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Feelin froggy

Wedding Bells for Two Bingo Cams Players

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Two Bingo Cams players met while playing bingo. They've since become engaged and user Russo26 wanted to share their story.


"My name is Jose, (russo26) and i met Hannah (noonoo) on Bingocams a few weeks ago. After talking for a while we decided to arrange a way to meet each other and we did it! After a few weeks together I proposed to her and thank god, she said yes! We are now living together and I am waiting to see if i can win that Progressive Jackpot to give us both the wedding we deserve'"


Would you or have you ever met anyone online?

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That is a wonderful story. I think it is very common place today to meet someone online. I read a report somewhere that the number of couples hooking up through online dating services etc is way up. With the internet being such a big part of everyone's lives these day i think it is to be expected.


Congrats to the couple!



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Sweet story Froggy.


That's nice! I guess a baby next year might be the jackpot in their case :)


Yes indeed Johnny.  That definitely would be the jackpot.


In answer to your question Froggy:  No.  Have you?



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And how great is it that they both love bingo!


I've never dated anyone I met online. I always met people out and about but these days with webcams you can at least see who you're dealing with. The only thing to work out is whether they're crazy.  :P

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Well, good luck to them! If the things get tense or they argue a lot there's always bingo to bring in the peace again. :D I hope win so that they could afford a wedding they deserve.

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I certainly wish them that progressive jackpot, it would be an amazing epilogue of their online romance :D


I myself had a couple of dates with some girls i met online in the past but wasnt really lucky as those two on bingo cams, so online dating is definitely not my prefered way of meeting someone, though i must agree it has become quite common. Its always great to hear someone met his/her soulmate, there is way too many lonely people in this world.


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