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Beauty and the Beast Tips

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Tis the season to shop til u drop!!! Why how can it even be exhausting for us ladies who love to shop!


To help your holiday shopping to be a bit less stressful, here are a few tips for the holiday busy bees!!




Don't Wait Until the Last Minute


Are you one of those people who adds to your own stress level by doing last minute Christmas shopping? Do you know better, but it seems to happen anyway?


Look at it this way... When you shop on Christmas Eve you're going to have to fight the crowds, choose from limited merchandise, and wait in long lines. Buy your gifts little by little, beginning in November, and you can avoid last-minute shopping fiascos.


Shop in Off-Peak Hours


Most stores aren't very busy early in the morning or late at night. Shop at slow times and you can forgo the crowds and long lines. Better yet, find some stores that are open 24 hours.


My brother does his Christmas shopping into the wee hours of the night. He can often get most of his shopping done in a single trip because the aisles aren't blocked and there's much less stress involved.


Take a List


Start your Christmas list early in the season. When the holidays near, keep a pen and paper handy to write down all of your gift ideas. Always take that checklist with you when you go shopping This way, you'll know exactly what you need to buy and you'll be less likely to forget anything.


Set a Budget


Are you still paying for Christmas gifts in January and February? Work out a budget and stick to it. Buy only affordable gifts and you'll find it much easier to pay off your holiday credit card debt.


Look for Sales


Watch ads and Black Friday ads and be on the lookout for in-store holiday sales. You can save a pretty good chunk of money because almost anything you may want to buy eventually goes on sale. Still, there are some things that won't and you'll need to decide whether to get it while it's available. Sometimes, you have to pay more for things you really want.


If you're up to it, consider taking advantage of "After Christmas Sales" to get wrapping supplies and gifts for next year. You'll have to put up with the crowds, but it may be worth the money you'll be saving and the satisfying feeling it gives.


Buy Extra Gifts


Find some "generic" items on sale that can be for a man or a woman, and purchase a couple of extras. Wrap them up and put a sticky note on the box stating what the item is. This way you'll always be prepared if someone unexpectedly gives you a gift, and you can avoid any embarrassment or hurt feelings by returning the favor.


Shop Online


Every year, more and more people shop from the comfort of their own home. All of your favorite stores are here online, so get your list and buy your Christmas presents at a leisurely pace to avoid the stress. Most online stores offer simple navigation and secure shopping.


The benefits to online shopping are additional security using your credit card and no sales tax if the company doesn't have a store in your state. Look for special deals that allow free shipping or discounts that will offset the shipping fees. (Usually the sales tax savings alone will do this.) When you shop online, you can find out instantly if an item is in stock, and you'll find a receipt right in your email inbox after the transaction.


Save Receipts


Be prepared for broken items, wrong sizes and duplicate gifts. Always save shopping receipts for 90 days after your purchase. This is about how long stores will allow a returns for unwanted items.


Reward Yourself


Finally, treat yourself to a special lunch or buy a small token for a job well-done. Christmas shopping isn't near so bad if you acknowledge your accomplishments and reward yourself with something inexpensive and fun.


source: christmas-celebrations


When your all done you will be proud that you didn't break the bank but instead spin the reels at Break the Safe for being the  busy Bingo Beez that you are through the holiday season!

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Happy Holidays Bingo Balls!


Are you worried about entertaining your guests this holiday season?



Here's a few games to thrill your guests.

Drink or Dare


This is a great game for any party, which includes alcohol. Generally use a mild alcohol for this game if your want the game to last longer. Sit in a circle and use a bottle to decide who goes first or just follow the seating order. Ask the person whether he/she want to go for a dare, if not then that person has to drink. Dare the person with funny tasks, which will increase the fun quotient at the party. The game gets really funny after a while…try it out!


Balloon Mania


All the guests at the party are split into teams of two, preferably pair people of opposite sex together. Now each couple gets a balloon, which has to be held between their foreheads. There is one person who is called the commander who has to give instructions like 'move two steps to the right’ or ‘Jump’ or even ‘complete one rotation’. The teams have to follow the instructions without dropping the balloon. As teams drop the balloon they are eliminated out of the game. The team that survives all the challenges emerges as the winner.


