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  1. In the same way as I do not feel very welcome to the site, and that I have to object to being abused, as I feel I have been. I was unaware of any rule relating to posting photos, It was a cut/paste of a congratulation, nothing nasty intended at all. A completely over-the-top reaction in my opinion. Why suspicion, and accusations of fraud? I can verify my position and who I am and have no reason to hide behind anything I say. I have done nothing that I feel ashamed of. I feel I have been accused of something quite serious and dislike the attitude shown towards me about this - hence the tone of my posts. I came here quite happy to take part in discussions, but first found acts of fraud being discussed, then was accused of being a fraud myself. I have been wronged, why should I not speak out against those who do have actions to answer for? People who are shown as admins, and should really know better than to berate visitors. No - I don't like the site, for what it appears to be. You may take that whatever way you wish. I would not wish to participate amongst those who choose to abuse and cheat - for that is what they are doing. It was one hell of a welcome I got... I doubt I'll be staying very long.
  2. I imagine that I will soon be banned from this site - just for saying how I feel. I posted about one particular bingo site, as that is where I play. 1) I saw evidence of FRAUD taking place, I said as much - it seems to be condoned here. Well done for telling people how to get accounts they should not have - I find it unacceptable. 2) I was accused of fraud, by a moderator, and requested an apology. None was given, and now the site admin have locked the topic and said that i should be the one to apologise for the way i have used this site...? Bullying is also unacceptable. Because you all stick together and belittle anyone who dares to say anything against your antics? lipstick_xoxos, Zuga, and any others who have supported this abuse towards me - I hope you are happy and that you manage to avoid being caught out if you carry on with what you are doing. I do not support fraud in any way. I objected to being accused of fraud - please tell me what I am supposed to have done wrong here...? I know, you'll just delete this and pretend it never happened. The actions of bullies, hiding behind the guide of admins. Shame on you for your cowardice.
  3. Thank you for replying. Just quickly, I've never managed to win £50 or more in one go, but have managed to withdraw six times so far this year. I'm not a mega player by any means. My limit is to deposit no more than £10 a month. I count it as entertainment in the same way as I used to buy lottery scratch-cards. The £50 is not always a target that can be reached, but use a little common sense. If I win more than £25 I deposit the difference and withdraw £50. If I win less than £25 I tend to play it back. How simple a solution is that? Lots of people just see £50 min. withdrawal and complain. Each time I deposit to withdraw, the 45 day limit is reset. I am playing to win cashable balance on the cash I deposit, or the bonus they give. They give lots of free money away, there;s a free fiver (bonus) almost every week. They have chat games to win bonus, which I play regularly. As a depositing player I can win cash from bonus, and do... I've checked, it's all within the rules. ;) OK, you have a point with the sheer amount of time it takes them to process a withdrawal, my usual wait is around a week.
  4. Hey, ask away - if you think I'm fishy, you should see some of the people that play on the site - one guy has had over 200 accounts now, another over 100. I am very anti-fraud and hate to see sites being abused. I've just responded to Lipstick in another area here, after being accused of fraud myself! Only too happy to discuss my activities here...
  5. Guys, I appreciate that you are reviewing sites in the main. It's just that the way it was written up was not what i would have expected to see - almost a quick guide for those in 'banned' countries to circumvent the security and other procedures designed to prevent abuse and fraud...? I am in a big argument about fake accounts on one site and am looking at many discussion boards like this because there are some out to give me a bad name where they feel threatened that their multiple accounts, and fraud, will be stopped. I don't name names unless they are serial abusers, and there have been a couple of those. My aim is to show the management of the site concerned just how deep the issue goes. Sorry, but if I spot anything that seems to condone fraud, or make light of getting round the restrictions, then I'm gonna jump on it. If the law and gaming regulations say 'no' then that should be respected.
  6. No, I do not work for Rogers. I am a player there and it was quite an obvious choice for me to look and see what else was being said here about a site I enjoy playing on. There's a bit of a thing about people with fake accounts causing trouble at present, which is what brought me here as I Googled and found the site with reference to it being a 'fix', hence the starting point being Rogers. Yes, I did a search to see what topics were on here, and have posted in them. Feel free to look at Rogers site, I'm very active in the discussion areas and, as someone has said they 'review' sites and were going to use that to speak badly of me, I am concentrating on this sort of thing.
  7. Well, no - by signing up for an account, and falsifying the details, that breaks the terms of the site? The gaming laws are quite specific, if someone is prohibited from playing then they are prohibited. Sorry, this is a topic I feel very strongly about as I see it happen a lot. It's not fair on the genuine players when a false account wins. My biggest beef is with those who sign up for multiple accounts, to get the bonus offers over and over. Again, falsifying details to bypass the system. The matter of not cashing out winnings is invalid, too late by then, an offence has been committed. So many people think it is OK to mis-use gambling sites in this way, by breaking the terms of the site like this the accounts is false, which is fraud. You will not change my opinion. What you do with warnings on pillows is up to you, what people do to break the law is a much more serious matter.
  8. Sorry for multiple posting, message did not appear - I got button happy
  9. Is that not illegal ? If you live in a country that is restricted then that is to say you cannot play on the site, by changing the country you commit an act of fraud.. My opinion anyway.
  10. It's my first day on this site and I hit this topic. I know it's old stuff but I just wanted to add - if you're not happy, you have a choice - go elsewhere. I'm a happy Rogers player. I've spent time learning the rules, I know what I must do in order to play and win. I stick to bingo as I have lost big money on slots on other sites in the past and will never play them again. It is like pouring money down a drain - no guarantee of winning, no matter where you play. Bingo amuses me, so I play bingo. As mentioned, bingo has no wagering requirements. If you deposit once in 45 days then ALL winnings, from cash or bonus, go to cashable balance. You can withdraw this, min £50. I play, I lose, I play, I win. It is for my amusement. I know I will not be able to take a big holiday with my winnings, even the jackpot is only in the £200-£600 range. The site is called Rogers BINGO, any bonus is 'bingo bonus' - not slots bonus. You still cannot play slots with bingo winnings, I don't mind that, it does not affect me, but it annoys the heck out of me that people then do little but complain because it does not suit them.
  11. How can a regulated bingo site be fixed ? It may have players who think they should always win, and then complain when they don't. That is the very very very stupid part !
  12. Which Rogers Bingo was this? The Rogers Bingo I play has depositors and non-depositors alike winning all the time. There are no games where they are split for single/double lines for depositors only. How would that work anyway? Non-depositors can play in all except tournament rooms, which are for cash players only.
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