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Learn where and how to play bingo for real money, including an extensive list of bingo sites offering best bonuses for players from USA, UK and rest of the world!

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Bingo Variants

The bingo variations are pretty exciting to explore. Thinking back on the first time I had ever heard of 90 ball bingo I recall 'blackout' games and wondering what in the world is that? I soon found out it was another term of ‘coverall' and felt really naïve that I didn't know the meaning in the first place. It wasn't until i had been playing for about a month or so when a roomie said to me in chat after I had just joined in 'gtsy'! I about gasped, totally dumbfounded as to what it meant and that's when I knew I had better get cracking on learning some bingo lingo! Oh by the way in case any of you are wondering it means 'glad to see you'.

My journey of Bingo has taken me to numerous sites since the first time I played over 10 years ago. Bingo variations are fascinating considering I though the only game in town, any town was 75 ball bingo. It was amazing to have an option to play 80 ball, 30 ball including hot games like Deal or No Deal, 1TG/2TG, Progressive Jackpots, Bingo Tourneys, Team Bingo and more. Chat Games are always fun and I never want to miss out on the trivia challenges. Bingo isn't just for Bingo any more with some sites offering integrated software offering the same Slots found in Las Vegas including Casino games like Blackjack, Roulette and Video Poker to add a bit of gaming spice to your repertoire.

Free Cash Incentives, Real Money Cash-outs

Freebies are like music to everyone's ears right? What could be more exciting than to get a Free No Deposit Bonus to play some of your favorite games. It is definitely one of my favorites and have had my fair share of claiming them and have cash out a few times along the way. It always seems like when you win off of a Free chip it always way more exciting isn't it? Bingo Freerolls are also loads of fun and a way to scoop up some cash prizes especially if you are the competitive type. Most sites offer Free Bingo rooms that will award small cash prizes to winners available to new players and existing depositing players.

Some of the most creative promotions I have ever seen are at Bingo sites. They are especially fun when it correlates to holidays, special events in an atmosphere that sets the tone that is just right for players to get in the spirit. Cash-back, Reload Bonuses, Drawings, Contests, Raffles are lucrative incentives. Specials have awarded huge cash prizes, vacation packages, new cars, jewelry, vouchers, spas and a whole lot more.

Bingo has grown so much over the years that it can be overwhelming especially if you are a new real money player or are looking to explore a new site to play at. Since its inception in the mid 1990's the online Bingo craze has flourished growing leaps and bounds. It has become a smorgasbord of choices and as exciting as that is it can be its a bit overwhelming to know exactly where to pull up a chair, grab your dauber and lay your lucky good luck charms for a session of cozy fun.

Where to Play, Where Not to Play

For the real money Bingo player, it is important to be wise and do a little bit of exploration to determine which ones are worthy of your time and what ones to toss in your recycle bin. I learned that relying on player testimonials, reviews and Star ratings helped greatly in my decision making. With the help of LBB's Black List warning me which to avoid and the Best Bingo Sites to guide me in the right direction it has become my holy grail to follow. Oh there has been a time or two I am embarrassed to admit have stumbled into the most rogue sites of all and like a fool made a deposit completely blindsided by unsavory business practices. Fortunately, I never won anything to request a cash-out and get a big running around of payout delays or declined withdrawals.

I remember the first time I requested a withdrawal from a reputable Bingo site. I waited with baited breath as I waited for a payout. After it hit my account within a few days of my request I was so thrilled and in complete awe. It was like I wanted to take a picture of cash-out that appeared on my bank statement and frame it on my wall!

This page is dedicated to real money bingo players and their personal journeys and adventures at the sites they play at. Whether you want to give props to great site or share your less than cool experience, we here at LBB want members to share it all with us. Let us grow and learn together to be the bestest, biggest and greatest bingo players in the world!