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Daily Horoscope and Lucky Numbers!

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New Year 2022 is swiftly approaching. We are eager to leave problems in the past and move on to bigger and better things. Don’t we all wish the same: good fortune and life-changing wins! 

Not all zodiac signs will be equally fortunate, but the stars seem very optimistic when it comes 4 luckiest signs in 2022:



Hard-working, ambitious and analytic, the following year brings Virgo double the luck they have had in 2021. 

Your career will flourish – look forward you a surge of excellent new ideas, many opportunities to advance and your cherished business plans finally coming to fruition. 

Romance is on the horizon for you - there are high chances to meet a compatible person and make them your loving life-long partner. 

Be mindful of your lucky days 6 – 12 and lucky numbers 41- 43.



The only thing tough awaiting you in 2022 is choosing between so many opportunities. Whatever you touch will turn to gold and the signs of fortune will be noticeable from the very beginning. 

Make good use of all of these chances, even take up a new hobby and you might even see it turning into life-long career. 

The stars predict a former partner reappearing in your life – it’s on you whether or not to accept their advances and reignite old passions. 

Your lucky days are 6 and 12, and lucky numbers 41 – 43. 



2022 is one of the most opportune years you have ever had. This is the period when you will be wise, gentle, understanding and filled with creative energy. All areas of life will flourish thanks to these qualities that will guide you unmistakably on a path to success: your health, career and love life will undergo high-impact changes. 

Do not resist or be frightened by these changes, instead welcome them and enjoy!

Your lucky days will be 8 and 26, and your lucky numbers 48 – 53.



New friendships and precious experiences will mark the following year. 

You will be particularly adept at your job advancing significant new projects, so there’s a high chance for a promotion. 

Single or in a relationship, Scorpio is about to enjoy a fairytale romance.

Your lucky days will be 5 and 17, and your lucky numbers 29 – 38.

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The Magic of Numbers

Numbers and their relations have been fascinating the humankind for thousands of years. We tend to see something mysterious, even mystical in numbers and often see links between our lucky and unlucky moments and certain numbers. True or not, there are many ways to calculate your very own lucky number. Let’s see what some of these ways are!

Date of Birth

This is the easiest way to find out what your lucky number is. The only thing you need is your birthday. For example, if you were born on November 7, then your lucky number is 7. But, if your date of birth contains two numbers, add them. Let’s take May 21: 2+1 is 3. 

  1. Number 1 is connected to successful beginnings. Having this number as your lucky one means that you effortlessly reach your goals and make your ambitious plans come true without too much trouble. 
  2. Deuce means you are always in the right place and the right time.
  3. Lucky number 3 denotes incredible problem-solving skills.
  4. Number four acts as talisman against financial misfortunes.
  5. The mark of energetic and vigorous personalities that rarely become complacent. 
  6. If this is your lucky number, you are by far the luckiest, most fortunate gambler. 
  7. Seven means that you are always three steps ahead of anyone and anything. 
  8. Eight is the best and luckiest number for women – it brings good fortune in romantic and familial relationships. 
  9. Nine is the sign of those who hunger for new knowledge, of scholars and persons with great and varied learning and skills.

There is also another, slightly more difficult way to calculate your lucky number according to date of birth. To do this, you have to use all the numbers in your date of birth. Let’s say you were born on November 7, 1983. That’s 11/7/1983. Add these numbers and you’ll get 30. Now add 3 and 0 and the final result is 3.

The Magic of Name

Numerology also suggests finding your lucky number according to your name. To do this, you have to know which letters correspond to numbers from 1 to 9. 

  • a, d, t, u - 1 
  • b, k, y, i - 2 
  • v, l, f - 3 
  • g, m, x - 4 
  • d, n, c - 5 
  • e, e, oh, h - 6 
  • w, n, w, u - 7 
  • s, p, b - 8 
  •  i, s, e - 9 

Adding numbers until getting one-digit numbers is necessary here as well, but with one exception: aim for numbers between 1 and 7. If your final result is 8, equate it with 4. If your final result is 9, equate this with 3.

What do these numbers mean?

