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So why do I only have $0.26 in my balance?

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so chilly,  obviously there is a hidden message here......but.... it is soooo hidden we dont know what you are talking about???  please advise with more details

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ahhh... a mystery?  LOL


They count every win, not considering losses.  So, I may look like Mama Warbucks, but in reality, I spent way more trying to win than I won.  Thus the low bank account.


Once I saw I was high casino winner for the week, with something like 118 thousand dollars.  And my balance was just as low as the above screenie. 


Things are not always as they seem.  8)

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I see what you mean, but Chillymellow... there is no screenie above? And we did not know your name was fleshharrower... kind of a far cry from Chillymellow... LOL



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the text kinda is the screenie.  If it goes up (hah)  I'll grab another...


Fleshharrower...for those of you who like to read, I recommend the set of "The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant" by Stephen R. Donaldson.


I have many names...lol... I kinda like the one at Jackpot Capital - jackpotslotty.

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