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Beauty and the Beast Tips

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Hi LBB’ers,


Beauty is only skin deep. Staying healthy is the beast we fight to protect our bodies against illness. Every week will have tips for a healthy body, mind, spirit and beauty. A healthy gambler is a happy gambler!



Ok this tip is for the ladies! Don’t worry guys we won’t leave you out!


Nothing is worse than getting ready to go out and put on your make up and realize your mascara is as dried up and old as last Christmas’ pine needles you find behind your couch!


Here Is a quick tip to remedy that. Place your tube of mascara in a warm water for a couple of minutes. The dried up mascara will melt and be good as new again for those beautiful peepers of yours!


In the shower and your singing so good even Simon Cowel would be impressed! Shampoo your hair, reach for the conditioner and oh no the nightmare of nightmares…..your out of conditioner! No problem…….here is a quick fix. Fabric softener, yes I said fabric softener! Just a dab of that just this once will get those tangles out of your hair and leave with soft smooth locks!


For more tips like these check them out at Littlewoods Bingo under the the “Bingo Community” tab.


Share your tips with us!





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Its cool I got ya back lips!  One for the guys... If you have sensitive skin, and hate shaving like I do, try shaving with toothpaste. Keep it lathered with water, and afterwords its the most refreshing feel ever on your face. Of course its always good to use good razors, and I recommend a triple blade with aloe and vitamin E. And those of you who wish to try any remedies should know NOT to if your alergic to any of the consisting details such as toothpaste.

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Hey Thanks Jacob! Ya know toothpaste is also good for pimples!! Put on a little dot of toothpaste and the next day it is almost gone!!



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Thanks for the Tips!!!


Once i had static, it was on my clothes AND my hair, i was shocking everyone.. for a quick temporary fix i grabbed a dryer sheet and wiped it through my clothes and hair, it worked :D

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Guest Tony Trader

Here's one for the guys that works.


You may think it's a bit crazy but after shaving if you do not have any aftershave lotion.


Use butter, i swear it will work.


Butter...its not just for cooking anymore.



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I have a mascara tip for the ladies. Apply mascara by brushing the top of the lashes instead of the inside of lashes. It will make your lashes look longer!

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Guest Tony Trader

Butter!!!!!! Ton are you just pulling our leg or what? April fools is over!




This is no April Fools prank.


I'm not saying you cake the butter on after you shave, you just use a little to ease that burn after we shave just like using aftershave lotion.



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Hiya LBB'ers,


This week's tip is for the spirit! Playing on line and being a member at any forum requires some etiquette. Personally i think that our forum has the best members on the planet as far as being thoughtful and considerate!


Here are some definite NO NO's when playing in chat games or posting in public forums:


NO racism. Not even a little bit. The beauty of online gaming and forums is we get to talk to everyone across the world.


There can be no soliciting or advertising on chat games or forums. This will result in an immediate ban!


Please do not donate/lend money to players. Unfortunately there are people out there that will try to take advantage of your good heart.


Do not insult, bully or harass another bingo player or forum member. Words can hurt and some players/members are sensitive.


Last but not least look to your neighbor above you, below you and give them a great big hug!!!


For more etiquette tips go to 32 Red Bingo.


If you have any etiquette ideas that would help keep our community here or in chat games a place of fun please post them here. Or if you have seen a case of poor etiquette please share your stories.





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I have noticed that playing in bingo rooms everyones etiquette seems to be upbeat in chatting no matter who is winning or losing, now playing online poker is a different animal all together. So many rude people chatting i just turn the chat off.

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Spring has sprung and so has the dreaded A-L-L-E-R-G-I-E-S!!!


Symptoms for allergy sufferers include:


Itchy watery eyes



runny nose


Here are some tips to help ward off allergies:


1. Use saline nasal spray religiously. Use it morning and night, and sometimes in between. It seems to flush away whatever I've breathed in during the day.


2.  Use eye drops. Use rewetting eye drops for the same reason as the nasal spray -- the drops flush the bad things out of my eyes. It really helps with my itchy eyes.


3.  Eat honey. Clover honey will  build up you resistance to allergies.


3. Drink apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is one of those cure-all home remedies that's been around forever and is praised for helping with sinus infections.


4.  Drink plenty of water. Water is one of the best expectorants. It helps to thin mucus and naturally get rid of it. You should have at least 8 8oz glasses a day.


5.  Get plenty of rest, take a multivitamin and extra vitamin C. We should do these 3 things every day, but it is especially important when allergies are running us down.


6. Spring clean your house.


7. Get a dehumidifier to keep the air in your home clean.


8. Leave your windows up when driving and use air conditioner.


9. Do laundry on the hot temp cycle to kill any airborne allergens.


10. If you have a pet, have one room that is off limits. A bedroom preferably, being a pet lover Never isolate them to one room!!


