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Questioning Rogers Bingo's Rules

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Thank you for replying.


Just quickly, I've never managed to win £50 or more in one go, but have managed to withdraw six times so far this year. I'm not a mega player by any means. My limit is to deposit no more than £10 a month. I count it as entertainment in the same way as I used to buy lottery scratch-cards.


The £50 is not always a target that can be reached, but use a little common sense. If I win more than £25 I deposit the difference and withdraw £50. If I win less than £25 I tend to play it back. How simple a solution is that? Lots of people just see £50 min. withdrawal and complain.


Each time I deposit to withdraw, the 45 day limit is reset. I am playing to win cashable balance on the cash I deposit, or the bonus they give. They give lots of free money away, there;s a free fiver (bonus) almost every week. They have chat games to win bonus, which I play regularly. As a depositing player I can win cash from bonus, and do...


I've checked, it's all within the rules.  ;)


OK, you have a point with the sheer amount of time it takes them to process a withdrawal, my usual wait is around a week.

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Hi, I'm new at bingo

I used $30 no deposit bonus for Rogers Bingo

First I won $3

but when i checked my account...

My Bingo Bonus Winnings: $0

since the wager requirement is 1xb, I thought I had to use up $30 first in order to see my winnings

then I won another $7.5, but it still shows $0

Even after wagering more than $30 & winning another $6, My Bingo Bonus Winnings: $0

In my frustration, I used it all up since it's always $0 anyway

But, is this normal? I thought I can keep any winnings

No deposit bingo bonuses rules- "Remember that any prizes you win playing with the bonus are yours to keep! "

Let me clarify, winnings were credited to my account, but My Bingo Bonus Winnings: $0 always

My Bingo "Bonus" Winnings, they specifically said that the winnings are from "Bonus", why does it always show $0 then?


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Hi drmkllr4,


Your bingo balance will go to zero when you request a withdrawal. The bonus money was credited to your account but is not available until you make a deposit  (45 days to do so or bonus funds will be voided) and then it will be placed back into your bingo balance.


Lips  .

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i know i can't withdraw unless i deposit, but shouldn't they at least show me

My Real Money: $0

My Bingo Bonus Winnings: $16.50

Cashable Balance: $0

then cashable balance becomes $16.50 after i wager the $30 bonus, but i must deposit first to withdraw cashable balance

isn't this how it works? isn't the reason they put so many different types of balance to show u the difference between "bonus"(not withdrawble) & "cashable"? then why is my "bonus" $0 even after i won?

at least i'll know, i have this much that i can withdraw if i deposit

but seeing $0 not only in cashable balance but even bonus balance is quite discouraging & makes it hard to trust them


not to mention live support told me it's $0 because i used it all up

then when i told him it's $0 even before i did that, he quickly said maybe it "might be server error"

3 times server error? i checked everytime i won

then he said they dont have any wager requirements or playable rules

what about the 1xb & slots not counting?

then he said how do you expect to have any balance if you already play it all?

even after i told him it was $0 when i still have around $10 or $20 no matter what

so he shifted back to his 1st excuse again, after giving me tons of other excuses, which are all incorrect


it's like he's constantly making up excuses that aren't true...

it's very difficult to trust a company who shows your account as always $0,

then expects me to deposit first & believe in them & their "server error excuse they might give me again"

is this the same with every bingo site?


bottomline: can they at least show me my bonus & real money balance clearly, even before i deposit?

i don't understand why they have to put it $0 & hide it from me

since they already made the effort to separate it from my real money, why not show it clearly to me since it's not cashable yet anyway?

i already know i have to deposit 1st before withdrawal but i just want to see the bonus amount clearly stated

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Did you try to withdraw the winnings? If so your balance is going to show zero until you make a deposit. I suggest you go to live chat and ask them when and if you make a deposit will the winnings be added to your balance and not make a deposit until they confirm it will be and how much.



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nope, used it all up due to the frustration of seeing $0 everytime i win..

very encouraging for me to deposit...


This is what he said:

You told me that after you won, you checked your Bonus Balance and it was 0, Ok, this is the point. If you saw your balance on 0, that might be a server error, displaying the inaccurate information that doesnt mean that you dont won it, you actually won playing bingo, you won 3 times


Ok, this is MY point, he confessed that my balance shouldn't be 0, it's indeed inaccurate information, even saying it might be "server error"

problem is everytime i won, i checked & it's still 0 as always

so everytime i win,  "server error" occurs?

very convincing for me to deposit...


also, about this case https://latestbingobonuses.com/forum/topic/16455-rogers-bingo-problem-resolved/

even though it's resolved, we still don't know why they closed his account without reason and forfeit all his money in the 1st place

they paid him back later(thx to this site), but this suggests they didn't have a solid reason to start with

so they can simply close accounts & forfeit all your money whenever they like, without any valid justification?

very trustworthy...


not to mention pesho555's experience of waiting a month for withdrawals, chat and send mails at least 10 times every time

very "non-frustrating"...


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