  1. Your personality is marked by leadership qualities. 
  2. You are undecisive and require support from your loved ones to carry out any major decision. However, once you embrace your talent for psychology and communicating with others, you may see yourself maturing into an ambitious, driven and independent individual. 
  3. Lasting love towards life and the ability to enjoy existence in each and every moment and any situation. 
  4. Love of material possessions, of numbers and impartial analysis. Aloof and difficult to get to know. 
  5. You live in the moment and go through life guided by impulse and need for new experiences. This can be both good and bad, but one thing is certain – there’s no lack of excitement in your life.
  6. The comfort of home and familiar environment is more important to you than anything else. 
  7. There’s a philosopher in you – you enjoy solitude and the little world that you created for yourself. Although, when and if you want to, social status and great finances are easily achievable. 

In the East, numbers have slightly different meanings:

  • 1 - victory; good fortune
  • 2 - effortlessness
  • 3 - profit
  • 4 - death
  • 5 – hard work
  • 6 – luxury
  • 7 – wisdom; refinement
  • 8 - success
  • 9 -luck; long life. 
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Did you know that each of us has "a love number" that provides insight into the subtleties of interpersonal relationships and emotional issues?

Thanks to astronumerology, we can calculate love numbers easily using only our first and last name, and a table with numerical values of letters:  

1 = A, I, J, Q, Y.
2 = B, K, R.
3 = C, G, L, S.
4 = D, M, T.
5 = E, H, N, X.
6 = U, V, W.
7 = O, Z.
8 = F, P.

Let's say your name is John Smith. Using the above table, we will determine a number for each of the letters comprising the name and then add the numbers until we come up with a single digit value:

JOHN: 1+7+5+5 = 18 = 1+8 = 9
SMITH: 3+4+1+4+5 = 17 = 1+7 = 8
Love Number: 8+9 = 17 = 1+7 = 8


Number Meanings

Number 1
Persons with number 1 as their love number base their intimate relationships on intellectual compatibility first and foremost. These individuals have very strong personalities and respond negatively on any controlling aspects of their partners personalities. Relationships with them are dynamic, interesting and stable. 
Number 2
This is the love number of persons who are very picky: they seek intelligent and practical partners who can provide loving, stable and comfortable relationships without much drama. 
Number 3
Intuition is very strong with 3s and they should definitely mind its subtle signals when choosing partners. Their tendency to respect and completely trust their loved ones often gets exploited and taken advantage of.
Number 4
If you're under the influence of number 4,  you are definitely fond of traditional marriages and relationships. You don't like to waste time and dating is always with the purpose of finding a lifelong partner and forever love. Peace, comfort and stability is most important and benefitial to you temperament and wellbeing. 
Number 5
Love for life is your motto or more precisely - the grass is greener where you water it. You can forgive and work on any issue except dishonesty and cheating. To you, real love goes beyond infatuation and honeymoon period and is based on respect, honesty and communication. 
Number 6
You can be very moody and these emotional storms often take a toll on your partners. You fall in love easily and this may trap you in unfullfiling longterms relationships that you have trouble escaping from. 
Luckily, persons with this love number usually mellow out in their mid-thirties, when there's a real chance to begin and maintain a healthy relationship.
Number 7
This is certainly the most romantic love number with lots of relationships  throughout life. You enjoy meeting new people, adventures and flirting. Given that you are very active and your life is constantly changing, you would do best not to commit to early before you can develop the strenght of character and definite tastes. 
Number 8
This number symbolizes travel, adventure and change. You are a restless spirit and often have multiple marriages behind. 
Committed to careers and personal growth, you often marry for good late in life with significantly older partners. 
Number 9
When young, you seek mature partners, and when you yourself get older, you find younger partners more desirable, which can often lead to massive emotional disappointments. 

Channel your feelings the right way and you will take huge strides in overcoming false beliefs and realizing your longterm goals in love and life.

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Numerology Forecast for 2022

Do you wish to know what the future holds in the coming year? Let’s turn to numerology for answers and see what the mystical world of numbers predicts in 2022!

First, we need to calculate our personal biorhythm number. To do this, take your date of birth and add all the figures until you come up with a single digit number. Let’s say you were born on 12.05.1982: 


To complete the calculations for 2022, add 5 to number 8:

8+5=13; 1+3=4. 

In this case, the biorhythm number is 4.


Expect mostly mixed results in the coming year. Things will be pretty rough in the first quarter, especially in your private life. Keep working hard and the results of your labor will become apparent by the middle of the year. 