If you have tips or suffer from allergies please feel free to share your stories.



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Tips for the biggest organ on your body........your skin!!


Right from the can, Crisco is a big secret among beautiful women. Use it to remove makeup and as a highly effective moisturizer.


Rubbing Pepto-Bismal on your skin is a better facial than peel off masks.


To make you own facial mask, mix a handful of 100% all-natural kitty litter with a 1/2 cup water and apply a facemask.


Worried about cellulite? Rub used coffee grounds where the problem exists (cellulite cream is mostly caffeine based).


Salt or Sugar Body Scrub: Pour ¼ cup of table salt or granulated sugar into a small bowl or container. Pour olive oil into the container over the salt until it covers the salt. Stir the mixture. Rub the scrub all over your body and into your skin. Rinse thoroughly.


Another great cleansing mask. Beat one egg yolk until frothy. Add 1/2c of both milk and a peeled and mashed avocado. Mix with a fork until it is the consistency of a lotion.


For tighter skin, try this mask. Whip two chilled egg whites until they form peaks. Slowly add 1/8 tsp of cornstarch. Apply the mask to your face and leave it on for 20 minutes, then rinse.


*Please note when trying any of these tips always test your skin first for allergic reactions*.


When you skin is beautiful you will be ready for your Bingo Knight in shining armour!!


If you have any beauty tips for your skin please share them.





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This one is kind of funny but it really worked for her..


An older lady i worked with maybe around 60, her face always looked so young. One day we got to talking and i had commented on her looking so young, she gave me her secret.. she said she wears her hair very tight in a bun, it pulls up everything and gives her an instant facelift!!


So ladies how about the tight ponytails.. a quick facelift and it also gives your eyes that sexy cat eye look..lmao..


p.s. i truely loved her story, she is a wonderful woman with the sweetness of good nature.

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Omg imagin that is too cute!! I only hope she don't go bald from pulling her hair so tight!


I know someone who claims that the reason she does not have wrinkles is that her chubbiness plumps out the wrinkles......he he he!!

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Hiya Members,


It is time to plant flowers. I love to plant flowers in the yard. Here is some tips i found and i hope they help ya!


Annual Flowers


Annuals last one season and die out. This means these flowers have to be replanted every year.


Perennial Flowers


Perennial flowers come back year after year. The advantage here is you never need to replant them.


I always get these 2 mixed up and have to think about when i am flower shopping.


Flower Bulbs


Flower bulbs come back each year, after being dormant over winter months. I planted tulips one year and planted them all upside and they never came up! So be careful and make sure you plant them right side up!


Tips for Planting roses


1. Check with your local gardening center or florist for the best type of roses to grow in you climate. If you are a novice, you should look for disease resistant types of roses because they require a lot less maintenance.


2. When planting roses, you want to pick a spot that is well lit in the morning. You also want an area that is sunlit for at least 6 hours a day.


3. Pick an area that has plenty of well drained soil. Great soil has a PH level where the amount of acid in the soil is at about 5.5-7.0. You can get a testing kit for your soil at any garden center.


4. Organic matter like manure or lime helps to nourish the roots of your roses. You should soak the roots in water or puddle clay for many minutes, and cut off any root's ends that are broken.


5. The first 3-4 weeks after planting your roses, you should water them often. Usually this is when the top 2 inches of soil is dry. Roses need a lot of hydration and food to remain healthy.


6. Four weeks after planting, you should start soaking the bed every 2 weeks or so. You should do this in the morning for the best results.


7. Begin fertilization approximately 3 months after planting. Use 3-6 inches of mulch to control the moisture, temperature, and to stops weeds from coming up. Mulch also helps to lock in the vital nutrients your roses need in order to remain healthy.


8. Planting in the Spring is the best.


9. You want to plant your roses in an area that is well circulated with air. Your roses will not grow in an enclosed or tight area.


10. Dig a hole that is two times bigger than the amount of space that your roses take up. It makes it easier to plant them and creates a spaced area for them to grow with freedom. Poor circulation for your roses can cause fungal diseases. Using a larger hole also makes it easier for you to pull them up later and pot them if you’d like.


I have two roses bushes that are climbers. One is red and the other one is pink. I have a lilac bush that died  :'(. I replanted it 3 years ago and i knew i was taking a gamble to do it. I was so pretty and full of lilacs and the smell........ahhhh so nice. After i moved it, it never recovered from the trauma.


I also have 2 peach trees and i really thought i would not get any peaches living in such a cold climate. But i do get them every summer!! The first year i got peaches i was soooooooooo excited! I remember seeing the first one ever....i thought there was a small orange ball stuck in the tree.......lmaooo!!


All and all i don't have a green thumb. I plant flowers that are easy to grow and pray!


If you don't have a garden of your own.......here is one garden for sure you will love..........Enchanted Garden at Saturn Bingo. I played that slot last week and that is one slot that gives a nice bonus round!





