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How many Bingo Card Combinations are there?

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Hey guys,


I ran accross this and had to share it-


552,446,457,061,129,000,000,000,000 – the number of different card combinations possible (4,976,640,000 of these cards would contain the same 24 numbers, just in different orders).


920,557,412,343,521,400 – the number of different cards for every person in the world (assuming there are 6 billion people in the world).


17,505,972,382,599 – number of years it would take to print every possible Bingo card (printing 1 million cards per second).


How in the heck do you say any of those numbers? 17 trillion 505 billion 927 million 382 thousand and 599!!  Is that right? lol


PLEASE let me know what you guys think.




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Some incredibly amazing statistics their Shelli.  :o


The first number you would say like this (552,446,457,061,129,000,000,000,000)


five hundred fifty-two septillion, four hundred forty-six sextillion, four hundred fifty-seven quintillion, sixty-one quadrillion, one hundred twenty-nine trillion,


The second one (920,557,412,343,521,400) is nine hundred twenty quadrillion, five hundred fifty-seven trillion, four hundred twelve billion, three hundred forty-three million, five hundred twenty-one thousand, four hundred  


And the third number (17,505,972,382,599)  you got right:


seventeen trillion, five hundred five billion, nine hundred seventy-two million, three hundred eighty-two thousand, five hundred ninety-nine.


No I'm not a mathemetician - I found a site that gives you the number (in words) if you enter it - even if it is bigger than the box.



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