Two to Tango


This is also a couples game in the sense that it requires the guests to be divided into teams of two opposite sex people. The other things that you will need are – uniform sized pieces of cloth for every team and some great dance music. The couple need to step on the cloth and start dancing. After some time the music is stopped and the cpuples are supposed to fold the cloth into half and dance on it without stepping off the cloth area. After regular intervals the cloth is folded into halves. The couple that survives till the end is declared the winner.


Honey I Love You


This is a very popular party game, which requires the guests to sit in a circle and have one person sit in the middle. The person in the middle is supposed to walk up to anyone from the circle and say, Honey, I love you, won’t you give me a smile? The person in the circle is expected to answer without smiling and say Honey, I love you, but I just can’t smile (without smiling). The person in the circle loses if he/she smiles. The person in the middle can use all sorts of antics to make that person smile. Continue the game until you guys have fun…there is no winner or loser as such in this game.


You are sure to be the talk of the Bingo Hall!

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I have played more drink or dare game than i care to even admit!! Lots of fun memories of that game!  ;)

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Hi Bingo Tarts!


Last minute shopping can be a beast for us beauties. I usually need a hot bath and a soothing meditation after a day of holiday shopping. It makes me crazy but as an expert procrastinator, I am thrown out there amongst the wolves. I had us all in mind when I came across this code of conduct.



1. Don’t hold up the line at the cash counter to argue with spouses over the cell phone about a blocked credit card. Use another card or pay cash and then discretely deal with your problem.

2. Don’t hold up the line to argue with staff about issues unrelated to your bill. I think there are enough people scattered around a store to give you a patient hearing if you have complaints about service, merchandise, store décor or whatever. The person to see should be the store manager.

3. Don’t stand over people while they are eating, so that they swallow their food in a hurry to make way for you. It’s impolite and if you wanted that table so badly, you should have got there earlier. This is especially for the people who throng food courts with a vengeance on weekends despite knowing that there is going to be a large crowd.

4. Don’t park your shopping bags in all the free chairs for miles around you in the lounge area of malls and also don't block an aisle with your shopping cart.

5. Don’t jump the queue at any cost. You are not that important - either to the store per se and certainly not to the people who were waiting there before you showed up.

6. Don’t indulge your kids’ bad manners at the expense of other shoppers. Putting your foot down and saying ‘no’ will make them value the money you are spending on them. If they refuse to behave, then next time please leave them at home, so the rest of us can have an enjoyable and peaceful shopping experience.

7. Don’t go berserk at a sale and grab things out of people’s hands and step on their toes while doing it. You are asking for a black eye or verbal abuse and you just might get it…free of cost!

8. Don’t shoplift. Celebrities with money do it …and get caught. They can manage to convert kleptomania into a PR spectacle but can you?

9. Don’t be rude to the elderly, the handicapped and obese people. It reflects on your upbringing when you snigger at them. Not everyone has the body type of an anorexic teenager or a wannabe model…or wants to have one in the first place. Some women still do value their curves.

10. Don’t treat staff at the stores like they are your servants. They are there to help and guide and get paid to do it. They don’t get paid to take abuse and condescension. If you feel you are not getting their attention, then bring it up firmly and politely.


No item is worth a black eye.... or is it? Shop carefully and come home safely to wrap all your Bingo Fabulous things!


Source: articlesbase.com



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Bingo Tarts!  I love it. 


Tempers are definitely high in the shopping malls.  I have to admit that I braved it on Tuesday morning and by the time I left, it was impossible to move without bashing someone with one of my many bags of Christmas goodies.  These are some great tips.


Thanks Froggy.



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Hello Bingo Buddies!


We are fast approaching a new year. It's out with the old and in with the sex... er um... I mean in with the new! I searched high and low to bring you a listing of sexy New Year's resolutions. Why think up your own? Such a little time saver I am.




Sexy New Year's Resolutions



Make out like teenagers. Don't go all the way. Kiss and kiss and kiss. Build the tension.



Get more bendy. Flexibility is sexy. Stretch the bod in new and exciting ways.



Change up your lovemaking routine. Get a pair of sexy dice to roll. Defy habit with a vengeance.



Date and flirt for as long as possible before jumping in the sack. Even couple's that have been together forever deserve a first rate seduction. Plan it out.



