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Citybingo withdrawal experience?

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Hey guys,


At city bingo I had 2 cards registered on my account.


My main debit card (that I use for most things, taking cash out)

My secondary debit card (thats linked to a savings account that I only do online transactions with)


Deposited weeks ago on my main debit card.


Tonight deposited $400 on my secondary debit card.... and won so my balance is $900


I want to withdraw $400 back onto the secondary debit card.


Then I wanted the rest of the balance put to my original, main debit card.


However in the cashier theres only a withdraw option and no option to select where you want payment going.


Do they do this? Since I have used both cards to deposit anyway




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Hi Marcus,


I don't know if they will split a cash-out between two cards. Not sure if it is worth risking a possible  delay as a result. You may want to ask support if this will cause any delays and take it from there if they agree to split it. .


Would it not be easier to have it all processed on one card and then put the other half of your winnings in the other account yourself ?


Congrats on you big win!



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I emailed support (no idea how long they will take to reply... wish there was live support :( )


I guess I could do that, only problem was I dont have pin for secondary debit card (since I lose interest on savings for taking cash out on that card so never activated the pin) and was hoping to use the winnings to take my family out of town for the day on my day off next week. Having it paid to secondary card means by time they pay me I will have to transfer half into my main account which takes a few more days to clear so wont be able to have the day out until the following week

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They will usually credit the card that you made the deposit with. It's a general rule specified in credit card regulations. Maybe they'll do it anyway. Let us know and congrats on your win!

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Yea I guess they usually would. Its strange since they claim in terms that if you have more than 1 card registered, money is paid back onto the card you used most 1st.


Secondary card = more money deposited but only 3 transactions on it, Primary main card = 6 deposit transactions made on it but less in deposit amounts.


I know MG do that too, they refund deposits to card used, but then allow you to put winnings wherever you like


Their support is a shambles, emailed them, over 24 hours passed, no reply and iv only just realised they play the reverse withdraw trick... aka make withdrawals reversible for "48 hours max" for "security reasons" (aka hoping you reverse and lose the lot) which always passes 48 hours.


Will just close account once I get my money


What I did was cashed out $400 (deposit amount) with my last deposit being on secondary card

Then deposited $5 on primary card, wagered it once and then cashed whole balance of nearly $500 out (so perhaps that will go to primary card)

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The live support is offered the chat rooms but who wants to discuss their withdrawals with the chat host for everyone else to see. Have you tried calling them? If you need help with aspect of this just let me know.  :)

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I don't want to really broadcast it all in chatrooms for them and im no good on the phone (+ the number will cost me money to call)


They emailed back about 30 mins ago, mostly some copy and pasted rubbish I didnt even ask (such as stating the obvious saying 48 hours reverse withdrawal time and could take 5 days to clear in bank)


Then also said they have no idea what card money is going back to until it is processed (too late then of course)


Their term is completely confusing:


"If you have used a variety of credit cards, the card which you used the most for depositing will be credited back first."


Used the most as in deposited the most on? or used the most as in made the highest amount of deposits on.


Plus where they say "first"... that makes no sense.... MG credit the card used to deposit for that win back "first" but then put winnings onto any method I want (I.e if the same scenario happened at an MG casino, I would process entire amount to my primary card... $400 would be paid to my secondary card and the rest would be put on my primary card). However at citybingo theres no option to select where I want money paid to.





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Another reply and its fair to say they have admitted they have no idea:


with regards to your query, due to the fact that your withdrawals have not yet been processed I cannot say for certain which funds will be paid to your cards. I can say that due to our withdrawal policy that the amount deposited using the card with the highest exposure will be paid back first. After this the amount deposited using your card ending *EDITED... PRIMARY CARD* will be refunded to that card. After this the rest of the deposit may be divided in any number of ways. Unfortunately, you will need to wait until the withdrawal has been processed to learn how the funds were distributed.


There was also a load of other copy and pasted useless info.



They still don't explain properly and actually speak in cryptic terms "highest exposure" can mean anything from card with most amount deposited, to card with most deposits made.


They make it sound like a random process. "Divided in a number of ways"? So what are they gonna do, send multiple payments for random amounts all at the same time.

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Sounds like to me "highest exposure" would  mean the highest amount of cash deposited. Not the number of deposits but the total amount. It's a strange way of doing things but it may be to protect themselves from fraud. If a player was to say the deposits were fraudulent, in theory they wouldn't be required to pay as much back because they are crediting the card with the withdrawal. Limiting their exposure is more like it.

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