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Feelin froggy

Chat Bingo Specials

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Paramount Bingo


Chat Specials in 90 Ball Hall


Mirror Mirror | 7am-8am EST - Daily


Be on the lookout for a set of mirrored numbers to be called, eg 12 & 21, 17 & 71, etc. The first 2 players to type 'mm' (with the mirrored numbers they see) in chat, win 1BB each!


Eg: type 'mm 12 21' for 12 & 21. The CC may change the winning players to 2nd & 5th or whatever so pay attention!


Blackjack | 8am-9am EST - Daily


Watch the bingo board closely. The first 2 players to spot two numbers that add up to 21 and type "Blackjack and the two numbers called that equal 21" win 2 BBs each!


Buddies | 9am-10am EST and 5pm-6pm Daily


Be in the chat room while playing and get 2 BBs every time your neighbor wins.


Nine Ball | 10am-11am EST -and 3pm-4pm Daily


Watch for the first number that adds up to 9 (9,18,27,36,45,54,63,72,81,90) to be called. The first 2 players that type "Nineball" + the number (ie: Nineball 18) in chat win 2 BB each! The CC may change the winning players to 2nd & 5th or whatever so pay attention!


Slug Bug | 11am-12 noon EST - Daily


Watch the bingo board for the first double digit to be called (11, 22, 33, 44 etc). The first 2 players to type 'Slug Bug' in chat win 1 BB each! The CC may change the winning players to 2nd & 5th or whatever so pay attention!


Races | 12noon-1pm EST and 2pm-3pm Daily


Pick a #1-18. This will represent your horse for the race. The horse which completes the race in 1st place wins 3 BBs, 2nd place wins 2 BBs and 3rd place wins 1 BB.

»Submit your numbers




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Bingo Room




Mirror Mirror

4pm - 6pm Roomies pick a number that can be reversed (example 27/72, 05/50). If both numbers are called (in same game) type 'Mirrors" in chat with your picks. First 2 players to yell win 2BBS.



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Gina Bingo




Lucky 5's

Watch the bingo board closely, when you see a number with a 5 called, be the first player to type in chat ‘Lucky’ + # called , (eg. B5 type ‘Lucky 5,’) and you win 1BBs! One win per player per game. Only '5s' called after the initial 40 balls are eligible.


Hot Spot

Pick a number between 1-75. Our spots run from 1-5 to 71-75. If your number is in the same spot as the number bingoed on, you're in the HOT SPOT and win 2 BBs. Example: The bingo game ended on #33: You picked #34. That number falls within the spot of 31-35, so you win! If the number you picked is the EXACT ball bingoed on you’re on fire and win 5 BBs!

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Fancy your chances of winning The Butler's  Luxury Mystery Gift this weekend?


It could be anything from your very own Butler's Bingo Keyring, to a meal for 2, to your own personal limo!!!


All you have to do is:


    * Play and win as many Chat Games as you can between Friday 17th September & Midnight Monday 20th September 2010

    * Where can I play? In all 3 of The Butler's Bingo Rooms



The Butlers T&C's


    * Only depositing Butlers Bingo players with NO duplicate accounts are eligible to play and win in this promotion.


So, what are you waiting for!! LOGIN and don't forget your 150% first deposit bonus and your 25% redeposit bonuses, The Butler loves to reward you when you deposit money.


Good luck.






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Big Time Bingo




Tuesday Teams B I N G O!

Come and join CM Shirley on Tuesday evenings 7pm to 9pm EST in the Quarter Room! As you enter the chat room, you will be assigned a team:

- B team

- I team

- N team

- G team

- O team

Each letter team mate will get 5BBs* every time somebody in the quarter chat wins a bingo from the quarter room on that letter! Only using patterns with all letters.

* If the pot is under $25 you get only 3 BBs!

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Sink the CH

10am - 12pm


This game is based on the classic popular game -'Battleship'.

5 CH's are hidden in the board.

Call out a coordinate and try to sink the CH!

When you "hit" a CH you win 1000 LPs!

When you reveal all the letters of a CH you win as follows:

CM Chica: 5000 LPs

Tommy: 4000 LPs

CH Anais: 3000 LPs

CH Shirley: 2000 LPs

The current CH: 1000 LPs.