For single people with this number, this is not the time to start new relationships or consider marriage – it’s much better to focus on your career, new business opportunities and self-improvement. Avoid conflicts of any kind and be patient with yourself, you will need a lot of energy to pull through the challenges that await. It will be difficult, but consider this upcoming period a unique chance to grow and develop both professionally and personally.


2022 brings ample time to recreate many aspects of your life from scratch. The past mistakes that you have been wanting to correct will no longer haunt you, as there is a very good chance that you will find wise ways to make things right, learn from your mistakes and let go of the past to welcome a better future. 

You’ll be much more productive at work then the homelife, but whatever project you take on will likely not fail as long as you can keep your head straight and remain firmly grounded in reality with a clear goal in mind. 

When it comes to love and romance, 2022 will certainly not be boring. Being single or in a committed relationship will not make much difference when it comes to potential lovers that will come into your life looking for attention, romance and quality time. It is up to you to proceed as you think is best. 


You’ll find it hard to determine priorities in life and get a handle of all the different things that will be happening in the first quarter of the year, especially at work. You would do wise to refrain from taking any radical measures or making life-altering decisions during this time. By midyear, things will vastly improve and your life will enter a period of calm. 

As far as love is concerned, just be your refined and gentle self while a new romance looms on the horizon. 


2022 is the year of hope and new opportunities in life for you. Your efforts at work and romantic and familial relationship will pay off. Don’t be afraid of fresh ideas – implementing opportune changes in your work routine and life in general will prove very beneficial to your overall wellbeing. 

Even though you might feel emotionally spent, opening your hearth for new people will infuse much needed, revitalizing energies into your life. For those who are married or in committed long-term relationship, resist the temptation to start affairs, nothing good will come out of it in the end and you will certainly regret losing it all over a short, passionate fling. 


The upcoming year will be a time of growth, development, and most of all, important changes. You’ll be so busy all throughout and days will feel very short. Still, your hard work and dedication will result in prosperity for you and loved ones. Keep this in mind and persevere whenever you feel overwhelmed and like giving up. 

You will be too emotional and sensitive to start and maintain a serious relationship with marriage potential. Although an Eight will try to win over your hearth, you just won’t have the energy to invest into growing this relationship and it will most likely fail. Be patient, this will be the time for you to grow professionally and character-wise, love can wait. 


Time to rejoice! You’ll be happy, charismatic, attractive and very popular with the opposite sex. When it comes to career, this will be your time to shine thanks to a surge of creativity and imaginative powers you’ll be blessed with very soon. This is definitely your year no matter what kind of work you do: long-awaited goals and desires will come true. 

There will be a significant other in 2022, whether new or existent. Despite being a bit clingy and possessive, you will prove your devotion and loyalty and, provided you learn how to manage the strongest emotions, this relationship might progress to the next stage.


Be active, energetic, fast-thinking and relentless. There will be tons of competition in your field of work and only so many opportunities and chances. Dedicating yourself entirely to a goal is the only way to manage something in 2022. Try out some of those new techniques and innovations you’ve been thinking about and there’s no way to be pushed out by competition. 

Your private and romantic life will be joyous and balanced. There is a Two in your life who seeks passion and tumultuous romance – you can give in if don’t particularly care for long-term stability. Still, it might be wiser to give that wonderful Six a chance- they are much more suited to you and your values. 


This will be the year of adventures! There is constant need to explore, live excitingly and learn new things, that you will find it hard to balance all aspects of your life and maintain some sense of harmony. If you care about your current career, take good care to subdue your aggressive and temperamental side or risk losing important associates. 

Someone is looking to start a relationship with you motivated by interest and practical benefits. This is not bad in itself, but if you’re a hopeless romantic and believe in love above all else, be very careful who you allow into your private little world. 


Finally, a chance to start a healthy and prosperous romantic relationship after you have managed to drive out toxic people out of your life and hearth. The world looks so much brighter and things will turn out well for you, especially in the second quarter of 2022. 

Prepare for numerous emotionally challenging situations and people, but you’ve worked hard and learned great things from your past mistakes, so use your newfound wisdom to address any issue – at work or at home. Whatever you choose to do in the new year – work hard or rest and recharge – is a good choice. Don’t be afraid to simply take some time to rest, nurture and cherish yourself.

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Today’s date has a special significance in numerology. Here’s why!


