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Video Bingo!

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So I am trying out a new place, Slots Fusion, which is more of a sportsbook or casino than a bingo site, but...  I found something new (to me) called Video Bingo.  What an adrenaline rush!


You choose your cards and there is a chart as to how much you are paid if your bingo is called within a certain amount of numbers.  Sort of like you see in Keno.  Cards are your choice of 25 cents or a dollar.  Pick up to 8 cards, click Buy Cards and watch the balls jump onto your bingo cards in rapid fire fury while you watch the payout chart to see how many balls you have left when it starts.  In about 5 seconds, you either win or don't.  And how much you win depends on the number of balls called before you bingo. 


It's really cool!




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Just a little addendum - they have a history page where you can see your results:  I got a good one!



Time Description Bet                                 Result

01:23:05 Trident 4 cards x .25 coin value      Paid 208 coins



Card 4 paid 4 coins on draw 61

Card 3 paid 4 coins on draw 63

Card 2 paid 200 coins on draw 39

1.00 51.00



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Hmm it reminds me of a several instant bingo games I played a few times like Microgaming's Electro Bingo or Mayan Bingo. I think I played Rival's one as well. Im not exactly the biggest fan though, I prefer to play bingo with people :)

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Yes, I also like to play with people @ bingo, but when passing time in the sportsbook, since I'm not really into sportsbetting, it's a nice diversion.  Fun for awhile to see if I can get a big hit, or, a big small dollar hit.


Cyberbingo also has something similar though opposite under the heading of Video Bingo.  It's called Power Ball Xtra and is more like Keno.  You can win big on this, but let me tell you, they can suck your bank account out of you before you know it!


You get to pay for extra numbers to help you get to a larger prize.  They usually start out charging a penny, then as you get more chances to win something big, it really starts to go up.  It's not too bad if it's a one or two shot experience, but if there are 10 or so chances, it's going to cost you like $1, $5, $10 or more to buy another ball.  And you have to watch out because you could be trying to achieve a big hit that will take 3 or 4 of the right numbers called and all of a sudden you paid $20 to try to get $75 and you are out of picks! 


Just makes me feel dumb when that happens.  I'm probably right, too!

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Looks very interesting. I've never seen it before, or maybe I just haven't paid attention to it. It surly is fun, especially to kill time between games.

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