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  1. tried to get bonus Club70 for Bingo Billy denied. Milton R.: Sorry but as mentioned above is a free trial bonus for new members only to try out the site 23:18 jewelnurse-BBY547461: ok I will let them know 23:19 Milton R.: Thank you, have a great night
  2. My next entry is anything Amos Lee signs. THANKS
  3. I like to listen to anything Adele sings for my first entry .
  4. My win 10 playing tricks on me asked for Naughty Bingo gave me the flowers on The Wiz??? woo :-pp
  5. told me same have to deposit before get the bonus jewelnurse502
  6. Thanks girls finally found it I have my pages set up as last page is first page lol so was on last page 9 LOL
  7. <-happy_easter-> <-happy_easter->I still can not find where the question of the day is posted ???
  8. Not much but liked only one Elvis from having all way across ;D Slotland
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