Send love notes, sexy emails, sweaty psychic messages and generally tantalizing correspondence. Make communicating with you an erotic thrill.



Learn more about your lover. Be insatiably curious about the sexy life and times of your partner. There is always more to discover.



Open your mind to possibilities that might have seemed too outrageous to you before. You don't have to act on the ideas, just wonder about them a little more.



Infuse your relationships with honesty, vitality, spontaneity and spirituality. These qualities inspire greater levels of intimacy.



Unclutter and uncomplicate your love life. Get rid of the personal dynamic, belief or habit that stands between you and a blissful union.



Celebrate the big and small events and make a hoopla out of both. Enthusiasm is the nectar of the gods, and also happens to be an aphrodisiac.



Hang in there with someone you love through the rough patches. Be loyal. The pay off is glorious make-up sex, not to mention true friendship.



Share more of yourself, your things, your friends, your experiences, your life. Share everything. But do it really, really slowly. You are a mystery that should take years and lifetimes to discover.

There is a special place for all this sexiness. A place where bingo and sexy coexist. It's called Steamy Bingo! Enjoy and have a Happy New Year!


Source: astrology.com

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Oh i love these resolutions! Got to share more of myself huh? Well i know i have always left a bit of mystery. I thought a little mystery to figure out kept em coming back for more..........


Ya know



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Hello Bingo Lovers!


This week is dedicated to the men. Are you going gray? Well here are some things to consider before you buy that first box of Just for Men.



Personally, I say DON'T do it!!!




A Professional Will Almost Always Produce Better Results: While there are several "just for men" home coloring kits, a professional colorist will be able to mix exactly the right color formula to ensure a natural looking result. A few companies now produce excellent professional hair coloring for men. I particularly like Redken Men Color Camo, a salon service that takes about ten minutes. The color fades over time, so you don't get a dramatic color change as it grows out.


Regular Coloring Can Be Expensive: Expect to pay about $20 or $30 (excluding haircut and tip) for a men's color treatment and plan on having it done monthly. For professional results, the price is worth it.


Natural Color Can Be Hard to Achieve at Home: For any type of color service, I recommend seeking the services of a professional as the results will almost always be more natural. I realize that, for some, this option can be prohibitively expensive. Should you choose to color at home, purchase a product specifically for men, always do a patch test, and follow the instructions exactly. You'll achieve a more natural result if your hair is a "standard" color. For home use, several of my salon clients have had good results using Just For Men, an over-the-counter hair color.


I will almost always recommend avoiding the use of chemicals which alter the hair's state or color. Instead, it is my feeling that you should find a barber or stylist who can create a style that looks great with the natural hair you have. A trendy haircut will give you a more youthful look. This approach is far cheaper and easier to maintain than chemical services.


Gray hair is Foxy guys!


Source: menshair.about.com

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I agree....don't do it.


There is nothing sexier than a man with gray hair and a nice tan.  Woof!



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Completely agree that gray hair is sexier on men. For some reason when a man dyes their hair, it's like you can instantly tell. That almost kills it. Just like women are stereo typed with certain beauty improvements, i think many women end up feeling a man is going through a mid life crisis when they dye it.


Leave the beauty tricks to women  ;).



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Happy Saturday!


I saw a chick the other day that looked liked she had been through the wars with a bottle of self tanner. I completely understand the desire for a little color during these sunless months (for some of us) but please please please be careful! You want to avoid this don't you?






Here are some tips for achieving the most natural results when experimenting with self tanner.


Exfoliate first. Sloughing off dead skin with a loofah or exfoliating shower gel allows a self-tanner to work on fresh, new skin. Your tan will look more even and will last longer.


Apply self-tanner lightly to areas where the skin is thick, such as elbows, knees, ankles and knuckles. Otherwise, those areas will end up darker. Also, you can avoid darkening your eyebrows and hairline by covering them with a thin coat of petroleum jelly.


Wash your hands right after applying a self-tanner, or wear latex gloves. There’s nothing natural-looking about bronzed palms and fingernails. For a realistic-looking tan, skip body parts that wouldn’t tan in the sun, like your inner arms.


Wait as long as possible before dressing or getting in bed — even longer than the “several minutes” recommended on many self-tanners — to lessen the chance the product will rub off. Avoid exercising (sweating), showering or swimming for six hours or more.


