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Bought a USA only Gift Card by Mistake

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OMG :O  Horrors ...Last night I went to the grocery store to buy a prepaid card.  I specifically asked the manager , mind you, if it was for international use.  She said it was.  I get home...all excited cause i havent deposited with a casino in about two years...hoping my luck has changed. $$


Dang it....and those are not the words i was thinking...I got to Jackpot Capital and darn if it isnt USA only.  Believe me im going to give that manager a piece of my mind >:(


So once i calm down...i figure ill just use it to go shopping.  What the heck.  Wasnt meant to be.


Hmmm, then i get to thinking.  I wonder if these work at bingo sites ?!  So i go to 123 Bingo where my fellow LCBers have suggested I make my first deposit.  WOO HOO!! and I can not say it loud enough.  It worked <:-P


And they have a casino where i can deposit too.  All is not lost.  I got a 300% bonus and after playing a few hours have my cash up from $25 to $125 with my bonus of $75 still intact.  Happy Happy Happy


Just wanted to make this post because I know a few weeks ago someone had asked if anyone knew of a casino that a USA only gift card could be used at.  Its not exactly the same, but at least its something. LOL

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UPDATE:  Oh shoot if i didnt hit a brick wall again.  Tried to deposit again with same gift card at same site -123 bingo...grrrr...DENIED.  Reason:  Restricted.  I guess the first one slipped thru !!


Ok...no  worries...ill  try another one.  Tried at Bingo Angels, heck theyre canadian.  NADA - DENIED.  Reason: Restricted.


So sorry all...i thought i was onto a new loophole LOL


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Is the site restricting you or the card? I wonder if the card was restricted. If so, just tell them you made the charge and you're back in business. Maybe just wishful thinking? Glad you had some luck though and hope you have a successful cashout. Fingers crossed.  :)

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TY froggie...the first deposit went thru at 123 Bingo.  What happened is the second deposit  didnt go thru. I wanted to deposit again but no bonus this time to play casino.  By RESTRICTED they meant USA ONLY.  Im still playing with my bonus from original deposit but ran thru my casino cash :-pp  So not sure why the first deposit went thru.  Like i said it was probably a mistake or something.


Still grateful for the mistake  $$



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Ahh that's too bad looney. The first time i bought a gift card i did the same darn thing and it was for US purchases only. I had to learn the hard way that the card must state international. Did you have any luck and did you try their awesome Treasure Island Casino?



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I think most bingo sites and probably some casinos also have some sort of method of taking your card info and making it work.  A couple of weeks ago I tried to deposit as usual using the EZDebit method, buying a gift card on site with my debit MC.  At the same time, the processors had a problem and MC wasn't an option.  Horrors!  But support convinced me to give them my card info and let them assist with the deposit.  Darned if it didn't go through just fine.  Look for "Live Chat deposit help" in the deposits pages.


Also, at least one bingo site had a little news about them being able to take the Netspend (I think) and also Green Dot prepaid cards now. 

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