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  1. The old guy looks funny :)
  2. I hope you resolve the issue. kitty bingo is a good site as far as i know. I played there and had no trouble.
  3. what do you say about miss bingo/
  4. bingo evolved from a game called beano which was popular around 1930.
  5. play bingo, love longer :)
  6. 90 ball and 75 ball are the most popular I think. I like them a lot. I also like speed bingo, the one palyed with 30 balls and 3x3 cards. it's a very fast paced game.
  7. not always... withdrawing after claiming a bonus can sometimes be difficult... depends on wagering and so on...
  8. Yep, fabulous luck would come in handy :)
  9. now this is something to get you playing the lottery :) do any of you guys play? and if so, do you use a strategy or you just pick lucky numbers?
  10. lozerkim, there are sites that require you to play your initial deposit plus bonus a number of times before they allow you to withdraw. for instance if you deposit $100 and the site offers you 100% bonus and you claim it, and the site requires you to play both the deposit and bonus 5X, you have to play through $1000 before cashing out.
  11. What bingo related games do you like to play? Except from Keno...
  12. you're right. There are unwanted pregnancies, but still... teach birth control in college? this thing should be thought in high schools. the idea to use bingo to teach this things sounds interesting as concept, but seems quite crazy :) like Markotik said: failure
  13. guys, they really have to teach students about sex in college??? c'mon... about condoms... this is the stuff kindergarten kids know about.
  14. some statistics also say that more than 95% of the people playing online bingo have won at least once. however, i'd like to know how many of them have actually won a BIG JACKPOT...
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