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Show Off Your Pride n Joy - Pets!

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Hiya Bingo Cuties


Bingo Hall has a brand new blog section and wants you to show off your precious babie - your beloved pets!


Pet Parade


In order to bring the bingo community closer together, we're opening up a new section on our blog, where you can post and comment pictures of your lovely pets. Just send us the pictures to promotions@bingohall.ag, and we will make sure your pet will be featured on our website!


Do you have any unusual pets or dreamed of having an exotic pet? I have always wanted to have a baby Koala Bear!! They are so darn cute.





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Nice promotion!


I had to find a pic of a baby koala for you Lips.  Now I want one too.



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Awww Blue you are too sweet! Thank for that adorable pic. Aren't they about the cutest things you ever saw? I did hear though that they can get pretty darn mean when they are grown up. How can something that cute be mean......impossible!




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