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  1. Wow, I never thought i would win first place ;) Nice! <i_love_lcb>
  2. My 1st song pick is : Deadmau5 - Aural Psynapse ( ) I listen to this because it really gets me into the right groove. And my 2nd pick would be: Infected Mushroom - Smashing the Opponent (feat. Jonathan Davis) ( ) This song is for getting in to the right mode for knocking out any competition. Wether it be bingo/slots/poker/tournaments. My adversaries will be defeated!
  3. I recieved €10 no deposit from the bonus code. I was then told after finishing the playthrough requiremens, that the max cashout was €50. It had changes, it was the affiliates choice.. not theirs. Anyways, after some days waiting for documents to get approved, i could request €50 to be cashed out to my bank account. Another 2 days went, and they transfered it last friday, i got them this monday :-) Without having to deposit anything. Its free money, so cant complain ;)
  4. 20 free spins on Football: Champion's Cup No Deposit, I am a depositor, but its been a long time since
  5. 20 free spins on Football: Champion's Cup No Deposit, I am a depositor, but its been a long time since
  6. The problem was that the voucher was activated just as the play 'n go games had a short maintenance. They added them manually in stead so i could just activate them in rewards :) easy peasy
  7. Same problem here, the live chat is online now.. i am talking with them right now. Apparently many people are having these problems, and they are not able to answer mails sent to offline support at the moment as they have much to do. They were happy to take a look at it now though. :)
  8. anyone have any idea what the wagering requirements are? been playing a long time, but cant find anywhere that indicates bonus wagering info
  9. I too only end up at the $25 offer. And it doesnt say lcb anywhere like in the picture
  10. wow, third place! :-) Thank you very much for a great contest! :)
  11. Nothing for me this time either .. -_-
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