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Bingo Good luck and Curses

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A superstition is an irrational belief that people often create themselves for things that are either very close to their heart or things that largely depend on luck for success.


Gambling can never be an exception as this game depends upon luck in a large way. Bingo is considered to be a gamble and hence people engaged in this business often harbor certain ideas and beliefs to achieve success.


If you have a look in any bingo room and hall you would get to see that people are engaged in several superstitious activities. They carry lucky charms, handkerchiefs, even companions and many things that they believe can cause the sky to open up and shower them with lots of money. Some of the common superstitious allies of bingo players are:


Charms - Ninety percent of the bingo population carries lucky charms with them while entering into a casino. These charms that they carry could be their lucky socks, some precious and semi precious jewelry or just any sort of object. It often happens that a special friend or someone’s wife works out as the lucky charm for a particular person.


Money- Players tend to carry lucky money with them when they are out for their bingo games. There are players who also love to use their lucky coins while calling.


Seats- Some players believe that a seat in the bingo room is lucky for them and they simply do not want to change their seats. This does create confusion at times in the bingo rooms but players are quite stubborn about such superstitions.


Do you have any good luck strategy?


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