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winners bingo network no more

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i just found out now  that all winners bingo network sites are now part of live bingo network.


this must of happened only in the last week or two because i had a look eat sleep bingo site abt two weeks ago and back then it was still listed as belonging to winners bingo network.

you will now get redirected to LBN site if you try to access WBN site


this is the list of all live bingo network sites:

7 bingo

aunty acid bingo

big bucks bingo

bingo anywhere *

bingo boat *

bingo crazy

bingo flame *

bingo hotspot

bingo legacy *

bingo vip club

bobs bingo

booty bingo

bubblegum bingo *

comfy bingo

eat sleep bingo *

fun bingo *

guau bingo *

have a ball bingo

landmark bingo

love my bingo

lucky touch bingo *

naughty bingo

new look bingo

payday bingo *

play2win bingo *

ready set bingo

scrummy bingo

time bingo

vampire bingo *

velvet bingo *


* Sites that belonged to winners bingo network

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Oh wow i didn't know this happened already! Awesome information tweeksta and thanks for sharing it with us!

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i know that LBN's policy is that u are only allowed one account and since i am still able to login to my WBN site that would mean that i have now got multiple accounts with them right?


i went to live help to find the answer and the reply i got was:

Live Bingo Network (to which Landmark Bingo belongs) only allows one account per person, household and shared internet connection.

If we determine that you have multiple accounts, we reserve the right to refuse any payouts.


so i asked just to clarify the answer:

does this mean that i will have to close either one of my accounts at LBN & WBN


chat hosts answer:

Only Accounts team may apprise you of that hence kindly write to the for more details regarding the same.


i will email accounts team just to be sure but from wot i gather, i will need to close either my account at LBN or vice versa


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