Horse Racing

4pm - 6pm


1. A grid of 5 down x 15 across is displayed in the room.

2. All 15 numbers symbol 15 horses.

3. All the roomies pick a number between 1-15 which will symbol their horse (could be owned by more than one roomie).

4. While the bingo numbers are called out and crossed off the bingo cards, they are also marked off the horse racing board.

5. The first horse to come across all 5 boxes down wins its owner(s) 1000 LPs!

6. If none of the roomies picked the winning horse number, no one wins.



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Pee You!

Caller has BO! Pick one B (1-15) and one O (61-75). When the caller gets your B-O out

say PEEEUUUU in chat. First 3 PU's get 1 BB


Monkey in the Middle

Pick an N number (31-45). When your N comes out holler "Monkey!" first 3 monkeys get 3

1 BB each.


B-GO Game

Everyone picks a number 1-15. The first two rooms to have the G and O called get 1 BB (on the callers board, CM will watch the Quarter Calls).

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Cyber Bingo






Join us on Tuesday, October 5th, from 4pm-6pm ET in Pack and Line Room for our BB Chat Party!


Bingo winners will receive the same amount of BBs as the number of players in chat at the beginning of the game won. Example: 25 players are in chat at the beginning of the game, winner receives 25 BBs.


You must be in chat from the beginning of the game you won to qualify. Minimum 1 card purchase is required.


This bonus game will be played along with our regular chat games.


Please note for multi-part games, wins count on part 3 only.


Good luck,


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123 Bingo


Chat Plaza


Get together on Chat Plaza with your bingo buddies to celebrate Halloween with huge Hallo-wins!


Seize the Bats and Ghosts! Earn pumpkins on the Halloween Tripeaks!

Match the numbers in Keno Bingo and call out bingo loud in Yell Bingo!

And win handsome cash prizes and huge BBs!


Good luck,



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New Bingo Billy




Autumn Luck!!


Bingo on B13 and receive 13 BBS. Bingo on I22 and receive 22 BBS.


Bingo on any other number and the CM will take the second number and you will receive that many in BBS!!


• Example: Bingo on O67 and receive 7 BBS.


Billy’s Boo Cemetary


Inside Billy’s Boo Cemetary are grave plots, and Count Dracula’s Vault.


Whenever you bingo, pick a number from 1 to 75. That number could be part of one of grave plots or even Dracula’s Vault! Each time you find a spot that is part of any of these items you will get 3 BBS. If the number you pick is nothing then you will get 1 BB consolation. If you complete plots or even Dracula’s Vault then you will get BBS each item is worth as stated below:

4 No. plots: 5 BBS

6 No. plots: 10 BBS

8 No. plots: 15 BBS

Count Dracula’s Vault: 100 BBS!!!




Pick 1 B and 2 O’s. When your numbers come out, be the first 3 members to yell “BOO”, and win.

First place: 3 BBS

Second place: 2 BBS

Third place: 1 BB


Great Pumpkin Patch


There are 75 pumpkins in the patch. When you bingo, the number you bingo on, determines what pumpkin you have to go pick. Pumpkins can be worth 3 BBS to 20 BBS. BUT if you find the GREAT PUMPKIN that’s worth 50 BBS!!

Halloween Match Game


Win a bingo while in the chat room and pick two numbers from 1-50. Try to match the Halloween Ghouls for BBS. Each Ghoul is worth 3 BBS to 25 BBS with a 100 BBS special match!! If there is no match then the winner gets 1 BB.

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32 Red Bingo


Sing-along Bingo:


Our bingo host will type of the first line of a song and the first player to get the tune gets some bingo cash. How easy it that?!




The Bingo host will write a bunch of mixed up characters on the screen. Look carefully, rearrange the letters to make a word and you could receive some BBZ! They can be a little tough sometimes, but don't worry; the host will offer clues until the answer jumps out at you.


Twist It:


Let's twist again, and bag yourself some bingo bonus! The host will select a twist number and when it or its twisted version (e.g. 12 /21 or 32/23) is called, shouting "BINGO" on the chat box before anyone else will mean you're a winner.


Double Trouble:


How can bingo chat games and money be trouble, I hear you ask. Well it's not! Simply wait until you hear the first double number called in a game (i.e. 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66) and then enter the word "DOUBLE" and the ball number into the dialogue box (e.g. for B22 enter, "DOUBLE22) to win.




The intellectuals are on to a winner with the trivia chat game. The Bingo Host will put a trivia question to the players and the first one to type the correct answer is the winner. Better start brushing up on your general knowledge...


