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boylebingo is a great site in my opinion

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hi all,


i wanted to write a quick report on boyle bingo i have been a player there for a few years and i consider them to be one the of the best sites around.


They have now opened up non linked rooms with great prizes considering the amount of players in the room and also do some great promotions.


You can win comment of the week, roomie of the week and i have found out this week they are doing fb promotions for free 50 bbs which is astounding as a fb prize for a bingo site i was amazed lol.


Any time i have played there and needed help live help have been brilliant and when i didnt play for a while i received a free bonus to play with which was brilliant considering it was 50 bbs :)


I would advise bingo players to try this site the cms and roomies are friendly , they have great promo's and i have cashed out 3 times from them a 400 full house, 200 scratch card and a smaller 50 euro win :)



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Thanks for your feedback! It is greatly appreciated! Send us your screen shots and winning stories. Would love to read them.

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why cant you play there liqourman country ristrictions? sorry lipstick was a while ago i won didnt know about screenshots back then lol but if members check out the fb page they have running they can see some of the promo's at least :) next time i get a win will defo post it and check out the prizes in the non-linked room only 40-60 players most times even for freebie games lol i dont talk up a lot of sites but this is one i had to :)

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however my 400 win was on a 10p game the one after the 6 o clock bingo linx in linked room only had 24 tics lol shocked the hell outta me, the 200 win on a scatchcard was on a big bounty scratchcard i remember screaming about it on the freebingo site i play on lol n the 50 was just from small games :)

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