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  1. I love the comment written at the bottom of your posts kattboots. :-)
  2. TYVM tweeksta!!! U ROCK! & F.Y.I . the code, sunlightbingo, that was mentioned on the previous page by Mark is still valid. Thanx Mark!
  3. U.S. is not on the list of countries on the registration page. That figures.........
  4. Looks like the site is down for mainenance. EEK! Not a good way to start off huh? Anybody else out there also getting told the site is down? Oh.....Nevermind, I went back & refreshed the page & it said already a member so I guess my registration went through. Thanx Zuga for the heads up on this site!
  5. I know, I know.......It's for a BIG WHOPPIN' £2, but free is free. LOL! I got this 2day in an email: Login to http://dailyexpress-bingo.com/ today and fill out our survey if you haven't already and you will receive £2 Free. All you have to do is login to the site and you will be prompted with the survey. Fully complete the survey, by answering all the questions correctly (including question 4 as a 'Yes') and you will receive £2 Free. The Management would like to thank all the players who already participated in the survey and wish them all the best of luck when playing with their free £2. U can also take the survey at the sister sites, which are ---> https://www.latestbingobonuses.com/url/647/Cyber%20Bingo https://www.latestbingobonuses.com/url/507/Bingo%20Sky & http://www.bingozest.co.uk/ GOOD LUCK ALL!
  6. Steelers-GREEN Packers-BLUE Thanx 4 the PM with the heads up about this contest Rico! U ROCK & so does LCB!!!
  7. Aaaaah Maaaaaan......U.S. players are restricted from playing at costabingo. That's too bad 'cuz the site looks like ALOTTA fun!!!
  8. I just thought i'd let ya'all out there know that the SLOT5 code is now expired. I also received an email about the code, but did not get the chance to try it out until 2day & I was told it had expired.
  9. I just got this code in an email for a $50 player appreciation chip: JAN2011APP 30X Playthrough (60X for Blackjack and Video Poker) 2X Max Cash-Out GOOD LUCK ALL!!!
  10. I tried it last week & it came up as an invalid code, but I have claimed it almost every week up 'til then.
  11. I do believe the free £3 is given every week. Atleast that's what I have been getting ever since I 1st signed up at bingocastle.
  12. Yes Eddie.......Make sure that u select the free coupon option b'cuz it is automatically set on the Deposit coupon option. Also, make sure that u don't have a space in front of the code. This has happened to me on a time or two, especially when I am using the copy & paste method to redeem coupons.
  13. VFFREETUE worked 4 me too!!! Thanx TAAADAAA!!!!!!! I haven't tried the other code yet. I let u know if it works 4 me later on. Oh yeah, I 4got 2 mention that I also have never deposited at this casino either.
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