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Will not allow me to deposit

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I love instant bingo and it's network of sites but I  can not believe they will not allow me to make a deposit because my balance is way to high..lol. 2 weeks ago I hit a game for 15k but I am only a gold member so my limit for withdrawl is $1500.00 x2 a week. well I put in my first withdrawl and of course like all the other times it was declined cause of them needing to do a sercurity check , so the following week I put it in again but now I am not active , I am over the 10 day period. I have been to support 3 times asking if I could make a deposit and nope balance is to high. so know I can not play in any contests ...grrrr and after this withdrawl I will only be allowed to take out $500 a month until my balance gets under 3k. it has taken me almost a year , well about 8 to 9 months to get to a gold member level and when you do a cashout you lose stars . you can also lose stars for not playing daily. stars are what determines what level you are. there is a level that is a unlimited amount for withdrawl but omg!!! I love bingo but am getting a little burnt on playing so much and to get that many stars would probably take me 2 years  ..lol. luckily they allow you to have 1 account at each of there sites , so since I already have one at vics also and just going to deposit there and play in there contests. they are giving away another car this month. wooohoooo . I want and need it...lol. I still say this is the best bingo around but just be warned about how long it will take you to get your money if your not a really high level and win a hugh amount. thank goodness that I can still withdrawl even not beable to deposit.  am confused how other players got there money out and are able to deposit I can not ask them cause we not allowed to talk about account info in chat. any suggestions.  thank you and good luck everyone.  :)

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That's a great win you had there shirlsplay! The withdrawal limits are so irritating. Can't you just play with some of your winnings? Why do you need to make a deposit?

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Hi Shirlsplay,


Big congrats on your win! I am hoping you can explain why you need to make a deposit when you already have a balance in your account. Is the total amount pending and not available to you? Let us know so we can have a better understanding of what the issue is.




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If I understood correctly, shirlsplay would like to deposit to be able to play in contests and those kind of stuff. Am I right?


Btw, big congrats on your awesome bingo win shirlsplay!  :)

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