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Boredom pays off big time!

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A 33 year old woman who was fed up with the Euro 2012 footy matches tried to persuade her other half to turn the game off to watch something else, without success.


Lisa Potter, a mother of 3 children, was so bored, she decided to play bingo at Ladbrokes Bingo and placed a £5 bet to entertain herself.    On her second spin during the Spain v Ireland match, she won the entire rollover jackpot.


Ladbrokes have already given her a cheque in the sum of £1,364,745.23. She plans to buy a new home before she starts treating herself and the family.


Good job her partner is a footy fan!  What  a lucky lady.


The original story is from the Daily Mail.



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Haha, great! I will definitely encourage my wife to play bingo then instead of complaining about all the soccer matches that are running on my TV :)

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Ooh, I had to read the sum out loud a few times, I thought I didn't see it well. Well, that's a nice compensation for loneliness she must have felt during the football fever.  

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