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  1. £1M Slots Draw at Fabulous Bingo Holy guacamole! There is a monstrous £1,000,000 and 60,000 prizes up for grabs. Week 1 - £150k Week 2 - £200k Week 3 - £250k Week 4 - £400k Already from 30th January to 26th February for a total of 4 weeks. There will be 2 draws per week on Monday's and Friday's, for a total of 8. Place total bets for a minimum £10 on the qualifying slot games only each week and earn one free entry into the prize draw. Plus each week there will also be a feature slot where you earn a bonus two draws. And dig this - there are uncapped entries per draw, and uncapped prizes available per draw.
  2. Free Bingo February at Fabulous Bingo Oh Yeah now that's what we are talking about - Bingo games all month, with over £15k up for grabs and the best part is it's Free! Join the Guestlist room from 1st – 28th February daily from 10am – 10pm on selected games.
  3. There was delay this week and will be submitted tomorrow evening.
  4. Welcome Bingo March Madness Redeposit Bonus Pack Make a minimum deposit of £10 to claim the bonus. This bonus is for players’ 4th, 5th and 6th Lifetime deposit. 4th Deposit Bonus offer is: 300 % Bingo Bonus Code: BINGO4 Or 100% Casino Bonus with code: CASINO4. 5th Deposit Bonus offer is: 200 % Bingo Bonus with code: BINGO5 Or 100% Casino Bonus with code: CASINO5. 6th Deposit Bonus offer is: 500 % Bingo Bonus with code: BINGO6 Or 200% Casino Bonus with code: CASINO6.
  5. Welcome Bingo £1,000 Facebook Bonus Giveaway When 1000 Likes are reached on Facebook they will give away £1,000 Bingo Bonus. £1,000 Bonus will be split between 100 players. Players will be picked on the basis of lucky draw.
  6. Fantastic update Froggy........i know that was quite a project! Thanks!
  7. That is good to do your own personal homework as well Jarno! A smart player is a winning player!
  8. It makes me incredibly happy to when their is no limit on withdrawal amounts!
  9. My buddies bet me that I wouldn't be able to start a conversation with the most beautiful girl in the Bingo Club. Wanna buy some drinks with their money?
  10. And now for a corny joke!! Q: Why couldn’t the sesame seed leave the Bingo Hall? A: Because he was on a winning roll. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
  11. The Bingo mascots can put a big grin on my face particularly if they are cute! It is especially adorable when that icon is active on every page! It is like having a little friend to cheer you up! My all time fav is the Sexy Fox at Foxy Bingo ...........OoOoO...la la! @<3<3<3@ @<3<3<3@ @<3<3<3@
  12. Oh my i simply can't resist! I have always loved our Bingo Betty so will add what i think her dream date should be strictly for fun! I think Bingo Betty is a distant cousin of Betty Boop. Now rumor has it that Betty Boop and her boyfriend Fearless Freddy have broken up and he has a mad crush on Betty Bingo. Uh huh, he sure does, it's no wonder they call him "Fearless" keeping his love interests all in the family! Ms. Bingo loves a man who isn't afraid and is a rebel of sorts and this Freddy guy is all that and more. But see she don't play that game of hooking up with a cousin's leftovers, nope, now way, no how! Since she does love risk takers a.k.a a bingo/slot gamblers, loves the color pink, loves a confident man i have found the ideal suitor......... Pssst.....and if the truth be told she even has bingo dabbers with his picture on it! But shhhhh don't tell her i told you! Good luck all!!
  13. ♥ Oh my Betty is gonna go out on a date ♥ <3 <3 Cute Contest - Good luck Members! <3 <3
  14. No way are u serious? When did they open do u know froggy? The
  15. While Joe's wife is on her way home from bingo his buddy calls him. "Hey Joe was at bingo tonight with my girlfriend and saw your wife. She got herself a Bingo but had to split it 10 ways and ended up with only $5.00." Just then Joe's wife walks through the door. He hangs up and says what's for dinner i am hungry. Not wanting to cook she tells him she won enough at bingo so they can go out for dinner tonight. "Oh you don't say, how much" asks Joe. She decides to add another zero to her win "$50.00 Joe, isn't that great". Damn it woman where in the world did you learn how to exaggerate like that - If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a million times don’t exaggerate!
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