Pyjama Party:


Wear you're pyjamas but don't fall asleep! Keep alert and if you have the same first letter in your name as the most recent bingo winner simply type, "PJ PARTY" to win.


Sorry No US


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Paramount Bingo




WOOHOO | 3pm-4pm


Pick one number between 1 - 75.

The first 3 players to get their number called and type "Woohoo" in chat win 2 BBs each.

If you're number is first ball out in game, your 'Woohoo' wins 10 BBs!

Remember - Spelling Counts*

All you have to do is play bingo and be in chat!

Payouts: 1st - 10 BBs; 2nd - 5 BBs; 3rd - 3 BBs


RACES | 8pm - 9pm


Pick a number from 1 - 15. This will represent your horse for the Horse Races


MY CONNECTIONS | 10pm-11pm


Each player chooses a number.

The first 3 players whose numbers connect with 2 others to form a "Connect 3" ( horizontal, diagonal or vertical) yell out 'Connect + (number)' to win 3 BBs each! Ex: for N35 -connect N33, N34, N35 or I19, N35, G51 etc.





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Bingo Knights




I Spy

The CM will announce the first letter of something they can see by saying *I spy with my little eye something beginning with...*.

All players that are in the game are free to guess the answer.

The first player to answer correctly wins $1 BB


Big Hug

Pick a number and have it connect to two other numbers including your own number, forming a straight line going up and down, across, vertical or diagonal, your number is being hugged.

The first player to yell *HUG* and the number wins $1 BB.



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Playtime Bingo




Keno is a game that's fun to play and now you can play more of it at Playtime Bingo! Our Keno games will now play for 2 hours every Wednesday at 5:00pm - 7:00pm. You can also play this exciting chat game every Thursday & Sunday at 5:00pm - 6:00pm.


This awesome Keno game will be 25 cents per card and will have special K-E-N-O Patterns with a $30.00 Minimum Prize & $500.00 Jackpot that will randomly play during the hour. The non-keno games will have a $25.00 Minimum Prize & Progressive Jackpot. Just send 7 numbers 1 - 75 with your player name to cmvicki@playtimebingo.com to be entered into our player database.


Then come on into chat on Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Sundays to play! When playing Keno, you MUST play under the player name you submitted your numbers with and any change of player names or numbers MUST be submitted by email before Wednesday of each week.




7 out of 7 numbers: 20 bbs


6 out of 7 numbers: 10 bbs             


5 out of 7 numbers:  5 bbs


4 out of 7 numbers:  2 bbs


3 out of 7 numbers:  1 bb


Send your numbers to cmvicki@playtimebingo.com today!


Good luck,


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Bingo Fun




Join right in as we sing Christmas Carol's in chat. It can be fun and might even give away BBs for those participating, certain song lines will be chosen for BBs!!


Snowball Buddies:


Each time you bingo you throw a snowball at your buddies, The ball bingoed on determines who gets hit with the snowball. For example: bingo on N 34, the 4th buddy up and 4th buddy down will get hit with 4 snowball BBs.

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Bingo Playground


Monday  Snotty Slotty Bob’s 90 8pm – 10pm


The CM will ask you to pick 4 numbers between (1 - 90)  in Bob’s 90 Ball Room from 8pm-10pm. Watch for your numbers being called* the cm will type into chat the first 5 numbers called and then "3-2-1- claim now please" when you see the "claim now please" that is when you type claim & your numbers into chat. The cm will then type 3-2-1- claim closed.


Snotty Slotty Payouts!


1 number = 1BB|2 numbers = £5BB|3 number = £15BBS|4 number = £50BBS


Terms: Must have deposited within 10 days to participate in the game and have a minimum of 2 cards in play every game.


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Vic's Bingo




Christmas Colors - Chat Game


What's your favorite Christmas color? When speaking the language of bingo colors, Red, Green and Gold are within the favorites, specially this time of the year. That’s why this week we are going to honor them! Join CM Mistletoe this Tuesday, Dec 14th  from 10:00am to 11:00 am and play one of the most popular chat games in our list.


How to play Colors? Pick a color of a bingo ball, red, green or gold (yellow). The last number called determines what color wins. All chatters that have chosen the color of the last number will type (chosen color+ star) to win 10 BBS. If we are missing a letter in the pattern we will play Nabors, if not, CM Coco will call for words.


Good luck to all!

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Astro Bingo


Xmas Chat Games Coming to Town!


