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$338.3 million Lottery Powerball Winner

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The Powerball Lottery was at a staggering $338.3 million when a single winner won it on Sunday. The ticket was bought in New Jersey and the winner has yet to come forward.


The winning numbers were 17, 29, 31, 52, 53 and Powerball 31. A lump sum payout would be $221 million if the winner decides to take it all at once. It is the 4th largest single winner in Powerball history.


A press release by Lottery officials will take place today and maybe the name of the winner, if he has come forward.


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Wouldn't that be awful if the winner never checked the ticket or tossed it! I remember once when i bought a Lottery ticket and completely forgot about it and the news was saying the winner still hasn't come forward. I was like OMG i never checked my ticket, maybe it was me!


I was a maniac searching high and low for my ticket. I finally found it in my jean pocket that had been washed and dried........needless to say i didn't win!



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They wouldn't have to wonder who I was. No looking around for me. OMG unless I passed out, then they may be waiting around for a while. LOL Awesome win though but ain't those taxes a B?

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What a fantastic win and what a huge amount of tax to pay on that.  The US Govt get it all ways. No doubt they tax the lottery provider and then they get tax again on what they pay out.  Incredible!





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:O $221 million... over $117 million on taxes. :D


Congrats to the winner... well, whoever that is.


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What an incredible win! Frankly, paying $117 million tax would be my last concern if I were in his shoes :D


Hypoteticaly speaking, with just 1% of interest on that sum he/she can live a life of luxury without spending 1 cent of it. That is simply unbelivable!

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