic dragon and the guy with the sword. I then increased my bet to 50 cents and then 75 cents and boom ka bang, hit 7 free spins and one of the spins gave me this. Playthrough is only 30 dollars or something. Easy to beat. hehe
  13. yes bongo. You have to deposit using your debit card (bank card or checking account) once and they will pay back to the card when u request the withdrawal. The whole process takes about 4-5 days for the money to hit your bank. gl
  14. I successfully withdrew the minimum payout of $100 plus $9 fee at Jackpot Capital casino two months ago. Yes, my card is a debit card which connect to my bank or you can say it's a checking card. :-bd
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