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Thanks Viv!!

Just in case, here is the website guys.  http://www.bingoflame.com/



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888 Ladies Bingo


Play free bingo every hour!


Mon-Fri for £300 and Sat-Sun for £500 @ 7pm in Bubbly Bingo. Plus, play to win £10 for free every hour from 1130am-1130pm @ Ladies First


Sorry No US


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Bingo Boat


Play for FREE, Win Real Cash! It can't get any better. Have a blast in the FREE bingo room. No deposit is required to join the fun.


Timings: 09:00 to 17:00 GMT

Game Prize: 1 to 25(£/€)


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A new site launched called RedBusBingo are offering £1000 FREE to be won every day:



200 FREE @ 8:15pm,

300 FREE @ 9:15pm,

500 FREE @ 10:15pm.


All times will be BST (GMT+1).


It looks like NO USA I'm afraid.



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Free bingo and win real bucks:


18:00 GMT- 22:00 GMT /14:00 ET - 18:00 ET / 19:00 BST (gmt+1) - 23:00 BST



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Free bingo is finally here! BingoBeez' FREE bingo hall where you can play unlimited bingo games for free online, every 30 minutes, all day every day. Yes, our free bingo hall is open 24 hours a day!


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Play Free Bingo during every World Cup game only at Ladbrokes Bingo! (NO USA)


Free Bingo starts on 11th June, running right through to 11th July and you can get your hands on Free Bingo tickets  during each and every game from the first game (South Africa v Mexico) at 3pm BST on 11th June, to the final (England v Spain we reckon!) (I'm chuckling at that bit) at 7.30pm BST on 11th July 2010.


Free Bingo will take place in the Attic between 11th June – Sunday 11th July 2010. On the following dates and times:


    * 11/06 at 15:00

    * 11/06 at 19:30

    * 12/06 at 12:30

    * 12/06 at 15:00

    * 12/06 at 19:30

    * 13/06 at 12:30

    * 13/06 at 15:00

    * 13/06 at 19:30

    * 14/06 at 12:30

    * 14/06 at 15:00

    * 14/06 at 19:30

    * 15/06 at 12:30

    * 15/06 at 15.00

    * 15/06 at 19.30

    * 16/06 at 12:30

    * 16/06 at 15:00

    * 16/06 at 19:30

    * 17/06 at 12:30

    * 17/06 at 15:00

    * 17/06 at 19:30

    * 18/06 at 12:30

    * 18/06 at 15:00

    * 18/06 at 19:30

    * 19/06 at 12:30

    * 19/06 at 15:00

    * 19/06 at 19:30

    * 20/06 at 12:30

    * 20/06 at 15:00

    * 20/06 at 19:30

    * 21/06 at 12:30

    * 21/06 at 15:00

    * 21/06 at 19:30

    * 22/06 at 15:00

    * 22/06 at 19:30

    * 23/06 at 15:00

    * 23/06 at 19:30

    * 24/06 at 15:00

    * 24/06 at 19:30

    * 25/06 at 15:00

    * 25/06 at 19:30

    * 26/06 at 15:00

    * 26/06 at 19:30

    * 27/06 at 15:00

    * 27/06 at 19:30

    * 28/06 at 15:00

    * 28/06 at 19:30

    * 29/06 at 15:00

    * 29/06 at 19:30

    * 02/07 at 15.00

    * 02/07 at 19.30

    * 03/07 at 15.00

    * 03/07 at 19.30

    * 06/07 at 19.30

    * 07/07 at 19.30

    * 10/07 at 19.30

    * 11/07 at 19.30


There will be 14 games of bingo per session and each session will last for 105 minutes. Free Bingo games will not be extended if World Cup matches run into extra time or penalties.

Every game of Bingo can be played free of charge by the customer.

Free bingo tickets do not incur any fee for the customer.

No deposit is required to play with Free Bingo tickets.

If a customer wins with a Free Bingo ticket, then they will receive the following prize money:


    * 1 Line £5

    * 2 Lines £10

    * Full house £15


When there is a split win i.e. more than one ticket wins a single prize, then each winner will win an equal share of the specified prize amount for that type of ticket that the game is won on.

Entrants must be aged 18 or over.



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Wink Bingo (NO USA) have increased the number of free games they offer during the summer. 


FREE Bingo is available in their all-new 75 Ball Birthday Suit room and 90 Ball Free & Easy room.


Make a date with them on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays between 6pm - 8pm

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That's a huge list of the sites where you can join in for free and make some good money. I have been to a couple of them and I must say they were absolutely fascinating. There are a lot of interesting prizes for the players and none of them will regret having played that. I just cannot pinpoint a particular site that I liked the most as the ones that I checked out were quite encapsulating. 

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Join Steamy Bingo (NO USA) every Sunday for a full day of FREE bingo.


Login in from Midday to Midnight every Sunday to win real cash prizes!


Also join them for a fun and easy Pub Quiz on Sunday afternoon from 2pm with cash prizes on offer.




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Titan Bingo (NO USA) 12.30PM, 3.30PM & 7.30PM DAILY


Free Money = Free Bingo. Join them daily in the Barmy Club - they have added free bingo games for your pleasure at the times located above. No need to spend a penny! Get your free bingo cards (up to 12) to win REAL cash for free! Their Free Bingo games have £2/£3/£5 cash prizes!


Terms & Conditions:


Maximum 12 tickets per game. Progressive and fixed jackpots are not available on free bingo games and cannot be won. Free Bingo cash prizes on offer are £2 for one line, £3 for two lines and £5 for full house.


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                                            Bingo Sky (USA OK)




Bingo Sky

brings you a Huge FREE Bingo event, the biggest Free Bingo event you have ever played. In September, the "$50K Bingo Free Roll" room will award $50,000 in Free bingo games for all the new and loyal players to enjoy.


Join us in the $50K Bingo Free Roll Room daily, between 6pm-9pm ET, and again from 12am - 3am ET.


The fun does not stop there; a value game of $10,000 with a minimum prize of $100 will play twice every hour. Also, do not miss out the $1,000 FREE Bingo games in the Tourney Room. Good luck!




Free $1,000 Bingo Game?


You read it right! Every Friday in the $1,000 game plays at $0.00/card in the Bingo Tourney room at 11pm ET. Yes, it’s absolutely FREE! If you win it you can withdraw the prize as long as you’ve made one deposit on the website in the last 30 days.

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From 1st October 2010, Mecca Bingo (NO USA) have opened a Newbie Room and are offering new players free bingo to learn the ins and outs of how to play online bingo.


It runs every day from 12-1pm and 7-8pm so there are plenty of chances to join in.


Good luck.




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