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Regarding Exclusives

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Hi LBB'ers,


A word of caution when a new Bingo site arrives. Many times LBB is able to get exclusives for new bingo halls. Some members will download the site before the exclusive comes out. Therefore missing out on our exclusives.


In order for a exclusive to be valid, a member must use our exclusive link. In many cases depending on the exclusive the bingo site must be registered through LBB.


As much as we would like to warn members that an exclusive is on its way, we are   not always aware of when. As soon as we receive word from the LBB/LCB staff, a Moderator or admin will post it.


It is up to the players discretion to wait and see if a exclusive is in the works.




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Thank you so much for posting this Lips, Being a long time member i know Zuga always comes through for us, he's amazing


Alot of people don't understand how it works with the exclusives, about using HIS(LCB) links to recieve them, aside from using say mine with just a post of the website, that there is a big difference, of course members do get new sites and want to share them with others.


Thank You so much for the warning and explaining this difference

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i was received emai lfrom LBN:  :)




Thank you for your continued patronage and confidence you've placed in Live Bingo Network.


At Live Bingo Network, we believe that your relationship with us goes beyond GAMING.


It's time to celebrate your successful completion of 2 YEAR  here at Live Bingo Network UK.


Please contact Live help to claim £10 Bonus

    (Anniversary Bonus).


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