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  1. Heard this 1 the other day & thought it was purty funny. What did Jeffery Dahmer say to Lorena Bobbit??? You gonna eat that? Heheeee! Sick & Twisted, but funny as heck.
  2. Welcome 2 LCB land_lord & pattycake!!! & HI ALL!!! I'm BA-AAAACK! I missed u all & I just had 2 come see what the heck I have missed out on since my last visit. So.........What did I miss? lol
  3. This song & video is about as redneck as one can get, but it's pretty funny & entertaining.
  4. I love the comment written at the bottom of your posts kattboots. :-)
  5. TYVM tweeksta!!! U ROCK! & F.Y.I . the code, sunlightbingo, that was mentioned on the previous page by Mark is still valid. Thanx Mark!
  6. U.S. is not on the list of countries on the registration page. That figures.........
  7. EEEK! Tough crowd out there.......I guess nobody thought that joke was as funny as I did. LOL Lips! I just noticed that the last joke u posted was the exact same 1 that I posted a few pages ago, but u told it much better than I did.
  8. Abu (the monkey from Aladdin)
  9. What's the difference between Monica Lewinski & a vending machine??? In a vending machine, the BILL goes in FACE UP!
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