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  1. LMAO. I didn't know that Susan B Anthony was from the 1800's lol... I just seen her name on a dollar coin I had!! LOL Thank you everyone, im fixing them little by little, I can only take so much embarrassment a week lol
  2. I like the no deposit chip, I like the freedom to choose what I want to play, getting free spins on a certain machine feels like painting without the brush, the wall is there, you're stroking it, but nothings happening, I wanna paint the hot machine.. those free spins I usually pass up and don't even play I feel like they are set either win or lose not being contributed by your own luck..
  3. So now inbetween bingo games, theres bingo shuffle, set aside your daubers and break out the bingo shuffle sticks!
  4. I hate to admit this but my bingo rooms and the sign-ups are all bungo, im so confused.. I signed up at sites under certain circumstances using different emails and fake names to try out the sites and bonuses, things have changed, lost all my info.. and now when I go to play my favorite ones im like.. WTH did I do here, my name is not Susan B Anthony, and that's not my address.. gosh it's embarrassing, but I had reasons.. if I try to fix them ill probably be banned... "yea can you delete these 10 other names from your site I was just trying out to see if the bonuses work" LOL.."oh and the 5 other on your sister site.." Gosh I just wanna be me and be legit... :'( Is was one of those horrible fun mistakes... Anyone have any suggestions?
  5. I really think this group needs the double warning signs, two yellow yields on these ! ! Not all but most that have sister sites use the bonus abuse excuse, be leary... sometimes you won't even know they have them, until you spent a lot of money, win and want to withdrawl BUT if you decide then use the rule of making deposits in between your no deposits, (no deposit chip, then make a deposit, then no deposit chip..so forth) don't use two no deposit chips in a row at all locations..for instance if you have a no deposit, and they have a no deposit chip that can be used at all sisters, use 1 only make a deposit then use the no deposit chip and the other, using the ND chips at all locations at the same time counts as bonus abuse, its double ND chipping eveb though they are two sites
  6. LMAO... that's like hre in Vegas, you search the casino for the perfect machine you get all settled in on one, someone comes and sits on the machine right next to you within a minute hits the jackpot!
  7. What does this have to do with bingo... You're lucky here right now.. after reading this junk of a thread and post, if i were a mod, i'd of deleted this one too and bid you farewell, and i'm an extremely nice and tolerate person.. shame on you yourself!
  8. And even though i know they are silly i HAVE to do it! For example when i am playing bingo and i have 1TG on a bingo card all chat stops! I have to have my full concentration on that one bingo number i need or i feel jinxed. When i jump over to the slots i do have a very strange superstition i picked up. I have to have my cursor in just the right spot when i am spinning. I have developed such a bad habit of doing this that when i go to a land casino sometimes i will think "omg move your cursor" and there is none to move! Also sometimes if am on a winning streak i don't want to change the position i am sitting in like that has some relevance as to why i am winning! OMG Lipsssss... i swear to you i do the exact same thing, on the 1tg i stop, stare, concentrate, and squint my eyes even like IM calling that number with my mind! (oh and it has worked lol) Same for me too, when i'm spinning i have to have my curser on a paticulor area ONLY, for instance the left lower corner and not only that i have different areas for different games i play.. when i am in a land base, same is true i have to stay in that sit position if i'm on a winning streak, if the cocktail waitress brings my drink, i barely move to hand her her tip, or if someone speaks to me it's like i gota stiff neck..lol another thing i do is i have to play 20 BUT i break it down and insert it all.. like one 10 and 2 fives, the last bill i insert has to be face down..lol I thought i was weird and alone with these personal gambling superstions and must-do's, but now i can consider theres more weirdos or just normal people with funny ways... LMAO froggy.. i have lucky panties, socks and my sky blue toe nail polish, if i go and it's spur of the moment and i have another color on my toe nails, i paint my pinky i have to have it!
  9. Thank you Lips, i totally appreciate the name lol, reminds me of kickin' back in my slippers and jammas, with a delicious cup of coffee playing bingo :D Even though it's No USA, i love when we get brand new bingo sites, one of these days every site gonna say USA OKAY.. (i'm a big dreamer :P )
  10. I have never heard of something like this before.. 19.99 a month to be a member? Somethings skooey oooey about that.. if this is the case this casino does not deserve a spot in the no-deposit section.. it's trickery
  11. Very nice improvements, hope they all join in and do the same, it makes me feel good that this bingo site donates from profits for a good cause.. seems to be a more trustworthy site eh? I know this is far fetched and away for now,but maybe this might help open more doors and sites to the USA by offering and making these types of deals..(i can't word it right but you know what i mean. like a tax exemption if they option to donate..) and i wonder how many others donate a portion of profit to organizations.. quite frankly i dont think any of it is a "legal or illegal".. i sincerely beleive its the fight or say.. its all about the money and who gets the cut (distribution) is what sits like a solid brick wall.
  12. The freebies, chat and chat service experiences, am i treated well.. bonuses i dont take bonuses to much in bingo unless its a good one, the entertainment and atmosphere.. how much fun i have, thats a big importance on cable TV i get a few bingo ads.. i think it's bingo palace,the next time they come on im going to take note of which ones and how it's presented here in the USA.. actually my favorite sites are sites i can't deposit.. ready set bingo, landmark, i can play freebies only i have a really good time with them.. the ones i can would be maybe New Bingo Billy, Bingo Knights (love their slots)
  13. 20 bucks goes along way in bingo depending on how you play, im a 90 ball fan... but definetly you have more playtime, i also spend alot more in a casino then i do bingo..it's the slots that do it to me :(
  14. I am the same as Froggy.. i gotta watch the game so i can.. yell, cheer or cry myself on, i hate missing the holding of the breath, the edge of the seat position while the bingo caller secretly laughs purposely taking his time calling out numbers.. cuz he knows we are waiting on a 1tg ... lol
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