What do you have in your garden?





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I like to grow herbs. Fresh basil in a big pot of homemade marinara sauce. Fesh cilantro to add to salsa and fresh chives for a loaded bake potatoe smothered in sour cream.

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Hiya Members,


We all get sad from time to time. Sometimes all we need is a push to help us get out of the blues. I know for me just coming here when i feel blue always perks me up!


Here is some tips when your feeling blue


•    Don’t be too harsh with yourself. It’s going to take time to get things done like you used to and to feel like your old self. Changes are not going to happen overnight, so don’t be overly critical of yourself if you make mistakes or don’t get as much done as you’d like. You’re having a hard enough time without getting on your own case.


•    Be realistic. Making a laundry list of things to do is a surefire way to set yourself up for failure. Start with small positive changes and work from there. If you’re not realistic you’ll just end up frustrated and more depressed.


•    Surround yourself with people. While you may just want to curl up and be alone, this isn’t the best or easiest route for you when you’re depressed. Having others around you to give you a helping hand, talk to you and provide you with inspiration is important to feeling better and getting back into the swing of things, even if you feel like you just want to shut everyone out.


•    Move around. Lying in bed all day or hunkering down on the couch isn’t going to do much but give you more time to feel bad about things. When you force yourself to get up, even if only for a short walk or to tend to some plants outside, you’ll be helping yourself feel better physically and mentally.


•    Start a project. For many, this may seem like that last thing they want to do but an enjoyable project can give you something to concentrate on that will bring your thoughts away from depression and give you something to feel proud of when you’re done.


•    Make a plan. If even the smallest tasks seem like a chore, start small with planning out what you’re going to do each day. In the morning, write down the things you’d like to accomplish and in the evening, go back and check off what you did. This can help you regain your sense of control over your life at a time when it seems the most chaotic.


And for a real picker upper.......ck out the free chips.......he he he here!!



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Hiya Guys and Dolls,


With the summer well underway with it brings beastly thunderstorms. Here is some tips for safety during the thunderstorm season:


Severe Thunderstorm Watch is issued when severe thunderstorms are possible in and close to the watch area. The watch is issued to alert you to the possibility that thunderstorms with damaging winds and large hail may develop. Listen to NOAA Weather Radio and your local media weather updates and stay informed!


Severe Thunderstorm Warning is issued when a severe thunderstorm has been spotted and is going to move through your county soon. The key is to remain CALM, but take precautionary action IMMEDIATELY to protect your life and property.


Be Prepared


Know the county in which you live and the names of nearby cities. Severe weather warnings are issued on a county basis.


Have disaster supplies on hand, including:


Flashlight and extra batteries

Battery-operated radio and extra batteries

First aid kit and manual

Emergency food and water

Non-electric can opener

Essential medicines

Checkbook, cash, credit cards, ATM cards

Before the Storm


Check the weather forecast before leaving for extended periods outdoors.


If a storm is approaching, keep a NOAA Weather Radio or AM/FM radio with you.

Watch for signs of approaching storms.

Postpone outdoor activities if storms are imminent.

Check on neighbors who require special assistance: infants, the elderly, and people with disabilities.

During the Storm


Remember:  If you can hear thunder, you are close enough to the storm to be struck by lightning.  Go to safe shelter immediately.


Move to a sturdy building or car. DO NOT take shelter in small sheds, under isolated trees, or in convertible automobiles.

If lightning occurs and sturdy shelter is not available, get inside a hard top automobile and keep the windows up.


Get out of boats and away from water.


Telephone lines and metal pipes can conduct electricity. Unplug appliances not necessary for obtaining weather information. Avoid using the telephone or any electrical appliances. Use phones only in an emergency.


Do not take a bath or shower


Turn off air conditioners. Power surges from lightning can overload the compressors.

Get to higher ground if flash flooding or flooding is possible. DO NOT attempt to drive to safety. Most flash flooding deaths occur in automobiles.


If you are caught outdoors and no shelter is nearby:


Find a low spot away from trees, fences, and poles.

If you are in the woods, take shelter under the shorter trees.

If you feel your skin tingle or your hair stand on end, squat low to the ground on the balls of your feet. Place your hands on your knees with your head between them. Make yourself the smallest target possible; minimize your contact with the ground.

After the Storm


Check on neighbors who may require special assistance -- infants, the elderly, and people with disabilities. Avoid all downed power lines. Assume they are live electricity. Continue to monitor NOAA Weather Radio and your local media for latest weather updates.


And if you are experiencing a drought......


Do the Rain Dance at Miami Bingo!!




I love love love this slot! I did hit a 100 spins once and when i did it retriggered so many free spin that i had about 1000 free spins. What happened was it is a max payout of $1500. I still had over 200 free spins left when the game ended and a message said i had reached the max!!!







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