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Updating a pastexperience.

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:-bd Hello fellow LCB'ers!

You all know how we rant about bad experiences that we have had with gambling sites, but often never give credit were credit is do...well as i'm sure many of you remember I had a not to pleasant experience with "Bingo On The Box"....well I would like to say that I highly recommend this site to everyone. They have excellent promo's at all times, for there bingo & also for there casino. They also give free spins & high deposit bonuses every month. And I must add that the staff is very friendly, and if you have any kind of situation that you are having difficulty with they go out of there ways to help you. Please do take the time & go check "Bingo On the Box" out, you won't be disappointed.

                              Stay safe & win big!!

                                            4Grace. X0 :-*

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Hey Grace I'm curious to know if you ever cashed out at this place and if so how long did it take to hit your bank?

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Hi 2fast4u:

  No, I'm sorry to say I  have never cashed out at "Bingo On the Box", so i can't tell you how long it takes. I never won enough in bingo to cash out, but I was told from fellow players that if your documents are in order and accepted within a work week your payment is issued.

                                  Stay Safe & Win Big.

                                            4Grace. X0


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Thanks Grace for the wonderful feedback! Nice to read about positive experiences! Friendly staff too is so important to any online bingo site.

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It's good to hear a positive bingo experience Grace. Thanks for coming back and sharing. I hope that you soon win enough to cash out! Good luck out there.

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