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Bingo Flash October Promotions!!

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Check out these promotions from Bingo Flash



Bingo Brave hearts!


The ghouls and the vampires are churning up a fine potion for the ones who can sustain their fury! Three brave souls who overpower the dodging devils on the bingo cards between October 4, 12 AM and October 27 in the Special Mixed Room and the Blue Room will win:


1st Place: $150 cash + 150 BBs

2nd Place: $100 cash + 100 BBs

3rd Place: $50 cash + 50 BBs



• Make a $50 deposit in the month to be eligible for prizes.


$25 Candle Constants!


$18,600 can be yours if you bingo on the candle with a guaranteed pot of $25 every hour of every day! Look it up in the Blue Room, where it flutters till October 31!


When                           Where                Game Time      Card Price

Monday to Sunday Blue Room      Once Every Hour 25c


Make those Pre-Buys NOW!!


Scarecrows Scare? Not with $250!


Bingo on the Scarecrow pattern every day at 6 PM, 7 PM, 8 PM, 9 PM and 10 PM to win a guaranteed $50 in the Blue Room.


When                   Where           Game Times             Card Price

Monday to Sunday Blue Room Every Hour on (6,7,8,9 & 10 PM) 25c


Pre-Buys ensure your participation! Do it now!


Swish... Swoosh... and Sweeeeeep... $200!


Snatch the Witch's broom to sweep $200 at noon and midnight! The $100 Guaranteed Jackpots are available twice a day in the Blue Room!


When                           Where       Game Times          Card Price

Monday to Sunday          Blue Room   Noon and Midnight 25c


(You stand a better chance with a pre-buy!)


All times shown here are in Eastern Time (USA East Coast)

GMT + five hours / European time + six hoursCasino Crown

Standard Site Rules Apply

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