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No Deposit Bingo Bonuses that are Withdrawable.

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Hi Members,


Below is a list of Bingo sites that do allow players to withdraw winnings from a no deposit bonus. Please read careful the terms for withdrawing on some of these bonuses. In some instances a deposit is required before a withdrawal can be made. If unsure please click here and read the review that will give the terms.


123 Bingo


888 Ladies Bingo


A1 Bingo


Bet365 Bingo


*Bingo Cabin


Bingo Card


Bingo Charm


Bingo Flash


Bingo Knights


*Bingo Room






Chit Chat Bingo


*El Cartonazo


Fun Time Bingo


*Gina Bingo


*Golden Hat Bingo


King Jackpot


Littlewoods Bingo


*Miami Bingo


*New Bingo Billy


Online Bingo


*Red Bus Bingo


Red Card Bingo


Saturn Bingo


South Beach Bingo


Vic’s Bingo


Yahoo Bingo



* Must make a deposit to withdraw winnings.




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The more I look at the list, it's a brilliant information and great help.


Sometimes, it gets a little bit confusing with their real money vs bonus money, in other words BB bucks...

and it gets more annoying than ever when you read and try to understand all different groups of own T/C and what's more, the written t/c and when you talk to the chat are not the same page, that's a whole different stories..


Thanks tons for all your hard...this will help many bingo lovers like me!!! ;)

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Yeah, heard of some but didn't knew there were so many. Though it is always a good practice to read the terms and the conditions before getting in the curve. This must have required a good amount of effort. I think that this work of your's does really deserves appreciation. BTW thanks for the list.  

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hi just one thing would it be possible to list the linked sites to save trying to claim bonuses from affailiated groups ...its a pain ...if not possible where can you find bingo sites that are linked and so only offer bonus at one of their sites

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hi just one thing would it be possible to list the linked sites to save trying to claim bonuses from affailiated groups ...its a pain ...if not possible where can you find bingo sites that are linked and so only offer bonus at one of their sites


I haven't had a chance to update/add the new sites but hope this will help.


Bingo Network or Bingo software



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I just tried to get the no deposit from Bingo Card and was told I had another account so I was not eligable and they disconected the chat. So I got back on and asked what account would that be and this was the canversation:

Welcome to Bingoa2z!!! Please hold for the next available Customer Service representative:)

You are now chatting with 'George'

George: Hello and Welcome to  Bingoa2z !!!  We have just added a new deposit option  to make your funding easier!!  Be sure to check out MYPAYLINQ located at the top of the cashier page!!!

carlettepr08: I was just chatting with somone and they said I had another active account. what account is that?

George: Im sorry I cant help you

carlettepr08: You can't find it or do you need more information

George: There is nothing I can do for you

George: have a nice day

Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.


what do I do.

ps. this is my first post.

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Hi Carlettepr,


if you have registered at one of their sister sites, they consider it as mulitple accounts, and that will make you bonus illegible

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OK. Thats fine but the way they handled that was awful. He could have simply said that instead of telling me he couldn't help me. THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME.

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I agree with you, the CS  agent didn't handle your query professionally.

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hyi carlettepr

i had VERY bad exp dealing withg their network.

i was jus new 2 bingo so i went & signed up @ all their sites not knowin abt multiple account rule.

i was told i could only claim bonus @ 1 of their sites but i was welcome 2 play at all  their sites.

unlike u, i wasnt told dat i cdnt ave multiple accounts so i went & depo all up ova 300 bucks @ 3 of their sites.


i went 2 supoport & spoke 2 george wen i realised it.

he helped me close all accounts except 4 one.


a few wks later i find my account is suspended & 2 contact support.

emailed them ova 20x & got not even 1 reply. i went 2 live support arnd dozen times tryin 2 get account reopened but was jus gettin run arnd.

i even had a log of da conversation i had wid george which was useless.


it took 3 months later & da very kind help of zuga 2 get my account reopened.


during da time i was suspended i went & tried all da googled bingo sites so i pretty much logged on & of their site straight away coz im not fond of their bingo software anymore plus there r so many otha beta looking sites dat are also offering huge no deposit bonuses like newbillybingo which use similar software BUT have one of da best support & chat host teams.


forget abt them & go try out otha sites & dun waste ur time like i did  :)

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I won £2900 with my sign up bonus at zoom bingo and i  cant have a penny of it. I guess you can take zoom bingo of your no deposit bonuses that are withdrawable list. First time iv ever won  a jackpot and iv been trying for about 10yrs online. Im rather gutted. If any one knows a way around this i would be very greatfull :)

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Hi Lozer,


Checked the rules for free money and after re-reading your post i believe this was a free cash.


Here is the rules i found:


3. The bonus money credited to a player’s account can only be used to cover bingo card purchases. A player cannot withdraw bonus money from his/her account as if it were the real money that he/she has deposited or won.


Any winnings derived from the Free money, promotional Bonus Bucks or Free Cards are not eligible for withdrawal.


The rules have been apparently updated. Thank you for letting me know and i will remove them from this list.


I am sorry you couldn't collect  :'(



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Very useful list. Thanx!

Just curious if anyone has withdrawn money from these sites or others like these yet and how much did they withdraw...

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lozerkim, there are sites that require you to play your initial deposit plus bonus a number of times before they allow you to withdraw. for instance if you deposit $100 and the site offers you 100% bonus and you claim it, and the site requires you to play both the deposit and bonus 5X, you have to play through $1000 before cashing out.

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aww it's too sad to hear that you hit that nice amount and cannot withdraw , wish it was your real money cause it's nice amount : (

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