Women Play Free Bingo Games More than Any Other Game

Women Play Free Bingo Games More than Any Other Game

When you mention online bingo, you immediately think of a game for women and there is a good reason for this. When bingo originated, it was essentially a club game that women were involved in. It wasn’t played by many. Bingo halls and clubs were most often organized and run by women’s committees and it was seen as a social outlet. While in the majority of bingo halls a man was enlisted to call out the numbers because of his loud voice, this is not the case today. Today, it is common to see men sitting in the audience of bingo halls, although not right at the moment as many are closed because of the coronavirus pandemic. A recent announcement though says bingo halls have begun a phased reopening. Until one opens next to you, take a look at online casinos for uninterrupted play.

Online Bingo at the Best UK Online Casinos

Today, we have online bingo games at UK casinos online, and players can choose whether to have a male or female caller at the touch of a button. While the game might still be dominated by female players there are men who choose to play too. A lot of players are choosing to play online, especially because of the virus. However, as with most things, it’s always a good idea to try before you buy. With these latest offers from the top UK casino sites, you can play free bingo games and win real money. The range of bonuses and promotions available are a great way to get comfortable with the game before funding your account. You’ll also then find there are many online bingo rooms that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home.

Brick and Mortar Bingo Halls and The Rise of The Online Room

It has nearly always been up to women to sell the bingo cards, work out the prize money, verify the winnings, and make the payments. This is because it was the women themselves who organised the games, booked the halls, and were themselves regular players. They felt that they were the ones that could reliably carry out the work needed. This is why the history of bingo is essentially about women and, of course, this translates to why the game is more attractive to female players.

Bingo is popular around the world including the UK, Canada, and the USA. There are, or there used to be before everything went online, bingo halls in every town. Today there are fewer bingo halls because players have the choice to play on their mobile and laptop devices without having to leave their homes. Bingo is perhaps the most popular gambling pastime for women in the UK and there are hundreds of top UK bingo sites and casinos for them to enjoy - with large jackpots. In fact, there are over 3.5 million online bingo players in the UK alone and these figures increase yearly.

This is another one of the reasons that online bingo has found its popularity because brick and mortar bingo halls really can’t compete with the sizes of the prize pools on offer at large online casinos. Strict regulation is also important, and the UK Gambling Commission is the governing body responsible for ensuring that any online bingo site offering games to UK citizens is safe, secure, and holds a valid licence. The UK Gambling Commission makes sure bonuses and bingo rooms are fair.

Why The Future of Bingo and Gambling Is Online?

The internet has paved the way for online gambling, and it has been a huge success- not just for online bingo, but for online casino games too. People can log on and play whenever and wherever they want because it is so easy to access these sites. Today, the vast majority of them are fully optimized for mobile devices so you can open your iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone and with a tap of the screen start playing bingo games instantly. Almost all the top UK online casinos offer a bingo section, and thanks to the bonuses and promotions on offer, players can try things out risk free and play games that they never would have been able to at their local bingo hall. Slots are a big favourite with female players, and many enjoy the more skill-based games like roulette and blackjack too. Using a no deposit bonus lets them play for free and learn the rules whilst still being in with a chance to win real money. You don’t get to play free bingo games down the local bingo hall.

The value of the online gambling market has grown exponentially over the years and in the UK alone figures stood at £5.7 billion for 2019 up from the £4.3 billion recorded in 2016. This in itself shows the value of online gaming and it’s not just for bingo lovers. The sheer number of games available has opened the market up immensely too. Players can experience the thrill of brick and mortar casinos without having to travel to Las Vegas and because overheads for online sites are lower it means that jackpots on offer are much higher too. Add to this the fact that online gambling sites offer players a lot more rewards and incentives including free bingo cards, bonus cash, and even free spins on top slot games and it is easy to see why players are preferring to do their betting online.

Bingo Is Not Just For Women

With Coronavirus pushing a lot more activities into the online sphere, some bingo halls have remained open and we even saw Prince William and Kate Middleton enjoying games of bingo in Shire Hall. This once female dominant game is opening up to men too and although it has always been typical that women played the game, younger generations and the increase in online gaming has seen more men getting in on the action too. Some of the sites do still lean towards attracting a more female audience with their colour palettes and aesthetics but this doesn’t stop male players.

A lot of younger players also play together, making online bingo part of their social activities where they all go online together for an evening of entertainment and hopefully big wins too. The idea that bingo is a game reserved for women and the older generation no longer exists and while women may still claim up to 50% of the player statistics, the number of men playing is on the rise. Whether it’s the promise of big jackpots, the social interaction, or just the fun of marking off your numbers as they are called, one thing is for certain, bingo remains as popular as ever.

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