Today is 12.12., a number which numerologists consider very important. There are many reasons why number 12 is so significant and the clues can be found all throughout history. 

Take a look at any culture or civilization and you’ll see this number embedded into numerological, mathematical, archetypal and spiritual motifs: our calendar year is divided into 12 months; we use the 12-hour clock; there are 12 signs of the Zodiac and the Chinese horoscope. As you can see, 12 is everywhere!

Now, let’s divide number 12 and see where that takes us:

12 consists of 1 and 2. In numerology, number 1 signifies independence, individuality and new beginnings. Number 2 signifies sensibility and patience. Adding 1 and 2 results in 3, which signifies emotions and relationships. 

The full date numerology is - 12.12. – is: 1+2+1+2= 6. Number 6 relates to idealism and most of all, the idea that we ourselves have the power to bring about desired changes through hard work. 

Every time we come across this number, it means something’s coming to an end and something new is about to begin. 

Appropriately, the year 2021 is about to end, and with it, we should be getting ready to leave behind our bad habits and past hurts and sail into the new year resolute and courageous.

Get ready to enter a new phase of growth and personal development. Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet?

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There are the Luckiest Days in 2022 for Every Zodiac Sign


Having endured hardships in 2020 and 2021, we are still not too sure what to expect in 2022. Let’s consult the stars and see what they have to say!


2022 should be a good enough year for the majority of the Zodiac signs. Each sign will get a special day when the chance for fortune and prosperity will be the highest and most favorable:


Aquarius: 6 March 2022 - Venus in conjunction with Mars

Pisces: 12 April 2022 - Jupiter (traditional ruler of Pisces) meets Neptun

Aries: 18 August 2022 - Jupiter in Aries and Trigon with Venus

Taurus: 13 May 2022 - North node in part of fortune in conjunction of the Sun in Taurus

Gemini: 30 May 2022 - Young Moon in Gemini, Mars in conjunction with Jupiter on 29 May

Cancer: 17 July 2022 - Sun in conjunction with Mercury, Trigon - Neptun

Leo: 31 July 2022 - Sun in Leo in Trigon with Jupiter

Virgo: 16 February 2022 - Venus in conjunction with Mars in the 9th house

Libra: 22 October 2022 - Venus star point (Sun and Venus in Libra)

Scorpio: 15 November 2022 - Jupiter - Trigon - Venus in the 5th house

Capricorn: 23 November 2022 - Young Moon in Capricorn, Venus and Mercury in Capricorn, Sun and Moon in harmonious connection with Jupiter (ruling planet of Capricorn)

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Lucky Days in January 2022


We can't wait for this year's lucky streaks to begin. January brings opportunities for a fresh new start in our gaming adventures and the astrological forecast for 2022 looks very hopeful.

January days of fortune, power and strength await as gateways to realizing our most desired goals: important decisions, personal growth or innermost ambitions and yes - lucky wins too!

January 1: Magical Sequence 1-1

01.01. is an important day which symbolizes fortune in a new business project. Even though you may not feel like it, spend this day working to bring forth lots of positive energy into this part of your life.

January 2: The Transit of Mercury in the Sign of Aquarius

The planet arrives in the eleventh house where it will remain until january 25. This day and the next 3 weeks will be excellent for business, shopping, communication and making new acquaintances. 

January 3 and 4: The Quadrantid Meteor Shower

Quadrantids will be active from the very start of 2022, but they will however reach their peak on January 3 and 4. This meteor shower carries a very powerful energy beneficial for solving problems or starting new projects. 

January 18: End of Uranus Retrograde

On this day, try to let go of any accumulated negative energy that you may have carried over from the previous year. Forget the past and look into the future: Uranus will cleanse you from your fears and insecurities. Expect pleasant surprises. 

January 24: The Transit of Mars in the Sign of Capricorn

The planet will enter Capricorn on January 24 and remain until March 5. This is excellent time for any financial projects because Mars creates great conditions for work and prosperity in the 10th house. Get out of your comfort zone and be productive. 

January 29: End of Venus Retrograde

Venus brings positive romantic energies strongly influencing us to be more productive and most importantly, inspiring us to be the best possible versions of ourselves.

January 30: Descendant in Capricorn

On this day, the distance between Moon and Earth will be on the minimum, which will make the Moon's influence and lunar energy very strong: many will dedicate this time to their greatest goals and ambitions. 

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