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Foxy Bingo Celebrates St George's Day - Should it be a Bank Holiday?

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Foxy Bingo celebrates St George's Day on Tuesday April 23rd. There is a £12K  Guaranteed Jackpot game at 8pm sharp! Tickets are only 50p for the 75 ball bingo game.


Do you think this should be a National Bank Holiday? Reading some articles on the subject some claim there is not enough Bank Holidays in England and this would be a nice one to add to the list.


How do you feel about it?

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You can never have enough holidays :) I know I'm quite frustrated about this since Romania has one of the lowest number of National Holidays in Europe! :(

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I think it should be a bank holiday.  There doesn't seem to be too much pride about being English at the moment and I think it would certainly help to celebrate "our day" with a day off.


I heard a story that a bus driver (not born in England) stopped a mother and her son getting on the bus because the kid was wearing an England flag on his top.  He said the flag "offended him".  How dare he!


When in Rome......

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That's crazy. It offended him? I hope the mother and sun tag teamed and kicked his butt! St. George's Day should definitely be a bank holiday.

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