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  1. Welcome Back Zuga! We need a game "Where's Zuga" like "Where's Waldo" put Zuga is a big mess of work, conventions and conference photos then find him lol
  2. You guys are amazing, the words you all spoke were the most sympathetic, the most kindest, the most soothing, the most healing words ive been told,it is the greatest relief to see sometimes it takes others to speak the words you feel and know deep inside to realize and understand your own self, to comfort what you feel is okay, to open your eyes to certain things you didn't know, like connecting dots and placing puzzle pieces, a picture forms as to why things happen the way they do, and then you just feel better... I believe he didn't want to put it on our shoulders, purposely before hand I think he sabotaged his identity, the hardest thing to admit and say through this is it was easier to deal with in certain ways as it all happened, I think he wanted it this way, you all are just beautiful, thank you so so so much...
  3. Theres something I've been dealing with, that I thought i'd share with you all.. it has a message to always stay connected with those you love and care about, never assume by lifestyle or habit that every thing is okay, it not always is... My oldest brother was an alcoholic and drug abuser very hard core, in and out of rehabs for many years, he never had a stable relationship, stable home, stable job, we all tried to help in many ways but after many years realized his only help was to help himself, he was 50 years old, he started this alcohol and drug relationship at about the age of 9, through these years he just lived to do the thing he knew best, later in life I believe the longest he stayed sober was 1 year, then binged on and off, once so bad he lapsed into a coma for many months, when he awoke only to find out he had hepatitis and alcohol induced diabetes, after this episode he kind of let up and took it easy but still drinking, he'd tell us he quit, then binge again and again, during the binges he would go off where no one could find him just kind of get lost, I think to hide the shame that he wasn't strong enough no matter what to kick this terrible habit even if his life depended on it,either that or he figured no one really cared if he lived or died... maybe a month or two would go by and no contact, we'd think he was off on another binge and wait for him to call to say he was okay... well this last time three months went by, then four, being worried but still thinking that's just him, then it became not usual that so much time has gone by waiting for word from him... finally a long time friend of the family gets a facebook message from my brothers son, he immediately contacts my sister with information on my brother, my brother had walked into a restaurant fell to the ground and died of a massive heart attack, he had been in the orange county morgue since October of 2012, he was identified by finger prints but unable to find next of kin because he was never legally adopted, finally a dna test was done through that they found his only son who in turn found my brothers long time old friend, a broken web of family not connected... every time I think of my brother dying and in the morgue alone, without a single family member, being cremated months later as a charity case, without our goodbyes, without being able to say we love him and will miss him breaks my heart, this afer all the facts lump in my throat and the tears behind my eyes feel as though they are permanent ,my brother was sweet, caring, funny, loving, protector, wise and intelligent regardless of his lifestyle, I think they could of done more to find his family, but then probably thought he was just some bum on the streets... he wasn't
  4. oh my goodness... I can imagine taking this pill, waiting 20 minutes to see how drunk you're gonna get, hmmm nothings happening, I still feel sober, take another and another... whooooaaaa dilly mae b smith, i'm drunk as skunk scent...wheres my phone I gotta text someone... I can't feel my faaaaceeeeee...the toilet has eyeeesss... lol... no thanks I like to drink the real deal then I know how much drunk im going to get... thumbs down for that professor
  5. Thank you all for your replies, you are all right with the answers what does it matter to another person, money matters when it comes to paying the bills to most, being happy in your job does tie up with that, rarely have I found someone who steps down some knotches from a job, to be who or work the job they've trained to be for years... as for myself i'd rather have the disrespect making good money, then have the respect making half as I would... I do have to say...having a job any kind of job is respectful, trashman, burger flipper, janitor whatever...
