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The Son of Dracula?

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The Son of Dracula?


Socializing is a favorite passtime and catching up on new gossip of the day!  Coffee clutching with neighbors and finding out that strange man lives across the street is really a descendant of the late Howard Hughes is the days highlite. You don't say…..is he single….did he inherit his millions? As the cream is passed round for another cup of coffee…there is a adrenaline rush in the air. Why, I really thought he was a wonderful man one woman proclaims, even though last week, she was the one who thought he was the son of Dracula!


Lets not forget about going to church on Sunday. After the hymns are sung and the collection basket is passed around, comes the soft drinks and cake in the church basement. This is where the fun begins as parishioners catch up on the weeks latest events in peoples lives.


Socializing is what builds strong relationships and ties that keep us together for a long time to come. Playing Bingo is certainly a place that holds that special community of friends. The nice thing about playing Online Bingo is I can where my pajamas…have my hairs slung up in a ponytail and no one cares! Once gathered around as just acquaintances are now close friends!!


Chat in Bingo is a major point of interest as we play our cards. Not only does a player go to win some cash……but they have been wondering all day if he really popped the question last night for one of the players. Perhaps there was a bit of bad news in a players life…this social circle will take their mind off any problems as they giggle the night away.


It’s more than just waiting for the next ball to drop…..its our favorite passtime to reminisce with with Bingo friends!! By the way the son of Dracula is right there in the room with us…….come to think of it…..he isn't so bad after all……wink!



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Guest Tony Trader

I get that way when i go the the racetrack at times. I am not worried about that next race, but looking around for people i have got to know over the years, and even for the ones i have never said a word to but is always there.


I have been to a church bingo game before, and i look around at so many people who are just talking and asking how there life is going and the latest gossip in the neighborhood.


Do we do this to take our minds off our addiction or are we really interested in whats going on in others lives?







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Hi Tonster,


I think its human nature to be curious about our fellow man. It's the connection that that some how enriches us. Making new friends and talking to people who make a difference in our lives.


I would like to think for the most part people are genuine in listening to other people and caring. Of course there is always a few here and there we hope we can go unnoticed!!



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