Jet Off to Rio for the Olympics Opening Ceremony on August 5th

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  • Bingo Hall - USA OK


    Every day climb the leaderboard to land a spot in the top 5.


    The prize includes:


    - Economy return flights to Rio de Janeiro 04/08/16 - 09/08/16

    - Transfer from airport to hotel

    - 5 nights stay Room Only at 3* Copacabana Aparthotel

    - Tickets for 2 to Opening Ceremony of The Rio Olympics 2016


    See the site for ways to win.



  • Hi.. I writing this post cause in my opinion can be interesting and can show like even when You are big winner better start smiling only after Your winning is in your hands or like in this example when You are already in plane and fly to RIO. So I had big lucky i was thinking when Bingohall called and say awesome news. Yes zenekk winning 1 prize and dreams can come true. I am polish living in Netherlands in Europe so in EU I needed only my ID. I never make passport cause I always make travels just in EU. In friday week before travel I started contact with polish ambasade to get new passport. Monday was this day when probably I can get temporary passport for now. Without ampointment You cannot even go in there and talk. Unfortunelly they didnt look individual before travel. In the day when I should have already everything ready. they start contacting but was already to late. I cant even watch Olympics in tv cause pain coming back everytime when start thinking what a shame for me. Till last moment I tried sell ceremony tickets.. prize 1500 euro each so I could be still happy but even that was to difficult. I winned 1 prize but I get nothing. Only huge dissapoint and questions without answers...  :-S :-S :-S :-S

  • Omg zenekk87  !! So, what happened? Did you manage to sell the tickets or at least give the reward to a friend/family member?


    I feel super bad for you... bad luck  *-*

  • I aaded photos openings ceremony was to late find someone and resell tickets. Just this tickets  costed  around 3400 euros. Before ceremony started I was so sad then even I wanted just giveaway otherwise is like now. They are in my locker. Friend who was invited by me did something very stupid but very loyal. He also stay in NL to show me like this is not end of the world. But Iwhen I heard just something about Rio Olimpics  this pain and headic coming back directly. I spending not small amounts for play so about this travel  was thinking like kind of reward. At this moment I don't have even for buy some bingo carts and simple relax...



  • OMG zenekk87 you were the winner of this promotion? I can't imagine the disappointment you must be feeling.  That is awful that you didn't get to go, what a shame :( Was there an option for a cash prize since you couldn't go?



  • unfortunelly Bingo haqll didnt have any alternative and any solution to make me happy so from big award I got very bad memories... What is also interesting I shold be awarded  or just heard about my winning 25 Juli but Binmgo hall did this 3 day later!!!!!! Exactly 28 juli so includings weeken was really short time to arange unespected travel - just crazy..  When I asked support why they inforem me so late cause this is also reason why I couldnt go they say " We cant contact with You before 28 " But this is of course not true !!! Dissapointing.. I really want to do something with this but I dont know where and how. I hope justice can prove that and I get just apologies!! :-S

  • Dear Pawel,


    It was an unfortunate situation that did not allow you to attend the Rio Olympics opening but this was not due to the fact that we did not try to contact you. We started calling you on the 25th of July, when the winners were announced, but unfortunately we could not get through to you until the 28th.


    Regarding the trouble you went through with the embassy, please try to understand that there was not way for us to know that you did not have a passport or that it would take so long for you to obtain one. We are very sorry that these situations prevented you from being at the festivities, but we are sure that many other occasions will follow.


    Last, but not least, we are confident that more and more winnings and amazing prizes will come your way so do not give up and try to enjoy the games. Luck strikes when you least expect it!


    Should you need any other information regarding your account or should you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us on Live Chat or via email to bingohall @ bingohall . ag [typed together] and we will do everything in our power to fix any situation as soon as possible.


    Warm regards,


  • haha i recommend to not play here and  all top player casinos!!

  • It would've been nice for them to offer you some consolation prize. I'm sorry to hear that they didn't but as much as I would've rather seen them give you at least a bonus as a courtesy, they really didn't breach any of the contest rules. To be fair, I think you did by not having your passport.

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