  6. Well... for one reason ive been told... men can be so devious inside, angels on the outside devils in the inside.. he can have all the sex he wants cuz she can't get pregnant again,no baby momma drama cuz for sure its not his child, forgive me though not all men are like that
  7. I have a question for everyone in every country, id like to get the most honest answers... Is having a respectable job more important than the wages you are paid? For example... I went to college for 4 years studied and trained as an animal health tech, I received my certification, in my area those positions are filled so I ventured elsewhere I needed to pay my bills.. okay after all this time I got on the job training and have move my level up to management in a Walmart Neighborhood Market, im making a salary higher than what i'd make as a Animal Health tech, a position opened and I declined, staying at my current job, when I say im a manager at a walmart I don't get any respect lol as I would if I were to say im an Animal Health Tech.. another example, a trash man saying he works for a trash company to an insurance agent, the trash man makes more money, is steady and secure with income and is job protected through the union, an insurance agent is a respectable job, but the trashmans money is double his...
  8. his butt cheeks are starving, gobbled up those shorts
  9. Very smart child... lol.. those talks of how wrong it is to do, when the wrong you done did... I skipped in highschool, it was three days in a row,the fourth day I went back to class well in order for me to get back in my mom would have to come in, I didnt know this, I was sent home... well, I was too scared to tell my mother 3 weeks went by.. I was so tired and bored with skipping school I wanted back in.. I had to tell my mother I skipped school and needed her to get me back in, telling on myself cured me of skipping... my mother was soooo mad.. I remember her voice and words 3 WEEKS? IVE BEEN GIVING YOU LUNCH MONEY FOR THREE WEEKS AND YOU HAVENT BEEN IN SCHOOL!?! ... I never skipped again lol
  10. I've been traumatized 3 times from bathroom horrors, and the thing about it wasn't me, it was always my best friend Debbie... small bathrooms, she'd always go first cuz she was the one who couldn't hold it, she'd use it stink it up to all be darnit Debbie status, then here I am next, I go to use it, no paper, I can barely breathe, a woman is knocking on the door saying "hurry up honey ive got to go bad.. I open the door, the lady right away plugs her nose, and says out loud and loudly PEEEEEUUUUUUU, looking at me as if I did it, Debbie is no where in sight and im left to take the blame.. I stunk it up, left no paper, clogged the toilet, and broke the paper hanger... the next one, she went in, I didn't need to use it, I just waited by the mirror, she took a lot of time, don't know what happened in there, she finally came out and went for the door I was behind her, she said oh I left my bag, I was behind her I said ill get it, I go into the stall she was in and it was flooded over, im tippy toeing through the water, close the door it was hanging on the back side as I open the door back up here comes another woman I walk out with the bag, and I hear her blaming me for the toilet flood, again it wasn't me.... the very last of the bathroom horrors ill never forget was I went into the public restroom it was very small, barely had room for your knees when you squat with the stall door closed, as I was hoovering I looked on the back of a door and there was this booger the size of a quarter, it was circled in marker ink with the words lick me, right away I got lightheaded and nausea, I was horrified I was so close to something so tremendously nasty looking..,i tried to turn my head but the stall was small I could still see it out the corner of my eye, I think I had nightmares about this booger for weeks, and right up to this day I can't ever figure out how someone pulled one that large out their nose, it really freaked me out...
  11. I don't like that feature, I know it's a guarantee that you'll get a bonus after such spins but, I kind of feel like im not going to hit the bonus until it sets it off, and then again I like the surprise of getting the bonus, like when I go into the game ill be like dang a whole 150 spins til I hit it!!
  12. Genenco.. buying a new pc can be very tramatic on the brain, you're suffering from " why did I do that syndrome"for instance your symptoms start just after the old pc is on it's last days, lasts about 2 months, the peak of this syndrome, is when you handed over the wrong credit card, you'll have a bit of shock and confusion when you realize how crazy that was, but soon enough all these symtoms go back to just lurking about until the next attack of "now why did I do that?", sadly to say more and more comes about.. congrats on your new pc, I just bought a new one myself although not a replacement just a secondary
  13. Im in Las Vegas, up near Sunrise Mountain
  14. OMGGG HAHAHA.... I agree with every ones responses... how do you NOT KNOW?!?... you guys we are going to hell for this LOL
  15. LMAO. I didn't know that Susan B Anthony was from the 1800's lol... I just seen her name on a dollar coin I had!! LOL Thank you everyone, im fixing them little by little, I can only take so much embarrassment a week lol
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