That's just way too much work for me. Think I'll just skip over to South Beach Bingo instead! More fun and no risk of streaking!


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Hello Bingo Charms!


This week I'm thinking about your hands once again. As bingo players, our fingers may take quite a beating. Some of us may be seeing signs of arthritis. Here are some home remedies that may ease those sore fingers.




Home Finger Therapy

Start with simple finger exercises to loosen stiff joints. Squeeze a soft rubber or foam ball in your hand. Or hold your hand in front of yourself with fingers spread open and try to bend each finger individually toward your palm and up again. Toy shops carry soft balls made to soak up water. Fill a sink or pan with warm water and gently squeeze the toy underwater.


Wear gloves for cleaning chores. Arthritic fingers may be numb and not feel hot or cold cleansers that can inflame joints and fingertips. Use therapeutic or driving gloves for winter driving because they protect fingers from cold and provide support for finger tendons and ligaments. Always use outdoor gloves for garden chores because chores and tools easily injure knuckles.


Easing Pain

Putting painful fingers in warm water eases swelling and stiff joints. Applying alternate hot and cold packs helps some joints, too. Ask your doctor about over-the-counter, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Some are effective for headache relief but not effective for arthritic joint pain.


Try joint salves and lotions containing pain relievers for sore joints. Put on the lotion or salve and then slip on cotton gloves while watching television or walking the dog. Gloves keep fingers warm so the medicated ointment is better absorbed by joints.


Have a great week!


Source: ehow.com

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I think i sometimes get carpel tunnel in my wrists. It's alot harder on the wrist when you use a laptop because you don't have the pad to rest your wrists.



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Hi Bingo Lovers!


I was sitting here thinking about how much I love cookies. I found some tips to avoid eating those sweet little artery cloggers and thought I might share them with you. If you're a fellow cookie lover, read on.



Oatmeal consists of good carbohydrates that lower cholesterol level. They also contain fat soluble fiber, which helps in flushing out the toxins from your body. Hence, consider eating the oatmeal options instead of flour-based cookies. DOES THIS MEAN I CAN EAT OATMEAL COOKIES???


Green tea is loaded with antioxidants, which aids in fighting cancer and since it enhances the metabolism, it helps in faster digestion of foods. On the other hand, the regular café latte contains approximately 190 calories. So, in place of regular café latte you can begin to take green tea to avoid the extra calories. SO NO COOKIES WITH MY GREEN TEA???


Hmm, I'm thinking I'm definitely not going to be the biggest loser. I have a better idea! I'll eat cookies and play bingo at Biggest Bingo!


Have a great week!


Source: fitnessihub.com

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Yes I'm a cookie freak.  I love dark chocolate covered biscuits (dunked in my tea), choccy chip cookies and flapjacks (which have oats in them).


Thanks for the tips Froggy.





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I love cookies with my coffee. But i do have green tea. So i will have that at nite before i go to bed to burn off the morning cookie  ;D ;D

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Hello My Little Pull Tabs!


This one is for the guys. I am doing you a favor and providing you a list of what NOT to buy your woman for Valentine's Day. If you want any romance you will steer clear of all items on this list!






1. Flannel pj's

2. Any items to do with cooking

3. Any items to do with cleaning

4. Any items to do with serving you

5. Any items that will benefit you including lingerie. (She will choose what SHE is comfortable in on her own)

6. Gift certificate for a cosmetic surgical procedure

7. Fat free sugar free chocolates


I personally don't want anything stuffed either. I have no use for a stuffed piggy holding a heart that sings La Bamba.


If you really want to make her happy this Valentine's Day mention those three little words......


Big Heart Bingo!


Have a happy Valentine's Day! ♥

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I know I'm not a guy and your tips this week were aimed at the men in our lives and the "don't buy" list is great but I would like to add a number 8 if I may.


8.  No plastic roses.


I hate those darn things.  They just gather dust and you can't do much with 'em.


Cheers Froggy.



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Great advice for the fellas froggy!!


Omg you crack me up blue...no plastic roses!! Does that mean they can be silk polyester  LOL LOL

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LOL LOL LOL  lol Lips - no.


If it isn't real, men shouldn't bother.  Maybe that should read "no FAKE roses".



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