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Kittybingo - AVOID

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Just a bit about my experience here. Avoid them at all costs. Some of their tactics can be seen as rogue and unfair.


I put it in casino section since I am relating to casino games there (which I mostly played).


I signed up and took the bonus which includes free spins on "grease" slots. As i'm quite a high roller I deposited and lost £1000 in my first week there, gained gold VIP membership. Actually maxed the deposit limits.


Got in touch with support who claimed I needed to send copy of card and ID... not a problem. Since the site was not good for me (slots were tight). I decided to take my cashback bonus at end of week, if I won I would cashout, send my ID and card scans and give them another try. If I lost I would simply not go through hassle of sending docs and just close account.


I accidently clicked cashier a day later and every time it gave an error code. They had locked me out of cashier with no notice given, clearly because I hadnt sent ID, meaning if I had won off the cashback bonus, there was no way to cash out.


I spoke to support and asked for explanation. As always it was copy and pasted replies not relevant to my issue. I asked for them to get a manager to email me.


I didnt win with the cashback bonus and today I tried to log in... account locked.... checked email and had an email from them:



"We regret to inform you that we have reviewed your account and have closed it under the Terms and Conditions, point 10.1.2:


We reserve the right to refuse any wager on the Online Bingo.


Given the nature of the site being a bingo site, we have had to make a business decision regarding your account, and as such will not be accepting any further wagers from it."


The odd thing was I did play bingo on there quite often. The only thing I can think of is because I played mostly slots. Then again if they only wanted bingo players why offer slot bonuses on signup and offer many slots from providers such as microgaming?


I have a feeling they knew they were in the wrong with blocking me access to cashier and other problems that had happened, then they knew I was not happy and would probably close my account anyway.



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It doesn't make sense that they wouldn't want players to play the slot games. Kitty Bingo is a good site in my opinion so if you need someone to get more info on your behalf, PM me your user name.

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Hi Marcus,


It doesn't sound like the issue was about playing Slots but rather trying to claim the cash-back at the cashier before getting your documents. Why they would lock your account for simply clicking on the cashier button seems to be a bit harsh and am sure plenty of players have done this.


Lets hope we can get get it straightened out for you soon.



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Yea it could be regarding the ID factor, no idea really. Not bothering to ask as I had tried to ask numerous times and the account can stay closed since I don't want to play there anymore anyway

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