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Kitty Bingo No Deposit

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I agree looks like a pretty cool site. Thanx for the post Lips. Now lets try to win me some moolahhhh

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  Hi e1!!

  I always forget to post once i have tried out a site, and I read the reviews and posts and take them into concideration b4 joining, more importantly b4 depositing, cos it can save me alot of hassel and money. And I hv extreme confidience in LCB reps/mods and members posts. I hv been part of this wonderful family 4 a while now and u hv nvr miss lead me so I thank you all for that..now gettin bk to Kitty Bingo..I joind a month ago, I deposited on my 1st visit but did not get the bonus right away because of account verification but I did not mind, because i knew it was on it's way within a few days so it was money in the bank...so I playd bingo, (did not win but e1 has nonwinning days) the CH's r very welcoming, live help r also very helpful it has a nice look and there r all ranger prices from penny to 50p's and quit a lot of slots also with 3 kinds of software and they also r linked to Spin and Win now ( I hvnt tried that part yet). Personnally the bingo isnt my piece of cake, i am not saying anything negative about the site at all and it is a good site just i prefer other softwares... but yesterday i received a phone call from the manager to ask me why i had not went back and if they could do anything for me...I was very pleasantly surprised by this, so i will be going bk and givin it another go..if they can take the time to call me and ask my opinion well i think it's worth another try.  ;D


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Thanks for the feedback Grace. That is really exciting to hear that they took time to contact you. As a new bingo site, it makes me very hopeful. Good luck to you!

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