Starting 17 December, we 're decking the chat room halls

with a cornucopia of Christmas Chat Games!


It doesn't matter if you've been naughty or nice, join us in our

chat rooms for a variety of new Christmas-themed chat games!



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Bingo Hall



Snowball fight! - Chat Game


Hello Roomies! Everybody’s invited this Monday, Dec 20th, from 2:00pm to 3:00pm EST in our Dimes room to play “Snowball Throw” with CM Coco.


How to Play: There will be two teams B and O, once you think of a team, pick a target number of the opposite side. CM Coco will yell "GO"! Each team throws their snowballs back and forth across the lines. As soon as you hit your target number, yell “got it + number”. When the timer goes off (Bingo is called), the roomies with their target down win 10 BBS. Let the snowball fight begin!


Santa’s Surprise - Chat Game


We heard a rumor that Santa is coming to Bingo Hall and he will be making a list of all the good behaving members. Santa will come into the rooms when you less expect him between Dec 17th and Dec 21st. When you see him you better be in Christmas spirit and say “HO HO HO Bingo” so he will see it and add you on his good list.


The members on the good list will be able to participate in a Free Christmas Tournament with fix prizes up to $2,000! The tournament will be held on Dec 22nd from 6:00pm to 8:00pm EST.  


The first 5 to say “HO HO HO Bingo” will also get 0.10 BBs from Santa

Our resources told us Santa will have this alias #SANTA#, not so great for someone sneaking in the rooms though ;-)


Be quick as once he realize you noticed him, he will quickly leave and those who said the line when he is gone wont be on his list. The list will be posted on our Blog.


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Vic's Bingo




Ho Ho Ho – Chat Game


We heard a rumor that Santa is coming to Vic’s Bingo and he will be making a list of all the good behaving members. Santa will come into the rooms when you less expect him but when you see him you better be in Christmas spirit and say “HO HO HO Vic’sBingo “ in order for him to see it and add you on his good list.


The members in the good list will be able to participate in the Christmas tournament with the following prizes


1st : $1,000


2nd: $500


3rd: $250


And one random raffle of $500.


The first 5 members to say “HO HO HO Vic’sBingo “will also get 0.10 BBs from Santa.


Our resources told us Santa will be visiting the rooms between Dec 17th and Dec 24th and that he will have this alias #SANTA#, not so great for someone sneaking in the rooms though ;-)


Be quick as once he realize that you noticed him, he will quickly leave and those who said the line when he is gone wont be on his list.

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Vic's Bingo




Paaaaty up here! - Chat Game

Join CM Mistletoe and get ready to paaaaty!! This Thursday Dec 30thfrom 10:00am to 11:00am EST, let’s get cuckoo for coco puff! Join CM Mistletoe and a bunch of your bingo pals and have fun in our quarter’s room. She will be hosting a chat party with holiday riddles, holiday sing-a-long, holiday gifts, etc. Get comfortable, prepare a cold fresh cocktail and enjoy a great time with your bingo buddies. She will be posting lots of jokes, well known songs for everyone to sing-a-long and last but not least I’m ready to give out lots of bingo bucks up to 40 per game, yeeeeeeah!;D -Invite your friends!

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Rhyming Art! at Bingo Flash


Each one of us have a potential poet hidden somewhere inside us! So, this January bring out that poet in you to win pretty bonus rewards!


The chat host will give you a rhyming word and you need to be the first one to provide the chat host with the best rhyming word in return to win 1 BB and a smiley.


The player to win the maximum smiley's by the end of the session wins 10 BBs!



Fridays to Sundays


USA Mixed Room


8 PM to 10 PM (ET)



• To ensure your seat at the Bingo Babble, participate in chat and play bingo.

• Participation is allowed till 30 minutes after the game starts.

• You must make a minimum deposit of $50 in the last 7 days to participate.

• Players should be in chat and playing minimum 2 cards to qualify for the BBs.

• Some games can have multiple winners.

• Chat host discretion is final in conducting games, declaring winners and prize distribution.


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Big Time Bingo


ENHANCED 7-12 Morning Special!


Come and join CM Mila Sunday to Thursday mornings from 7am till 12 noon! Pick the team you want to belong to when you come into chat. Teams are:

•# 7 ,

•#9 , and



If any of your team members gets a bingo on any of your numbers, you and your team members each get 5 BBs!


Good Luck,


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